<A> Twilight Imperium (The Venture Co, US)

Guild Recruitment
Hello Guys and Gals,

Our Family of Raiders is now recruiting members for Cataclysm level, raiding, PvP, and in house RP!

We are a guild composed of members that have been together since BC, with experience in raiding all the way back to Classic!

In our raiding we raid "late night" Generally starting at 8:00 PM PST (Server time)

If you are currently looking for a change and want a fresh start, this is the place for you, and if it ends up being not your thing, no hard feelings!

So please come and check us out @ Twilightimperium.mmoguildsites.com or feel free to ask one of us for an invite, we are looking foward to making new memories with you! ;)

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