[bug] Just Encased - Terrorweb Tunnel

Bug Report
Some of the nerubians will summon an add that is "boss" level to mid 40s level toons questing in this area.

It was quite a surprise to suddenly see my health vanishing as I was pounded into the ground by a summoned red beatle that had a boss symbol on it's nameplate!
To be precise, those beetles are level 55. I suspect they're a remnant of the old version of EPL, with updating the mobs that summon them but neglecting to update the summons themselves.
I made it through the quest after about 5 deaths but when I came back out of the tunnel to turn it in, there to my surprise was a boss who had more than double hit points on me and took me down like I was his breakfast! I don't want to but I just may drop this even with all the work invested!
Well I just upgraed my armor and weapons and still I go down like a wet rag. This boss is only a level 41!
I thought this was fixed in the first cataclysm patch? I remember reading about it in one of the patch notes at least...

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