Divine storm CD resets

Is anyone else noticing that when you are aoeing something is reseting divine storm CD like T10 used to? I have instances where I have casted divine storm 4 times in a row with no time in between either then GCD. this was today.

Anyone have any ideas whats causing this. I think Blizzard stuck the T10 bonus back in without changing the text. I think, I may be wrong but I think I noticed that if I used divine storm and the cd was reset it reset CS as well. but anytime i used CS it would never reset the cd.
youre right same happends here
youre right same happends here

I posted about this on the PTR and on the paladin forums here. From my testing, I determined that the old 2 piece T10 bonus is still resetting the cooldown, even though the tooltip clearly shows that the bonus should be 5% damage increase to everything.


Had to dig for it, but here was the original post I made about it: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1063426685
It's a known issue, but I don't think they care right now. No one will be using the badly recoded tier 10 anymore in 2 weeks. Plus, when they redid divine storm for the shattering, they nerfed it so hard that if I see a pally press it without more than 4-5 mobs I will ridicule them. pure dps loss with the shared cooldown since it's not a guaranteed proc for more HP.
Makes me wonder whether the 2T10 bonus was actually changed to +5% bonus damage like the tooltip promises. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that it wasn't.

They probably just added the +5% damage on without removing the original effect.

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