No more self porting?

Soooo, I wanted to port my alt Shaman to Orgrimmar recently, so I did as I usually would. I'd invite my friend to the group, pass him lead, and have him invite my mage. I'd go to the location of where my alt was, make a portal, and log out. Then I'd log on my alt, and take the portal. Well, here's the problem. That doesn't work anymore. Nor me or my friend could use the portal to Orgrimmar. WHY?!?!? -.-
I don't know if its a bug or what, if the mage is offline, or the mage has already entered said portal, it won't work. (Which, before the patch, when the mage took the portal it would just dissapear).
I think you have to tip yourself 100g before the portal will work as of 4.0.3a.
This hasn't worked for at least a year. I tried to send a leveling alt to Dal last Christmas, and I was unable to take the port on my alt.
ehh, I've had it working before 4.0.3a. idk what happened though.

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