Resto Shaman/Boomkin/Rogue/Hunter LF Home.

Hey Guys,

Planning on transfering within the next week or so in order to prepare for Cataclysm. Currently I play with my real life friends, since vanilla wow. Meaning that we have a fairly good amount of game experience. Their classes are posted in the title, myself being the Restoration Shaman.

-We're looking for a rather casual raiding guild with a close group of people that raid with vent and like to have a fun time.

-We're also planning on doing PvP.

We're all more than happy to link our armories, fill out any applications, and hop into vent to begin a recruitment process.

Currently we're all in college and just looking for a good group of rather younger players (18-30yrs) to play the game and have a good time with.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. Feel free to whisper me in-game at Dooke or my alt Eali on The Venture Co. server.
Hi, Dooke! Coincidentally enough, our guild Scuba Squad is looking for exactly what you're offering; and we believe our group would be one that you'd enjoy. Check out our thread and feel free to drop me a message in game! If your Boomkin would happen to be capable of off-tanking as well, this would be the perfect combination of 4 players for us.
We may be interested in your group were a group of 7-13 rl friends that rerolled or transferred to Illidan who all went to hs/college together were 18-21 years old and are planning a 2 day raid schedule Wednesday and Sunday. Skills ranking from casual-hardcore. (aka people with 1 80 and little to no raid exp to closed beta vanilla gladiator 6 level 80s) So as long as your somewhere in between we are looking for more for our raids!

Also looking to have a premade bg team that is successful and competitive lead by me! You can hit me up in game for more details if you are interested.
Bump - You can contact me or Barakklol for more information.

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