Prot/Holy Pally lf late night Cata guild

Guild Recruitment
Hello all. With Cata around the corner I was looking for a place that I can call home. My main spec is Protection but I'm also willing to play Holy. I get home from work after 10pm est. With that being said I'm looking for a raid start time around 1030pm est.

Things you can expect from me: I will hit level cap the first week Cata comes out. I will be raid ready as soon as possible once I hit the cap. You can expect near perfect attendance.

What I'm looking for: 25 or 10man raiding. 3-4 days a week. A start time of 1030pm est time or later. Horde or Alliance. Rated bg teams within the guild.

Just drop a reply here or mail me or chat in game if there is any interest. Thanks for reading all.
Hey Conc, i won't bother you with the typical copy/paste routine. I can give you a small amount of background info to see if your interested in checking out our website. <Sunset> of US-Dragonmaw[H], is an active 25 man progression guild focused on competing for server firsts. We boast a fairly active guild with quite a bit of the player pool interested in the new BG system as well. This is hopefully something that will become popular in off-time since i myself just starting Arenas last season and was able to muster an unimpressive 2k rating. I won't go into the particulars of accomplishments for the time though, 12/12hm 10icc, H hallion 10, 11/12hm 25icc, 25 hallion normal. Our raid times seem like they will suite you as well. We're a PST server, that raids Tues/Weds/Thurs: 730-1030pm. I'm also an east coast player so i enjoy the 1030pm start time. We are currently looking for more solid players to add to our roster and could be interested in a new tank. As I'm sure you realize tanking is a very fine art and is not something that can be simply picked up on a whim, or at least to do it successfully and progressively. We still have our MTs but they are currently possibly interested in other roles in the raid. So if we are able to find suitable replacements they might be happy!

If your interested, feel free to hit us up via a host of means.
-lvl 1 toon on US-Dragonmaw and just find an officer in-game, generally someone will be on during peak hours.
-our website, <> I know, i doesn't have Sunset or the word Guild in it, i assure you its real.
- or you can email us,, if you have any other questions relative to the server, guild history.
<The Other Guys> are an Alliance PvE Guild on Blackwater Raiders. We are a Guild focused on Late Night Raiding in a 10man setting, and are looking for a few people to round out our team for Cataclysm.

About Us
We formed late in WotLK, combining many PvE veterans from different backgrounds, but all needing later than normal raid times. In less than two weeks we had cleared all of ICC and most of the Ulduar Hard Modes. Since than we have achieves Ulduar Drakes, and are finishing up ICC Drakes before the big day on Dec. 7th.

Our team functions well as a cohesive unit, and we are looking for people who will continue that cohesion. Besides raiding we have a social environment, plans for a Rated BG Team and going for Achievements as a group.

Our raid times are:
Tuesday 11:30PM-2:30AM PST
Thursday 11:30PM-2:30AM PST
Sunday 11:30PM-2:30AM PST

What We're Looking For
While our Core Group is set, we need "backup" players to ensure one absence doesn't shut down our progression. I know the idea of being a sub conjures terrible memories for many players, but we have taken a lot of effort to be as fair as possible.

We bring subs in for the following reasons:
1. A Core player is absent. That player forfeits his spot for the night, and if they log in late the sub will not be kicked in favor of a Core player.

2. A Core player does not need loot off a boss, but a sub does. We will swap subs in for this reason as often as possible.

3. A Core player is not performing up to standard on a boss for whatever reason. If this is the case, we will bring subs in for the interest of progression.

All our Policies are built towards Progression, not Favoritism. Everyone is given an equal chance, and if Core players are repeatedly outplayed by a Sub, the Sub will be promoted. We want the best people in our Core team, always.

Currently we are seeking the following roles. If your class can fill this role, we are interested in hearing from you.

1-2 DPS (1 Melee 1 Ranged)
1 Healer (Paladin Preferred)
1 Tank (Paladin/DK Preferred)

If you want more information, please check out the Guild Policies on our site at or Real ID me at

Hope to hear from some great players!
Simple (US-Auchindoun) PVP-EST

<Simple> is now recruiting for our core 10 man raid teams in Cataclysm, we plan on running multiple 10M teams, with the option of some 25M raids if raiders prefer it (go go flexible lockout system!). We are a server first guild looking for exceptional players with end game experience, although we do consider those who have been on a break during the last part of Wrath. Our goal for Cataclysm is to continue with our server first achievements as we did through most of the Wrath expansion. We do consider applications from couples and small groups, as well as entire ten mans that are looking for a new home. We are still raiding until Cataclyms drops, with focus on achievements/mounts/etc.

Classes We Want:

Death Knight (Blood)

Druid (Bear)

Hunter (any)

Mage (any)

Paladin (Holy)

Priest (Shadow)

Shaman (Resto, Enhance)

Warlock (Any)

Warrior (Prot)

Hybrid Dps / Healing Spots (High)

Applications from exceptional players are always open. We welcome couple/group applicants.

Raid Times (we have multiple groups):

Group 1

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 8:30-12:00 EST

Group 2 - Late night run

Tues, Wed, Thurs: starting 10:00 EST or later

Group 3 - Weekend Warriors

Time TBD by group, but a weekend only raid group.

With the flexibility of 10M raids over 25M, times can be adjusted for each 10 team as needed.

What We Want You To Be:

- Knowledge: We expect you to know your class and to stay up to date on your class changes (yes, we know there are a lot right now!) You should be reading up on Cataclysm, preparing for power leveling both your main and professions, and then any alts you may have. We may require you to use your offspec during raids, so knowledge of your offspec is important (yes, we do help gear off-specs too when you are required to use them for raid). We plan to begin running raid groups as soon as we have people hitting 85, so knowing upcoming Cata fights is a bonus.

- Experience: We want to see that you have experience with heroics and/or end bosses for when you were actively raiding.

- Dedication: We want raiders who show up on time, come prepared (ie. flasks, gold for repairs) and know the mechanics of the progression bosses.

- Skill: We want raiders who don't stand in green/red/purple stuff on the ground, who know their rotations and are familiar with boss abilities.

What We Have To Offer You:

- A server first guild that strives to continue that tradition for Cataclysm.

- Many of the guild leveling achievements completed or about to be completed when Cata drops for more perks for our guildies (and bounties paid for those who help complete ones we are missing).

- Lower population server makes leveling in Cataclysm much easier than a high population server (less competition for farming mats & mobs)

- Many of our raiders are power-levelling to 85, with plans to be running multiple chain dungeons and group questing.

- Ensuring we have crafters who can make level 85 crafted gear/items for our raiders ASAP.

- Regular runs on older content for mounts and mats, rep grinds and achievement runs on a variety of content including Vanilla & BC raids.

- An active group of PvP players who run BG premades and arena teams.

- Many raiders spend a lot of time in vent, so if you like the social aspect of a guild, we have that!

- Long standing guild, originated: June of 2007

Realm Firsts We've Done

1/1 Heroic Ruby Sanctum - Realm First

12/12 Heroic Icecrown Citadel (25) - Realm First "Light of Dawn"

12/12 Heroic Icecrown Citadel (10) - Realm First "Bane of the Fallen King"

5/5 TotGC (25) - Tribute to Insanity - Realm First "Grand Crusader"

Alone in the Darkness (25) - Realm First "Death's Demise"

Alone in the Darkness (10) - Realm First

This is just a snapshot, we have also done all the Glory of the ___ Raider achievements, TOGC, etc.

There isn't a boss we met that Simple hasn't downed :)

How To Apply:

You can also speak with an officer in game for more info. Our officers are as follows:

Artimys, Cohl, Jacen, Jenstar

To submit a private application, please send it in a private message to both Artimys and Jenstar.

Thank you for your time.
Caution Tape( is a Horde guild on the PvP server Black Dragonflight. A dedicated guild with a progressive attitude without sacrificing fun, Caution Tape has come far in recent weeks and will go far in Cataclysm.

Our raid times are 1230-4am EST (930-1am PST, 1030-2am MST, 1130-3am CST) Monday-Thursday

Recently restructured, Caution Tape has recently downed new bosses to become an 11/12 Heroic Mode guild. We have come far since our forming in June of 2010, and in coming months as Cataclysm shakes the ground and dragons fill the skies we will go further still.

The guild is lead by myself and our main tank Atilladahung. Both of us are experience players when it comes to the game, and both of us have a mindset of fair treatment and a focus on having fun while still downing bosses. A mature environment, easy-going and light-hearted, has proven to be successful and we are sure will in the future.

Our loot system is EPGP, with a base GP of 1500 and a weekly decay of 15%. This has lead to a liberal distribution of loot, fairly spread out among all the members that regularly raid and put the time in to deserve the loot.

What we are primarily searching for in our last recruitment drive before Cataclysm are raiders who can round out our twenty-five man raid. At this point in the expansion, the mentality and attitude of recruits is our primary concern. We judge our raiders based on their intelligence and their willingness to learn new ways to do fights and play their class if need be. Maturity is necessary, I have grown so tired of drama over the course of the previous three expansions that I no longer hesitate to remove melodramatics and hysterics.

While age does not always guarantee maturity, I am the youngest raider in the guild at age 20. I have been told that my vent interviews are like job interviews, and I have always taken that as a compliment.

Our progression throughout Wrath of the Lich King occurred mostly at the end of the expansion, and as such we are not in danger of falling apart like so many other guilds that progressed to 11/12 HM and then stagnated there. We would love to get our Light of Dawn titles, but we do accept that that may not be the case. In Cataclysm however, we want to be one of, if not the first, guild on the server to kill Deathwing. We will wrap him in Caution Tape and turn his lair into a crime scene.

If interested in joining, you can contact myself, Atilladahung, Jaguar, Jhoden, Zorkito or Goat in-game, apply at or e-mail me at!
Hope eveyrone is having a good thanksgiving. Thanks all who replied so far.

We're a newly formed guild that is looking to build our 10-man teams as we roll into Cata. We will have one team that runs T-R 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM EST and a weekend team that will also be 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM. We have a good core of experienced raiders and will continue to develop.

If you're interested in starting something new, we might be the guild for you.

Check us out at
Hey Conc, just spoke with you so I'm putting up a quick synapse for you...

Incarnations on Dethecus

Raids Monday, Tuesday, Thursday nights 9pm-12:30am PST (12am-3:30am EST)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey mate, in need of a holy pally, hit us up.

<Game Øver> has been around since the start of WotLK and had pushed it hard enough to secure 11/12 HM and GotIR while content was still current. None of our achievements have come from post 4.0 - Currently atm we are preparing for Cataclysm and working on past achievements that have been missed - mainly Ulduar, ToC etc. We are aiming to obtain #1 ten man guild on Dreadmaul for Cataclysm and be competitive towards the world ranking, which we will do with ease.

Our main focus is to go into an instance and kill. We raid hard and efficient clearing as much as possible per night with little downtime with our 9 hour a week schedule is plenty of time for us to destroy what we have to. We do not consider gear as a primary focus. We consider gear as a secondary reward and outstanding fringe benefit. We are aware that gear is important. Obviously with better gear you will yield higher results in regards to performance. And that performance will lead to more progression with higher quality gear for continued progression. Everyone who is considering applying including current members will have to understand this idea and method and live by it.

Raid spots are given to those of 'exceptional skill' first. We are a Progression guild first, Social guild second. Raiders need to take self accountability for their own performance and not expect raid spots due to social friendships in the guild.

What are we looking for:

To be Brutally honest we only accept people who can make every night consistently, if your real life prohibits you or you have distractions with in our raiding time frame, Don't bother applying. I have a core group of raiders who never miss a raid (bar the occasional night off for whatever reason), We are not a Raging guild, we are pretty relaxed guys just this one request is the only one we drill hard on =P Like minded raiders is needed being that pushing for hard modes and content while its still current.

Come Cata time we are expecting members to be lvl 85 within 2 weeks MAXIMUM !!! if your RL is going to exclude you from this apply when you are 85, we are pushing hard come cata time to secure our #1 spot for ten mans.

We are opening our doors for Casual players and Casual PVP'rs although we will organize premades etc on off nights it is not something we are focusing on, If you want to PVP fulltime join a supported PVP guild this is simply to bolster our numbers to do PVP on our off nights of raiding.

Do not Apply if:

► You cannot keep 100% Attendance
► You don't have 10 man's as your focus
► You Frequently or Randomly Disconnect
► You cannot perform every raid
► You have parents who forbid you to stay longer on the odd night for a progression kill.

What are we Recruiting:
Accepting application's from the following class's/spec's.
** x1 Tank (Druid, Warr, DK)
** x1-2 Melee DPS (Rogue) and Range DPS (Mage, Boom, Hunter)
** x1 Paladin Healer
** Exceptional Players **

<Game Øver's> Progression:

► RS HM = 0/1
► RS = 1/1
► Glory of the Icecrown Raider - Complete
► ICC HM = 11/12
► ICC = 12/12
► ToGC = 5/5

Raid Times: Server time is same as EST

►Wednesday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Thursday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)
►Sunday: 9.00pm to 12.00am (GMT+8) or (12.00am to 3.00am - Server Time)

Conversion for US players: (excuse me if this may be wrong, but im sure its correct)
► 8.00am to 12.00pm PST
► 11.00am to 2.00pm CST

If you are interested in joining come stop by our website and check around, PST Shodowzrofl or /who us ingame for a chat if you have any additional info you need.
Also email me or MSN chat:
Happy black friday all! I'm off to work :( I will check back later!!
<Reincarnated> Is currently seeking skilled players for our various 10 man raid groups for Cataclysm.

Reincarnated is a raiding guild on Turalyon PVE. Our members are from various types of raiding guilds. Many of our members are server transfers seeking better progression. We are a fairly laid back guild as long as there is progression at a dedicated pace.


ICC 10 - 12 / 12 7/12 Hardmodes

Cataclysm Schedule:
Group 1 | Tuesday-Friday | 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Group 2 | Tuesday-Friday | 8:00 PM - 11:00 AM
Group 3 | Tuesday-Friday | 12:00 AM - 4:00 AM
Group 4 | Tuesday-Friday | 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM


We also may extend our weekly raid times past the raid time if we believe that we are close to hitting a goal point of some type. We try to keep the schedule the same however.

We are currently seeking the following to fulfill our rosters for cataclysm.


- Any class/spec is always welcome to apply!
*An updated list is always at

We do not believe in having a lot of waitlist players so we keep our core small and fill it with reliable players with likeminded goals. If you cannot be relied on AT LEAST 3 nights a week every week then you will NOT get into the core group. - We do alt runs and casual runs on weekends or days we are not raiding (optional days)

As always if your class is not listed but you believe that you would make a good fit with our guild feel free to submit your application.

Please apply at
Just got home from work. I'm still looking.

With Cataclysm around the corner we here at <The Revolution> are expanding our circle of friends to open up new raid hours for night owls, vampires, and other beasts of the late late night.

Following the initial grind to 85 we will be putting together a late late night 10m raid group on US - Horde Balnazzar for the following hours:

Tues, Wed, Thur @ 1:30am - 5:30am CST

Successful applicants will confirm the following attributes:

1. Able to attend 90% of raids in a two month period.
2. Enjoy studying and being prepared for new boss encounters.
3. Class / Race / Spec / Professions
4. Screen shot - Internet speed test results.
5. Screen shot - PC performance test results.
6. Past experience in progression raiding

We also have other 10m groups scheduled for daytime and weekends as well. If you would like to inquire about any of these raid groups please feel free to contact me at and visit us on the web at

Vote Ron Paul
Happy Saturday all. I'm till looking for the right guild.
Just walked in the door from work!!! I'm still looking and on atm hit me up in game.
I think our raid times start 30 minutes earlier then you are asking for, but I will post.

Sanctuary is searching for a few new players interested in joining our push into Cataclysm. I have been a GM for 6 years, and could not be prouder of the atmosphere of relaxed seriousness Sanctuary enjoys. Players who truly enjoy playing this game together.

Sanctuary entered WotLK with a single 10-man progression group. 15/15 Naxx10 + Undying. Sarth10 3D. Maly. 14/14 Uld10 (Algalon dead) + Rusted Proto Drakes. 5/5 ToC. 4/5 ToGC. 12/12 IC10. 10/12 IC10 hardmode. 1/1 RS10. Our guild recipe was something people wanted to be part of allowing us to form a second 10-man group. Both teams were meticulously balanced, and both went on to kill Arthas for the first time in the same week. Adding the second group allowed us to pluck through a bit of 25-man content: Naxx25, Maly25 + Sarth25 + 12/14 Uld25, 10/12 IC25 and 1/1 RS25. Sanctuary was not a 25-man progression guild--we just stuck with normal mode stuff in those places. This also allowed us to avoid having our roster mired in players with suffocating egos.

For Cataclysm, one of our 10-man groups will aiming for full completion of 10-man normal mode content in a committed yet flexible environment. The other 10-man group will be aiming at full completion of hardmode 10-man content--more commitment and a lot less flexible. To be clear, this is not a reroll guild, nor a guild that some Rogue threw together because he was tired of PUG'ing one night--this is an established guild on an established server.

Some of our specifics:
- Core raid schedule: Tue+Thu+Sun 7:00p to 10:15p (all times are PST).
- Optional raid: Which night this ends up being is still under discussion.
- Loot system: best fit > Suicide Kings loot list.
- Member age range: 21-56, all members in post secondary or into their careers.
- /gu, /ra and Vent stay pretty tame, no excessive profanity or outright vulgarity.
- Guild anchored by pockets of RL friends (Minnesota, Washington, Georgia and Alberta).

I am online most nights after 7:00p, playing on either Ancagalon or Sakuma. To get a better feel for our guild, please peruse our forums: I feel my gear and achievements are a pretty good roadmap of the past 6 years, so armory away. I can be emailed at thetechbench at if you have additional questions.

I really hope to chat with you. We are in need of a healer for our normal hardmode group, and your post sounds like you would be a great fit.


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