Intense Intents in Tents Recruitment!

<Intense Intents In Tents> is a group of friends who were sick of carrying bads in 25mans. We will be a 10 man raiding(come cata), pvp and a chill guild. We raid tuesday wed (7pm-10pm), and sunday (7pm-11pm). We have vent and a good sense of humor.

We are currently looking for 2 TANKS and one HEAL(Shaman or Pally).

Anyone who is interested please contact Nubtree or Camowe for a vent interview (we would rather get to know you through vent rather looking at apps).
Your guild name is amazing
Its kind of cute so many 10 man guilds are full of people who are just convinced that THEY were the ones doing all the carrying in 25mans.
Double post. You can blame Deathwing.
If you were in the previous guild you would understand why we were so fed up with: no shows and people dying to the same stuff. Gets kind of old, tbh.
You were in reason - LOL.
This is a classy recruitment post.

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