*Plants vs. Zombies*

Moon Guard
Set up the Pumpkin Bomb.


Am I just having horrible luck with this one? I've failed it 6 times in a row. Seems the sunlight wont fall fast enough even with 5+ sunflower plants not to mention that the spitter plants seem to not be shooting fast enough which all leads to not having enough sun power for even a pumpkin bomb when you need one.


Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm having the same problem. I was told the back two lines fill in with sunflowers and work your offensive up. I've yet to test this theory, so I'll have to get back to you.
5 Sunflowers is not nearly enough. At the end of this level I have 2 rows and sometimes 3.

I use 2 sunflowers immediately using walls to block the early mobs Usually have 3-4 sunflowers by the time I build my first firing one. I've actually beat the whole thing without a single Pumpkin bomb. It's massing sunflowers 1 row of slow 1-2 rows of firing plants, the rest those Overpowered Tentacle thingies.
Very helpful information here. Are these in any paticular order?
I do:
2 sometimes 3 sunflowers.
1 wall
1 Sunflower
1 wall on other lane
1 sunflower
1 frost lane with 2
1 firing
1 Sunflower
1 firing
Add new Firings and slows when you can mixing in Sunflowers. Should get 2 rows of sunflowers as quickly as possible. And then get out tentacles. During tentacle cooldown build frost and firing. Sometimes a wall to slow down lanes that you haven't quite built up yet.

Edit: This is a rough build, I can't remember exactly the starting order but once you get 1-1.5 rows of flowers you can build endlessly.
Awesome, thanks a ton! Soon, the sunflower shall be mine! -Fistyshakes-
One problem I had was the sunlight that falls. Supposed to get 5% sun power from them. Sometimes I'd gather 3 at a time and only get 5% total, not 15%. It's one of the reasons I keep failing it. Can't place anything if I don't have sun power avaliable.

I've been able to pass it easily with this set up.

F = Flower
P = Shooter
T = Tentacle
R = Rock


The trick is to put up a few sunflowers before the first 3 zombies come out, and then use 2 rocks to block them until you have 2 rows of flowers set up. After that, start filling up the rows that don't have zombies in them, and once that's done set up the rows that have zombies in them. This way, you don't advance so quickly into the next spawn of zombies and have ample time to prepare.

When all of your rows are set up you'll have a ton of energy to use on bombs. Use your bombs on the big zombies first, and if there are none use them on big groups of the little ones. It takes 1 bomb to kill the big purple zombies, and 2 bombs to kill the big abominations. They tend to clutter together, so plan your bombs to hit multiple targets.
I only worked with 5 flowers in the back row. After that, I -tried- to go with a line of freezing plants, two lines of spitters, and a line of tentacles after that with rocks in front of those that may be in trouble. When I did the quest, I was hurting pretty badly near the end, but I double pumpkin bombs the abominations and after that, everything was just a matter of surviving the clock. The last level was EXCRUCIATINGLY easy in comparison. Just get a line of tentacle plants and pumpkin bomb the boss when I had enough sunlight.
This whole notion of having 2 rows of sunflowers is crazy, I did it just fine with 5 or 6 sunflowers, 1 freeze per lane and everything else would be a spitter up until 3 squares before the spawn point, it's there where the walls should be placed.

Also keep in mind that those walls, for the zombies, take priority over moving forward. So if you see one falling, just put one infront of that wall. Vines are your best friends up until the part where they pick a ghoul over one of the big ones :<

Save pumpkin bombs for the last massive wave.

Pumpkin bombs make this far too easy.
When I went through it, using vines bugged the victory so I would have to fail and start over the mission.
With this setup I haven't failed yet.


_ _ _ _ _

three sunflowers at the beginning, then place freezers in the two lanes where they start walking. After that, swap between freezers, spitters and sunflowers. Add tentacles in the front usually one one either end, and one in the center. This setup let me go through it once every time, and hasn't failed yet.

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