Ret Paladin Threat

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I think an answer is deserved.

Currently I am out tps'ing quite a few tanks on my server (and other servers in randoms - but I don't care so much about that). I can sit on my hands for 30 seconds plus and easily catch up to a tank who was popping all threat cooldowns and spamming abilities. I can sit on my hands for a full minute and not catch up - but that's only because the boss we were fighting died.

For a while I used the glyph of salvation which proved to be utterly useless. Now even with salv back the way it was, I can pop it, but within 3 "rotations" I'm back where I was.

In my opinion I think something may be up with Crusader Strike, or it may be that Templar's Verdict has too high of an assigned threat gen behind it. We do some pretty high spike damage with cooldowns and I would like to be able to use those in order to be useful on DPS race bosses.

To be honest, I think there are more threat balance issues between classes than actual damage done issues that need to be addressed before we head into raids come cata.

That's a constructive comment right there, Aieoz. Thank you for your insight.

Threat has been buggy in the past for ret, so there may be something up. I've noticed it being much easier to catch up to tank threat as well, and I am continually blowing past other players in tps even when doing comparable dps. It may be due to our burstiness but I dunno...some caster classes can do way bigger burst than any ret paladin.
Why would you beat a dead horse? That's sick!
Why would you beat a dead horse? That's sick!

Indeed. let us use "Beat on a dead undead" instead.

But yes, my ret pally alt does allot less damage than my balance druid, but gets only slightly less aggro.
Turn off RF! leave that horse alone
Well, aside from the troll - thanks.

I'm mostly talking about 25 mans and 10s. Sure, pug tanks suck - but only so much. There's a point where you just have to scratch your head. I've barely ever used RF, so yeah, go away Riege.

Aieoz - You'll care about them in Cata :) at least for the first couple of tiers.

No more dead horses, poor blanchy. However, this is like my 6-7 post about it and there isn't even a wink of "we're working on that."

edit: oh - and I wouldn't call the nerf "quite a bit" - that was warlocks...we just got a little tap on the balls.
its not us, the tanks threat has been nerfed.
Slow your rotation. If the tank is doing everything in his abilities to keep threat and you seem to be going past him then it is your job to slow down.

Okay 5-mans not that big a deal but you might want to get into the habit of doing that as with cat 5-mans you'll find yourself in the GY more then you want to be if you don't figure it out.
Salvation is key, and just stealing threat and tanking as ret is an option in all 5 mans. I end up doing that anyways, but gear is important for that!
Your tank sucks, it's not a ret threat problem.
Dont forget about warrios gettin a -17% nerf..which was wierd b.c they were finally performigng to their gear level lol.

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