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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Guild: Ascent
Realm: US-Barthilas (Oceanic, PvP) - Horde
Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 11:00pm to 3:00am AEST
Website: www.ascentgaming.net

.:. About Us .:.

Ascent is a brand new hardcore raiding guild. We are starting this guild at the beginning of Cataclysm as a 25-man premier raiding guild. We will be a top competitive guild in the world. We will accomplish this with a light raid schedule but hard work. We raid on the philosophy that raiding is “80% preparation, 20% perspiration”.

Our guild members do not play WoW 24/7, and therefore when we are in-game, we are playing as hardcore as they come. During raids, the atmosphere is intense. When we go hardcore, we go all the way. There is no goofing off, no ‘waiting on AFK’. We play at maximum intensity.

Since we are a new guild, YOU have the power to influence a rising premier hardcore environment. Are you fed up with carrying people? Fed up with worthless nights of raiding? Take a look at us.

.:. What we're looking for .:.

We are looking for the very best of the best. We are ALWAYS recruiting for every class/role. If you prove yourself more worthy of a spot than a current guild member, you will take their spot. We expect high raid attendence, maximum performance, and the motivation and maturity to get the job done. We don't have time to bang our heads against the wall until we kill a boss, we need peak performance at all times.

A short list of items we are looking for are the following:
- High Raid Attendence
- Deep and solid understanding of your classes and the classes around you
- High level of end-game raiding experience
- Commitment and synergy
- Self-Motivation
- Thick Skin
- Maturity
- Interests outside of raiding (although end-game raiding is certainly our focus)

.:. Interested? .:.

Check out our website. The two things you should carefully read are the philosophy page and the recruitment page. If these peak your interest, you are indeed a hardcore raider and should definately apply to the guild. The application can be found at the bottom of the recruitment page.

You can also contact us in-game on US-Barthilas (Horde) on the toons Bont or Samn, or shoot me an email at bont@ascentgaming.net.
We will be raiding the first week of cataclsym.

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