Starting to consider playing a different clas

It's foolish of me to base what I want to play based on only what I have read on forums (The place where people just *@##@ about things all day) But in my current state as a ret paladin and what I read on forums, it sounds as if it will be pretty terrible in both PvE and PvP. I guess what I am hoping for by posting this is for reasons to continue playing a paladin, and I guess if prot\holy are doing well in Cata?
I agree and my friend i'm talking to now said the same thing. But I still can't help but be like "Damn, my class sucks. Maybe I should switch to another.." I am a very indecisive person, I have an 80 of every toon (No life) so it's easy for me to be like ok well %#%# this class, i'll go play that one. But I really WANT to stick with my paladin.. I'll just have to be patient and wait..
Just play what you want to play, not what everyone else thinks you should play.

I made my paladin around the start of The Burning Crusade because I wanted to make a Retribution Paladin. Even though the spec back then was terrible by today's standards, I still had a great time in that expansion and killed a lot of bosses that most people wouldn't have even attempted with that class.

I'm now switching to a Warlock, because it looks like fun, and that's all the reason I need.
if ret sucks at 85 go prot. If prot also sucks then you got no choice but to go holy. Holy has NEVER been bad in ANY arena season. But to be honest I think ret will be fine at 85 pvp.
Reroll mage, like the rest of the fair-weather fans.
I'm going to level her to 85 but I'm also leveling a warlock. Warlock was my first love that I left for Pally. I played Ret at 85 a bit in beta and was tremendously let down. I hate Inquisition with a passion and with the t11 gear of a premade you couldn't get anywhere close to the haste cap so it felt even slower than it does now. I guess "disgusted" is the best word to use with how I felt playing Ret at 85. If there are any plans to change the way it's played, nothing has been communicated. I'm going to level her to 85 just in case, though.
play as many other classes as you can, since leveling has become fun again and other classes are really fun to play if you've stuck with one class for a really long time (like i have). it will give you perspective about the class you usually play, and make you appreciate what you have access to.

during wrath i leveled a gnome warrior, because gnomes are lulz and i wanted to see what a supposed powerful melee class was like in pvp. i swiftly realized that, even after gearing her appropriately for pvp, that pvp on a warrior is an experience of being supremely potent in melee but never actually getting there because you are constantly rooted or snared, with no way save bladestorm to escape, being kited and dying like a wimp. it really made me appreciate how hard it is to snare or root my ret paladin.

i'm playing all sorts of classes now, and i really like mages, for instance, and how hunters play, both of which have always given me problems as a ret paladin. i know that as i start pvping with them i'll come to understand the problems they have, and how to exploit those on this character, who will always be my main. gaining that knowledge alone makes alts worthwhile, and sometimes you really just need a break from doing the same thing for so long. i guess you really can't count playing a paladin as playing the same class though, we get overhauled so much, but the fact still stands!

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