"The Summit of Storm Peaks" - 99/100 STUCK

I am completely stuck at 99/100 quests completed in Storm peaks. Before anyone says it, YES I completed the drop quest line. According to wowhead, the only quests remaining in that zone are quests given out by Thorim. I used commendation signets to get exalted with Sons of Hodir, therefore I did not complete a couple of thorim's quests. As you all may know, Thorim is phased out of the zone when you become Exalted with Sons. What am I supposed to do?
How did you get that many quests completed without doing the Sons of Hodir quest chain? Doing the Drakkensryd gets you to Thorim, at which point the quest chain will continue as you work on unlocking the Sons to Honored, before the final quest Thorim offers you.
Have you ever looted an [everfrost chip]?
I have done all loot quests possible there. I have completed all Sons quests, when I enter the hub they are all dailies. I have visited every hub that has quests and completed them all. Thorim is phased out because I am exalted with sons of hodir. the only quests I have left are Thorim's. There are only 104 quests as alliance in storm peaks. Thorim holds my last 5.

Edit: lol wrong person.
Thorim doesn't phase out by hitting exalted. Thorim phases out by completing his quest chain. While there do exist quests in the game that become unavailable by rep grinding too fast (some Consortium and Sporeggar quests), phasing is unaffected by rep levels, only by quest completion.

You have checked Thorim's *other* location, right? The quests he gives at the end of the chain are not given by "the Thorim at the Temple of Storms", they're given by "the Thorim on the Terrace of the Makers" or whatever the place is called. Which while lore-wise is the same person, game-wise is a completely distinct NPC.

It might also help if you listed out the names of specific quests that an addon query (EveryQuest e.g.) says you're missing, just to get external confirmation of your conclusion.
I have checked Thorim's other location. He is nowhere to be found. All quests listed "uncomplete" in the query are given out by Thorim. Thank you for the in depth response by the way.
Problem resolved. my god am I stupid. /facepalm /facedesk

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