[A] Couple looking for raiding/social guild.

Emerald Dream
Hi, ED. :)

My boyfriend (a Disc Priest) and I (a Cat Druid) are looking to join a guild together, and since Trade channel advertisements don't account for more than a handful of guilds, we figured we would post here to see what we get. We are EST based, and play for several hours a day in the afternoon, evening and night.

We are looking for a populated guild that generally enjoys all aspects of WoW: raiding/heroics, some rp, some pvp, socializing, leveling, etc. However by populated, I do mean a guild that has a good amount of level 80s.. well I guess soon to be 85s that would be willing to dig into the heroic + raid content. :) We are looking for a guild that plans on raiding every week as more often than not we log online to run heroics + raids for hours on end!

I should also mention we are not 'hardcore Venters' and by that I mean, we don't plan on being on Vent every time we are online, unless of course we are raiding or any other time it is absolutely necessary.

Feel free to message me in game or reply back here as I check it every day. :)

Thanks so much + best of luck to everyone!
Looks over the night elf, quickly turning on his translator as she speaks.

"I see that you are a druid, and looking for a place to call home,"
Machik states matter of factly. "I believe there was a posting not too long ago with a list of groups looking for members. It was attached to the top of the board. May that list help you in your decision."

Machik walks away, taking down the description of the night elf on his trusty parchment. I will not attack this one, he thinks to himself, for all druids should be working for the betterment of Azeroth. But if I see a priest with her, hmph, then the priest must die.

With a quick glance out of the corner of his eye, Machik takes one more look, and then transforms himself into a bird of wonder and takes off.
What the furry one means to say is, check the guild listing stickied at the top of the forums.

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