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Lowered Expectations
Guild Leader: Norix
Officers: Caranna, Milinara, Maritime, Anubion

Lowered Expectations has been around since Burning Crusade. In our time on WoW, we have worn many different banners, from a loose coalition of friends in different guilds who stumbled through Karazhan and Shattered Sun Offensive dailies, to a casual (but successful) raiding group who managed Arachnophobia exactly once, to a semi-serious 10 man guild scoring as high as a realm 12th kill in Firelands.

After a few months of hibernation, we are opening our doors to all as a social guild. We invite you to come enjoy our level 24 (almost 25) guild perks, atmosphere, and more as you play. We welcome all levels, play styles, and players. Among other things, our current members enjoy:

- Old raids - level 60, 70, 80, and even 85
- Current raids - we hit LFR frequently, and we've been known to slip into 10 and 25 man Dragon Soul when invited.
- Alts - we've got horde alts too!
- Other games - Anno, TF2, Civ, Minecraft, and some console games that we enjoy together.
- Achievements/Quests

There's something to do every day, and while some of our members don't play daily, we'll probably have something to do anyways if you do. We don't know what form our guild may take in the future, but we hope you will consider being a part of it with us!

To join, simply whisper any member asking for an invite, or visit our website at:
Thumbs up for Kalunaa.. IT'S A RACE!
It's always a race with you :P
...and Anubion not knowing how to do the awesome acrobatics druids can do...
I'll be money you can't roll through an instance like we can!
If by roll, you mean stumble blindly, then no, we're usually a bit cleaner than that. :P
Needs updated:

  • One healer (non Priest)

  • Three DPS

Visit http://lowerx.guildomatic.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=13 for info and to apply!
Bump for DPS.
More dots!
Final DPS Spot needs filling - Warlocks, where are you?
Free Goblin Gentleman's Magazine for applicants.

If you can wrestle it away from the previous owner.
Elmer Fudd surfs Google - http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=xx-elmer
uppy uppy
Needs updated - ranged dps and heals come and play!
Bump. A couple of spots to fill and we'll be rockin'. Please consider applying even if you still need a couple pieces out of heroics, many of us have lots of heroic experience and are more than happy to help with runs.
Needs updated:

- Holy paladin or Resto shaman.
Bumping for healer apps.

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