Things I wish I knew when starting WoW

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Through my years playing WoW, I've learnt many things that I've always looked back on & wished I'd known earlier. In the interests of helping new players, I thought I'd kick off a thread offering such nuggets of advice.

  • Line of Site is calculated from roughly the centre of your own character's chest to the centre of your target's chest. That is to say, when you're calculating whether your character can cast a spell on another mob, imagine a straight line going from your character's chest to the chest of your target. If the line isn't passing through anything, your cast will be not hampered by line of site. (This obviously doesn't apply to mobs without an obvious chest).

  • Gem slots (except for meta slots, which can only be filled with meta gems) can be filled with any colour of gem, not just the colour of the slot. However, you'll only receive the Socket Bonus on the gear if the all the gems in the piece of gear match the colour of the slots they are in.

  • Recent 4 page thread with the same subject line:
    Things i wish i knew when starting wow:

    That No matter how cool the armor looks, or how many times you click on it, you just cannot fit mail or plate into a druids Character pane :|

    That you can use /invite (insertplayernamerhere) to invite someone to a party, you dont HAVE to right click on their name.

    That you right click on a portal to help summon. Not Left Click >.>

    That item level is not the same as level requirement to equip.

    That Defense means tank gear, and that dpsing with tank gear is bad.

    I was Such A Noob :)

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