(H) Returning player looking for guild!

Quick Bio:
Experience: 4 years of wow. (Quit during the second half of Wotlk)
Looking For: Decent raiding guild/PvP guild.
What I can provide: I've had a lot of experience playing this game I can help other players with talent trees, I learn very quickly and rarely make the same mistake twice. (And yes I know not to stand in the fire). I'm consistently online have a lot of time to spare so pretty much any raiding schedule works for me. During the beginning of wotlk I was on top of the pvp side of wow. I have a very stable internet connection 12mbps and a low ping. I know how to take constructive criticism. And I'm an all around fun guy to be around.

If your willing to give me a shot for Cata message me in game sometime or leave me a comment and I'll message you.


Are you able to play around 5-6am server time?

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