Human, Dwarf, or Worgen Warlock?

I am planning on making a warlock soon and wanted some opinions on what race I should use. I wanted to spread out my classes with different races because I usually only used humans. I tried a dwarf warlock today, they seem okay but its weird having a dwarf as a caster and I like the female human casting better. I haven't seen worgen animations yet and I know I can't make one for another week or so, but I heard there animations look a little weird too.

What do you think I should make? I am leaning towards a female human warlock, but I am not sure.
Humans get arguably the best PVP racial in the game, Every Man for Himself. Basically frees up your PVP trinket slot.
I thought the human racial was getting the nerf bat? I am contemplating moving over to join some friends on alliance and I have been struggling on what to move to because I love orcs and their racials are great for warlocks.
I'm probably going Worgen when Cata hits. I like the racials and they are just adorable. I want to roll one over and give it a belly-rub until it's back-leg starts kicking. : )

I would say gnome for the int increase which is also now SP


I support this
Every Man For Himself is useless.

Worgen has the best racials. Beyond that, it's all aesthetics.
I would say gnome for the int increase which is also now SP

I thought it was just mana. It is SP also now?
It's only a 5% mana increase.
dorflocks are obviously the best type of lock. and the newest.

too many human locks, and worgen are lame. go dorf.

edit: although dwarfs have garbage racials.
Undead /thread

Actually, I would go for worgen atm, just for the extra ability to run away.
Worgen probably. Mobility and 1% crit is better than a nerfed pvp trinket unless the pve trinket you can use is incredible.
Female Dorflocks are teh smex.
Female Dorflocks are teh smagma.

They nerfed the gnomes, the Int increase they use to have before now only gives you 5% more mana.
Just remember that in PVP...if you're gunna ride my ass....then make sure you pull my hair!

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