Came back from mid Wotlk... what happened?

So I stopped playing halfway through Wotlk, playing exclusively as a holy paladin since they were introduced to Horde. From everything I had read about the Cataclysm changes (new, revamped talents, new skills, new zones, etc) I was excited to come back. I started up a BE paladin again and man am I extremely dissapointed. (I'm not even going to get into how broken Holy Power appears to be... having all three charges and WoG only healing for one charge? no thanks blizzard)

It seems we lost way more than we gained. Sure, we got new talents, but what about all of the staples of the paladin class that we lost? Probably the biggest dissapointment I faced when looking at the new talents were the loss of Spiritual Focus, Divine Illumination, Divine Focus, and Illumination. The new talents are better than the old talents, don't get me wrong, but what is with the absence of these core talents?

Looking at skills it gets even more ridiculous. We lost the ability to judge light and wisdom, which was a huge group buff for the paladin. Our group buffs are condensed and less effective than before (5% BoK?) We lost Divine Intervention. For those of you leveling, you don't get ANY bubble until level 48. We also lost a few other skills, but they don't relate to holy.
I'm only level 22, but playing through so far has been extremely discouraging. I loved this class and it seems to have changed to a different direction than what it used to be. Am I overreacting? Is it as bad as it appears? Should I stick through the low levels until I get the rest of my abilities?
Did you play a level 80 Paladin? If so, what is your Paladin's name?
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