Female Human Paladin: The return

So i don't know how many here remember the old posts we used to have a few years ago that always started with the title female human paladin but it was around for a long time and had a great tradition of getting so full of silly and stupid things that it stopped working and had to have a new thread created. There was a very solid crowd of people that would post in them and there was always new people as well. They started off as a rant about the way plate was on the female human vs all the others as a sort of plate bikini but still did the same as the full plate suits. then in true paladin forum spirit got derailed in a very epic fashion that lasted a few years ( coming from the first forums and transferred to the second forum, this 1 i am posting on being the third ) .

Long story short i was hoping we could bring it back or see if the old set of people that used to post in it remembered it at all. I am posting fromt he toon i used to post on way back then just to see if people remember it at all.

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