How do I get from darkshore to The Exodar?

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As a horde member I used to just get on the boats but, now how do I get there????
You don't. Us Draenei don't want you Horde messing up our Soon to be Disco. At the command of the Chandelier in the midst of our city, we have made sure there is no connection between the Exodar and anything the Horde can get to.

We have changed our strategy from fleeing to isolation. Worked so well for Gilneas, didn't it?

anyone want to give me a damn hint here?
I have the same question, I tried by boat but there aint any boats now, I tried swiming to darnassus or exodar and i died bfore i coud reach it.

I wanted to try crossing SW and using the boat there but the lvl 85 god like guards wont let me give 2 steps incide the city.

How am i suppose t complete the pilgrim achievment now?
You can only fly from Darkshore to Darnassus and take a portal there. Where the portal to the Blasted Lands is there is now a portal to the Exodar as well.

Not sure if this helps a Hoardie - but ... it's all I know at the moment.
Alliance portals wont work for horde.
Be a DK or a shaman (or find a buddy that needs it too and is willing to come with) and run across to Darnassus. I believe one of the boats from there goes to the Exodar, though I've only heard secondhand.

Short of that, well...I dunno what to say. There has to be a boat SOMEwhere, the Draenei starting area wasn't changed.
The only Boat that goes to Kalimdor right now is the one from Booty Bay to Ratchet. The only way I've been able to get to darkshore from Teldrassil or Bloodmyst Isle/Exodor is by FP. I'm not sure if it will stay that way. Teldrassil has 3 boats now, one to SW, one to exodor and the other isn't working right now.
The only way to Exodar is take the boat from Stormwind to Darnassus and then the boat from there to Exodar.

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