Need Help with buying new pc

Hi all,

I've been away from the PC scene for a while, haven't really kept myself up to date with any of the new PC parts out there. Was wondering if anyone could help me out with picking out parts for a new gaming PC. Would prefer someone with prior experience or current experience.

My budget is around four grand, please don't include any accessories like mice, keyboards etc. And i wouldn't mind you guys noting any preferred monitors that you would recommend me using. But in general i would love a whole listing of every needed part from power supply to sound card.

My goal is to run WoW perfectly along with the new COD and hopefully last me a couple years.

Thanks in advance.
Hey mate,

$4k you could buy a computer to power NASA. Honestly if you want a future proof PC to run games for a couple of years $2k will be heaps. Seems Intel cpu and ATI gpu's are the best combo's at the 2k price levels at this moment. I am surely no pro but I would go something like this give or take.

CPU - INTEL CORE i7 950 3.06GHz 8MB
Motherboard - ASUS P6X58D-E
Memory - GEIL 6GB KIT DDR3 C9 1600MHz#
Graphics - XFX HD5870 850M PCIe/1GB/DVI/HDMI/DP
Monitor - SAMSUNG 24" LED WS 5MS
OS Hard Drive - OCZ VERTEX 2 60GB SSD 285/275 R/W/MB
Storage Hard Drive - WD CAVIAR BLACK 1.0TB 7200/64MB/SATA3
Optical Drive - SAMSUNG BLU-RAY

That is where I would start, then depending on how much you want to spend keep upgrading! Its fairly close to what I'm running and with a slight OC it is bullet proof. Again, if you want to spend $4k on a pc to run WoW, go for it :P
the new COD

Bloody sheep.
Thanks a bunch Phluid, saved me some dough.
There are stores in NZ and Aus that have comp-building tools with price listings. That + newegg are very useful.

Also, WoW realm forums are hardly the place to find an informed opinion >_>
If you're in Aus, check out PCCaseGear and MSY.
If you're going with an AMD GPU id defo wait until they release the 6970 (5870 equiv) thing will probs give the gtx 580 a run for its money at a much better price. It should be out within the month.
all these parts are outdated i wouldnt listen to any of these people

This dammit.

You are welcome.

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