+1 Blizzard

I just did the quest Welcome to the Machine in Hillsbrad Foothills. You get +1 Internets Blizzard. That quest was all kinds of win wrapped up in a warm Hot Pocket.
I have to agree. I've been going back through doing quests in the "new" old world on my main. Even though I was initially very upset about this because the patch caused me to lose a lot of progress with My Seeker and Loremaster achievements, the quest chains so far just really top of the notch and creative/fun, and this is one of the best examples. They are so fun, that I don't really mind going around and doing them all even when they aren't giving me any further rewards.

I was literally laughing the entire time I was doing this quest; and during our good friend Orkus quest line I felt myself actually feeling a bit upset. Not to mention the pure epicness of several of the quests in Silverpine. Being so involved with the characters so frequently, along with the removal of much of the down-time just really makes questing fun for it's on sake in a way that it never really was before, save a few choice chains. The integrity of the chains in zones is great, they feel much less disjointed, and more memorable. it's fantastic and has me more excited than I've ever been for December 7th.

So yeah, I definitely have to say kudos to blizz. I originally came to the forums to make a topic about the quests, but you saved me the trouble ;p.

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