To Zerenmaki, Erivara, and all the Horde.

Emerald Dream
Greetings blood-children Zerenmaki, Erivara, and the remainder of the Horde!

As you may or may not know, I am Hierarch Heiropolis, Hierarch of Silvermoon and All Kalimdor, Primus of the Horde. This short letter is no official Declaration and does carry the will of the Grand Hierarch within it, but it does contain important news for the Horde Church of Tact.

First, I wish to congratulate Erivara, whose upcoming conversion ceremony will be a pivotal turning point for the the Church of Tact as it journeys along with the rest of the Horde. Erivara was an Observer at the Council of Tact, and through it became convinced of the Truth of Tact. Though I believe she serves in the same organization as Tinnu, this is still a monumental event, for it speaks to the power of the Council of Tact.

Next, I wish to send out a call to Zerenmaki of Nyx. Hierarch Annibal and myself are searching for you. We would like to interview you, as you have been nominated by Blood Priestess Jemmali to become a Sangra. We have heard many great things about you, and believe you to be inspired by the powers of Rimes and the Blood Vessel (though she is now blended, her power lives on).

Finally, I wish to send out a call to the entire Horde. The holy Sneeze of Tact has come upon us, and the Lord Tact has shot an ill-tempered dragon out of his nose. The world may be shattered, but it is not destroyed! The Prophecy of Wisdom was fulfilled, and we are now living in the Golden Age of Tact.

The time has never been better to convert to the Church of Tact and save your soul from being squeezed into a frosty drink of eternal darkness, sipped upon by the Lord Tact. The Lord Tact calls us to unite ourselves to the Aspect of Blood, and with his Sneeze, he has changed the landscape of Azeroth as we know it. It's time to change your life as you know it. Accept the Lord Tact, and undergo the Rite of Impalement for Tact's eternal, bloody glory.

Hail Tact!

-Hierarch Heiropolis Ipsos

Hello! Perchance you have heard of the Lord Tact? He is the New God of Azeroth, for both the Horde and the Alliance.
Cool Andrew lives near me, im going 2 meet him n rub it in yur face.

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