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I'm trying to get a better understanding of what I need to change in order for me to be an effective tank after the recent changes. I haven't tanked in a while now and started reforging some of my gear in order to raise my block. I'm confused on where it's importance lies in regards to my parry and dodge as well. If you can check out my armory and give me some pointers I would be greatly appreciative.
There are six outcomes for a melee attack

miss, parry, dodge, block, hit, and crit

a single roll determines the result

miss is 5%
you have ~20% dodge and parry

for a ~45% chance of zero damage

all tank specs eliminate all crit chance (from mobs)
so the 55% left is split between hit and block.

with HS up (pretty much all the time) blocks are 40% less damage.

taking 40% less damage 100% of the time dramatically increases your effective time to live.

so you'd need ~55% block (the actual total is 102.4% combined miss dodge parry and block)

base block is 5%, base mastery is 24% and each point of mastery is 3%

in WotLK gear it's doable.

come cata, it will no longer be possible.

You got me stumped. Ya we can get to 102.4 with gems/reforge/chants but at a sacrifice of stam for the most part.

I don't understand what Blizzard wants us to focus on now. They don't want us to be able to reach avoidance caps but they want us to be effective tanks. It really makes no sense. What's going to happen is every tank is going to focus on a different statistic and have varying levels of squishiness, which doesn't make any sense at all.

Tanks are now the only class/spec without any real defined stat goals now and when you're a meat shield that just doesn't equate to a good idea.

I've done what I can with respect to mastery for block and have yet to spend the gold on replacing my 5 x +30 stam gems for parry/dodge for the remaining 7% avoidance but I'm not sure if it's worth it in the end anymore.

Guess I'm building a holy set and there will be one less tank in the pool.
I do not see how its any more difficult to understand then it was before.

You want your avoidance+block to knock normal hits off the chart. So average tank is 40% between parry and dodge add the 5% miss and you are at 45% avoidance.

That leaves 57% of block to make in order to never take full damage form a melee hit.

You wont hit this in begining tank gear nor will you easily get there in good gear. Gemming and reforging for it is the ony way to get there, that being said its not that necesary for non end game tanking.

Obviously I would hope obviously anyway the higher your avoidance is the less mastery you need to make up your block%.

Once you are at a comfortable level of avoidance+block stack stam on the rest.
but at a sacrifice of stam for the most part.

unless you're talking about 40% of your health pool, it's quite worth sacrificing stam for.

40% less damage 100% of the time is very powerful. (which is why the devs will make sure it's not a possibility in cata)
It is now beyond me in my gear to reach block cap without double avoidance trinkets and even then its iffy.

Sadly my gear will NOT get better from this point on. I have no hope of reaching block cap now.

That said nothing in ICC10man threatens me. Nothing in icc10man hm threatens me save maybe beserked shambling horrors and even if i did block cap i would not survive that.

So rather than work on something that is hopeless im working on threat. 54expertise and working on a pvp weapon.

Gonna try and have me some fun these last few weeks putting out some nice numbers >=)

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