Is there a way to properly track absorbs yet?

Obviously it's hard to judge the value of a stat when you can't even see what it's doing. Is there an way to accurately track how much our mastery is absorbing?
There is an addon for recount for absorbs. Skada comes with it standard. Also supported by all of the major sites that do logs.
Illuminated Healing? It's tracked in the combat log, so Recount/Skada should be able to track it successfully.
Last I heard recount was tracking the absorbs at 100% effectiveness regardless of whether or not it was actually used. Has that been fixed?
No Recount still does not count it correctly yet, this is Blizzards fault not Recount.

Blizzard does not correctly yet foward all the data needed to make a good addon.

Recount has been properly tracking illuminated healing for several weeks now, just make sure you have the most up to date version (you don't need a guessed absorbs module or anything either). I was getting between 5% and 15% of my healing done as illuminated healing in icc10 hm the other night depending on the fight mechanics (with the base 8 mastery).
Recount tracks the (xyz# absorbed.) line in our combat logs. It's worked fine for my newbie Priest.

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