Glyph of sinister strike randomness

RNG isn't good and our dps is "lacking" so I was thinking about this glyph and I came up with something... like add it to bandits guile or some other talent and make it like this: every 3rd sinister strike adds 1 combo point and gives the rogue 25 energy 1 reaveling strike + 3x ss = 5 CP, this wouldn't have sinergy with ruthlessness tho I think...
Also surprise atacks is gone so I think they could make improved gouge non-dodgeable, unfair advantage is also gone so It could be added to main gauche, I think it was a really cool talent...

I would like to ask you guys a couple of things:
I'm going to be combat all the way so I would like to ask what is better 3/3 ruthlessnes and 2/3 relentless strikes or the other way around? or maybe 3/3 lethality?

EDIT: and does gouge resets auto-swings?
EDIT2: more to throwing specialization: also reduces your throw ability cast time by 0.25/0.5
Anyone to awnser my questions?

killing spree - hits the pets that are 30 miles away slowed/imobilized instead of the target who is at your side and doesn't jump back to the target because he is too far away.

Killing spree should be like -> dashes to the target(15yards)(ensuring the first hit will hit the target) and then unleash killing spree

also turn reinforced leather into an aditional o being combat (oh noes combat has 1 more thing than the other threes thats nut faer) and give us unfair advantage back , that talent was SO awesome.

RNG isn't good and our dps is "lacking"

WRONG. RNG make the game some what interesting and adds some variety to the rotation.
Also combat dps is ahead of mutilate above 35%. Depending on length of excute phase, assassination tends to pull ahead. (this is at 85 raiding which is ALL that matters)
Combat is bad.
RNG just make combo points go waste
Combat is bad.

So let's refuse to talk about it, and it will continue to be bad! I swear it's as if people just want to ignore the fact that other pure dps have 3 viable trees and rogues have one and a half.
RNG just make combo points go waste

This glyph existed for the entirety of wrath and no one complained. It's only now with RvS that we think of all those "wasted" combo points.
that too and it has been changed so it doesn't scale with critical anymore...
Combat is bad.

Q: What's the top DPS spec?
A: Both Combat and Assassination are reasonable options. Above 35% Combat does somewhat more DPS, but once you get below 35% and Murderous Intent kicks in, Assassination jumps significantly ahead. Averaged across the duration of a typical fight Assassination is generally around 3% ahead, but depending on when the "hard" parts of the fight are, it may or may not prove to be superior overall. Also note that Assassination performs better on large-scale AoE and has better utility talents, while Combat has better cooldowns and a very effective "cleave" in Blade Flurry for DPSing small numbers of targets at a time.

go do your damn research fools. if you can't trust aldriana, then i don't know who you can. At bis gear pulling around 24k dps that is a difference of about 700 dps between assassination and combat, with much of it tied up in the excecute phase. Since the last 35% of the boss tends to be relatively shorter than any other 35% of the bosses hp (due to excecutes coming online for several classes) assassination will be at larger and larger disadvantages as dps increases reducing this time.

tldr: combat is NOT bad
24k at 85? people like clinda(BiS warrior) used to do like 25k at icc... idk if the numbers got lowered so much right now but... rogues sucks it seems if a 80 can do an 85 rogue dps.

EDIT: oh nvm , 30% buff...

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