[Bug]Ghouls hate my grains

Bug Report
The last wave of this quest bugged out on me. After the final ghoul was dead the quest would not complete, nor would any more spawn.

[Edit: Looks like it is related to the Strangler Vines. The second time I tried it, the vine grabbed a zombie, which then I believe a Rocknut taunted, which pulled it out of the vine. However, no spitters would shoot at the zombie after that, nor would the vine grab it again.]

[Edit 2: Was able to complete it fine without the use of Strangler Vines.]
If the mower kills the final zombie, it sometimes bugs out from that too, it can be frustrating.
still bugged, friggin garbage.
Just tried it, bugged for me too on the last zombie.
Still bugged
still bugged.
still bugged
I really wish I could delete this cause I have never played this character, it's been deleted for forever and I want it off my "Manage Characters" thing -.- And I think it's all because I wrote a forum post that I can't delete and now this character is going to be here foooreeeveeer
Still bugged
This quest is still bugged. I even took the time to take a screen cap, I'm not sure what causing this bug, but I want this quest completed. I even sent in a ticket over this.


Your Support ticket #28223401
still bugged
still bugged
still bugged. Vine killed my last ghoul and the quest is stuck at 6/7 of wave progress.

I want my singing daisy dammit.
Mine is stuck on 4/7 nothing will spawn
still bugged
Still Bugged, 4/7 (though I did kill them all in about 30 sec)
Still bugged.
Still bugged
still bugged :/

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