[H] <Inexorable> 10M Cataclysm Recruitment

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Inexorable are looking for more skilled and dedicated raiders to fill our raiding roster for Cataclysm.

We intend to run 10 man raids in Cataclysm, with a view to being competitive on the raiding ladder, without burning ourselves out. Our philosophy is quality raiding over quantity.

Currently seeking:

Priest - Disc / Holy
Shaman - Resto
Paladin - Holy
Tanks & DPS - Closed. However exceptional applications will be considered

About Inex:

We lead 25man progression on Caelestrasz through early WotLK, claiming server first kills of OS, Malygos, and Naxx, as well as server first achievements such as Sarth+3, 6min Malygos and Heroic: Glory of the Raider.

Many of us took a break from hardcore 25man raiding for several months, reformed for 10 man raiding, and returned to 25man competitive raiding for Icecrown. We led the way through most of Icecrown, until attrition and burnout stopped us short of killing the Lich King on heroic mode.

Raid times:

Wednesday 7:30pm invites, 11:00pm finish
Thursday 7:30pm invites, 11:00pm finish
Sunday 7:30pm invites, 11:00pm finish
Monday 7:30pm invites, 11:00pm finish (optional according to what’s left to clear)

Our Goals:

To play with people that we enjoy being around
To progress at a reasonable rate, without over-extending ourselves
To see the content without running ourselves into the ground pushing for firsts
To get the job done but still get a decent night’s sleep
To be “pro” in raids, while still having a laugh
To work together to get members achievements
To be a guild that members enjoy and outsiders admire

To find out more information about the guild and apply visit http://www.inexguild.com

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