Ally Elemental Shaman / Fury-Prot warrior LFG

    Hello Kel Thuzad =D, I recently transfered here From blackrock on both my Elemental Shaman(Sakiri - Kelthuzad soon going alliance) Which got Challenger on the Bloodlust battlegroup back on blackrock and Warrior ( Kunaii - Kel Thuzad Night elf) Which I can play iether Fury or Prot for raiding

    I have 12/12 Reg ICC 6/12HM experience
    I've also done RS 25
    Also have FoS achivments includeing Tribute To Insanity which i got a few weeks after AnubRehkan was Relased and Ulduar 10/25 cleared ofcourse have drake to prove
    As for pvp wise on my shaman i did get to 1950 in all the brackets and I did get Challenger in 3s last seasson, could have gotten rival but my 5s captain decided to disband the team before we hit 2k
    Im looking for a guild that raids mainly any time 6 ST and after if any guilds are interstd please post here and i will get back to you as soon as possible thanks you

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