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Updated. Thank you for using the correct format, Nemesis.

Howdy Zolvolt. I appreciate the suggestion and while I'm sure there are plenty of guilds who aren't focused on raiding, this resource is built around that community. I think trying to add more categories would muddy the waters and bloat this more than it already is. I would recommend that you might develop an index thread for those guilds whose focus is something other than raiding. Frankly, those other types of guilds are not where my expertise lies. On top of not having much interest in maintaining that type of post, I am sure I would muck it up pretty badly.

Alright well thanks for replying! It was just a suggestion anyways haha (=
Squirrely Wrath - 10 - Alliance - http://squirrelywrath.guildlaunch.com
Wed 6-8 PM, Sun 5-8 PM
Casual, Cataclysm, MS/OS, Ventrilo, 18+

This is a new guild, but the people in it have been raiding on that schedule for the past year.
(H) Remedy - 25man - http://www.remedyonhyjal.org
Wed/Thu 7:00-10:00pm server
Dedicated, Cata (12/10), Loot Council, Ventrilo, ages 21+
(H) Pinnacle - 10man - http://pinnacle-hyjal.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0
Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 11:30 PM - 2:30 AM PST 5/7 Heroic FL
Dedicated/Serious, Wrath (07/09), Modified EPGP, Mumble, Ages 18-35
(H) Nephilim - 10man - nephilimhyjal.enjin.com
Tue/Wed/Mon and Tue/Thu/Mon 7-10 PM
Serious, Cata (10/11), Loot Council, Ventrilo, Ages 19+
Please update Conspiracy as follows - Group 2 is no longer raiding and our website and ages have changed slightly.

(A) Conspiracy - 10 man - http://itspallygear.com/forums/forum.php
Tue/Thu/Mon 9:00 PM - 11:45 PM
Dedicated, Vanilla, MS/OS, Ventrilo, ages 21+
Please add Antisocial Club to the list.

(H) Antisocial Club - 10man
Wed/Thu 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Serious, BC (04/2008), LC, Mumble, ages 21+
Please update Squirrely Wrath - both nights are now from 6-8 PST. Thank you in advance.
Project (H) Is a Later night group running two different raiding groups

Team HKIA runs on Monday and Tuesday and Team CMC runs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Invites 8 30 ST
Pull 9 00 ST
End 11 30 ST
Quick update on Kasual

Tues/Weds/Thurs 6:30pm to 10pm
Free Roll
(A) Methuselah - 10man - http://www.methuselah.wowstead.com

Mon/Wed/Thu 7:00-10:00

Dedicated, BC-Guild , LC, Ventrilo, ages 18+
Chaos and Ruin - 10 man - http://coa.bestmmosite.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=397529&

Currently Friday/Sunday 7pm-10pm

Saturday - Dedicated PvP - Currently recruiting a Pvp Coordinator and RBG team

Raiding semi casual, Mature atmosphere, Vent

*Bonus - Contests for rare items such as Vials of the Sands and Mechano Hogs.
(A) Deviant - 10man -http://devianthyjal.wowstead.com/
Tue/Thu 8:00-11:00
Dedicated, Wrath-Guild (04/09), MS/OS, Ventrilo, ages 18+

(A) Culture Shock - 10man
Fri/Sat 6:00-10:00
Dedicated/Serious, Cata, Loot Council, Vent, ages 18+
(H) Minions Inc - 25man - http://minionsinc.com
Tue & Thurs - 6pm-9:30pm
Serious, founded 2005 (Vanilla), DKP, Ventrilo, ages 18+ (prefer 21+)
(H) Casually Serious - 10man - http://thedarkexile.guildomatic.com/

Group 1: Sat & Sun 7am-10am PST
Group 2: Thursdays 6pm-12am PST

Serious, founded August 2010, MS/OS, Vent, adult guild
(A) Guild of Misfit Toys - 10man - http://misfittoys.wowstead.com
Fri/Sat 7:00-10:00
Mon 7:00-10:00 pvp
Dedicated, Wrath-Guild (07/10), Suicide Kings, Ventrilo, ages 18+
(H) Your Math Teacher - 10M - http://math.enjin.com
Group A: Wed/Thursday 10PM-1AM PST
Group B: Mon/Tuesday 10PM-12AM PST
Hardcore guild pushing strong into Mists, Loot Council, Ventrilo
I appreciate folks' patience with me and the neglect of this thread. The guild went on break and I mostly avoided WoW. I will be catching it up to date today and tomorrow. If after noon server time on the 2nd, if your info isn't correct, please post up and I'll get it fixed.

In the next couple of weeks I'll be working to do a complete scrub to clean up the thread for Pandaland. Instead of starting a new thread, I'll be updating this one so I'll need your help identifying those raid teams who are no longer active, for whatever reason. I'll post up more about that as I get closer to the scrub.

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