HC Experienced Raider LF Guild (Horde)

Objective: To find a structured, stable guild horde side to raid with in cataclysm.

Who I am: For little over 5 years I have been a player specializing in the PvE aspect of World of Warcraft. Bouncing around servers in the beginning, I have come to find myself in Turalyon at the end of BC, beginning of WoTLK. I have always leaned toward the community aspect of MMO's and found that raiding and guild events are far more enjoyable than mindlessly killing mobs solo. Throughout these years I have spent hours upon hours filling out guild applications only to hear no response back. Much like a career in real life, many besides myself have also experienced this. Although this time around I'm putting myself out there and advertising myself, instead of a guild doing it. Does that seem arrogant? Elitist? Of course it does, but I have the necessary skill and intellect to back it up, without the mage buff.

What I can offer: I can offer 100% dedication of my time to the guild I serve. I'll give my utmost respect and consideration to my mates, even if the same isn't always returned. I don't bring any drama to the table, whether it be in-game loot, discussions or difference of opinions. I come to raids fully prepared, buffed, flasked, on time, etc. I offer a general mass of intellect, the intellect not to stand in burning red stuff and the intellect of knowing my class and every skill it can provide 100%, in and out for any situation. I can offer my Priest, and can drop any spec for shadow. I can offer my Feral Kitty or Boomkin. I can offer my BM Hunter with exotic spirit bear, also a marksmanship secondary.

What I am looking for: I'm looking for a structured, stable guild to raid with. I have been in many guilds where the Gm's have switched hands so many times, it looked like a skill tool tip in game. I have been in guilds where I could not properly finish end game content because of the guild falling apart due to poor management. I know all guilds aren't perfect, and a bad seed always seems to arise here and there, that's understandable.

What I am NOT looking for: I'm not looking for newly formed, unstable guilds that don't know "A" from Adam. I'm not looking for guilds that have multiple raid groups. Although I understand the reasoning behind this, I'd prefer to build camaraderie with the same people every raid night. This helps me understand their play style, and also helps me adapt my own. I can't do this if I play with 24 different people every raid night.

Additional Info: I can't offer recent WoL parses for anyone who lives on that information. The last ones, and the last time I raided with my guild was in Feb-Mid March. As you can see in this link, http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/24712/calendar/02-10/
WoL deletes them after a certain amount of time. So you will either need to take my word on what I can offer or try me out yourself. I went on hiatus during this time because that is when my most recent guild fell apart, right before we were able to down LK 25. However we were successful in my 10 man group to down him without the buff, you can check my achievement dates to confirm and WoTLK progression. As for others concerned with PC specs, it runs the game properly for me to do my job. If age is a factor for guilds, I can tell you I've had the mentality of a 50 year old since I was a child. Still not convinced? Cut me in half and count the rings, I bet you will find 26.

If you think I will be an asset to your current guild then please feel free to contact me by in game mail to set up a chat in vent. Thanks.
Bump for a Good guy, very dedicated to his guild not to mention a good healer

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