What will you be giving up Engineering for?

Death Knight
For those of you that are currently Engineers and are sad that it won't be that good for PvE, what will you level in its place?
I love my engineering to much to let it go so easy i'll prolly keep it till I'm forced to replace it to be competitive.
Why would it not be that good for PvE now? It's as good as it ever was, with the exception of the tanking hand tinker.
Leatherworking/Jewelcrafting is apparently "best".

Engineering seems quite weak for melee and overpowered for casters =/.
Why would it not be that good for PvE now? It's as good as it ever was, with the exception of the tanking hand tinker.

Rocket belt can fail in raids now and does so often, shooting you 100 ft into the air and making you slowly, slowly fall down. It puts you out of commission for a good 10 seconds, and has a good chance of killing/wiping you if you land right back in that defile/voidzone you wanted to get out of. For progression raiding, it simply isn't worth the risk.

Personally, I haven't decided yet. Probably Alch for the sick mount or BS.
Unless they add primary stat bracer enchants (stam/strength), Leatherworking will be #1 for DKs and probably the same for warriors, druids and paladins.

DKs who min/max for PvE purposes will probably be going LW/JC.
engineering = 2 cogwheel gems with like 408 mastery total if you choose to get that stat
Cogwheels are not a bonus; they're just a way to customize the Engineering helmets. Said helms lack two secondary stats as a normal item would have - instead, they allow for two cogwheels, letting you choose, say, hit and haste, or whatever. The fact that you can choose and that you can double up on a single stat is useful, sure, but the helmets aren't good enough to overcome the now mediocre glove enchant option, the new uselessness of Nitro Boosts, and the lack of an upgrade to Saronite Bombs.

But to the topic: Leatherworking, unfortunately ><.
My poor ass will likely be going whatever I can afford, most likely JC/Alchemy. i'm going to miss rocket boots effectiveness.
When we first heard of cogwheels we thought it would be something amazing, add a socket to a piece of gear like blacksmiths then add in whatever stat you wanted.

But then the truth came out. I'm gonna stick with JC/BS, though leatherworking is looking legit. The nice thing they are doing with this expansion is making just about every profession viable, ex. Enchanting and Alchemy having strength buffs.
So tanks should take up leatherworking to tank better.....

/me looks at Blizz
You do realize that if a profession comes out way better than another, they will fix it... They talked about this months back. Switching to LW will be fun right up until they fix rocket boots and buff hyperspeed accelerators or nerf LW embossings.

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