A new expansion, a new set of pally jabs/joke

If you've been a pally for a while, you'll know the devs (and the players) love to make jabs at paladins.

So I was going through the old world and doing the quests here and there, and I've already found a new joke.

Redridge Mountains
Kesshan questline
One of the NPCs you rescue is a paladin, Jorgensen I believe was his name (or it could be one of the other NPCs in the questline)

If you keep them around for a while, they start chatting, and some of his lines include (paraphrased):

"I'm a paladin so obviously I'm the most important in the group"

"Sometimes I wake up, I feel like the Light has gotten weaker. I'm not as strong as I used to be"

Laugh, rage, do what you will. Let's share what other jabs the devs have put in for Cataclysm.

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