[H] ELEMENTAL SHAMAN LFG 10 OR 25 cata hm's

Area 52

I am an elemental shaman looking for a guild, mostly for cata HM progression, but also don't mind finishing off ICC until then. Maybe focus on finishing glory of ulduar achievement before cata drops on this toon just need 3 achievements. This is a fresh 80 and going to be my main in cata. I spent 3 years healing on my holy priest and like 6 months playing on my DK and some on my warrior. I am leaving them totally behind and starting fresh for cata. I am interested in being in a 10 or a 25 man HM guild anything that fits my schedule and style of progression.

About me: 23 years old, from new jersey work overnight also going to school but still find time to raid. I can also play while I am at work most nights being I'm the only one around with a T3 line. Did sometime overseas with the military, I am mature, love to raid and have a good time focusing on progression.

Raid times available: all times east.
Tuesday: 630 - 1015pm EST
Wednesday: 630 - 1015pm EST
Thursday: Could make available to raid 630-1015 if i find a guild before start of next semester
Friday: 630 - 1015pm EST
Saturday: 630 - 1015pm EST
Sunday: 630 - 1015pm EST

I work at 11pm EST.

Experience: (all done on my main, no longer playing it)
ICC 10: 12/12 normal, 11/12hm, drake twice.
ICC 25: 12/12 normal, 9/12hm
TOGC 10: Tribute to insanity
TOGC 25: 5/5
Ulduar 10: rusted proto drake on war, workin on shaman, algalon exp starcaller title on priest and now sham
Ulduar 25: 14/14, would like to finish glory of ulduar raider for proto.
Naxx 10: plagued proto, undying (on warrior)
Naxx 25: the immortal (on warrior)

I have played the game off and on since relaease but due to deployments and such didn't starting raiding until Kara in TBC, hardcore in WOTLK missed most of ulduar due to deployment to iraq, but they are done.

Bump! Gotta be a 7-10 guild out there somewhere!

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