Avenging wrath...

Does anyone really have it in the bar outside dungeons?

-WTB ret talent to increase dispel/steal resistance.
-Or make AW in a way that it becomes a 4-5 stacks buff and each dispel/steal take away 4-5% of the 20% bonus.
-Or make it give 2 buffs, 1 for the 20% increase (dispelable), and one for the retribution hammer talent (not dispelable).

oh well, forgive me, ill go back under my bed.
I have it spell stolen in pvp quite often. I doubt it will see the light of day in arena, PURGE.

What I don't get is, every single tree has a talent to reduce its cooldown by 1 minute. Why not just make it a 2 minute baseline cooldown?

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