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Hi all, I'm going to be playing WoW again when Cataclysm comes out with my friends. We are all making new characters with the plan on leveling through dungeons a lot and doing heroics at 85 and eventually 10 man raids. So far my friends are:
Protection Warrior
Assassination Rogue
Frost Mage
Restoration Druid

Any ideas on what class I should roll? It would make sense to roll a mail wearing class, but I hated shamans and I remember hunters had a bad reputation, which isn't a huge problem but I don't really know how well each class is doing. I don't like wearing cloth too much, but otherwise I'm open to anything. Any ideas on what would provide the best synergy with my friends?
The bad rep for hunters is from players who don't know how to play the class -- as long as you know what you're doing, it won't matter while the five of you do 5-mans, and by the time you're doing 10/25 groups you should know what not to do. 60 levels to learn how to manage your pet and your aggro is plenty of time.

Since you didn't like shaman, a pally or priest could be a good option. You can DPS with both, then dual spec to off-tank or off-heal with a pally, or off-heal with a priest; both allow you to jump into another role for emergencies.

You could even do Feral druid if you're up for something similar to rogue, and it'd also let you help with tanking or healing if necessary.
As far as loot goes, I also think a mail wearer is the best idea. You won't have to compete with anyone for loot past 40, which will be great. And they have tanks and heals covered. So technically you can roll whatever you like... but hunter or shaman sound like good ideas.

I really enjoy being a shaman because they can be healers, melee dps, or caster dps. Hybrid classes are really great if you tend to be indecisive or easily bored (like me!). Plus enhancement shammies get spirit wolves, which are freaking awesome. Your group will definitely appreciate your totems, as well.

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