Battleground Level Brackets (including Rated)

I've been looking for information on what the new level brackets are now and can't seem to find it anywhere, so I'll resort to "guess and ask if I'm wrong". I can edit it later if I find I'm wrong I suppose, so maybe this'll be useful for others.

The level brackets I list below are all split into two sub-brackets:
XP-on Battlegrounds:
Players below max level for their account access that do not have XP gains turned off.

XP-off Battlegrounds:
Players that have their XP gains turned off OR players that have reached the maximum level for their account access (i.e. level 20 characters on trial accounts, level 60 characters without BC access, level 70 characters without WotLK access, and level 80 characters without Cata access, which is all level 80 characters until Cata releases). Let me know if I'm off on this one, like if level 85 toons with xp turned off actually have their own sub-bracket for some odd reason.

Level Brackets
Warsong Gulch
Arathi Basin





Eye of the Storm (requires Burning Crusade access)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC)
Alterac Valley

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV
Strand of the Ancients (with Wrath of the Lich King access)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV, SotA(with Wrath)

Isle of Conquest (with Wrath of the Lich King access)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV, SotA(with Wrath)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV, SotA(with Wrath), IoC (with Wrath)
The Battle for Gilneas (with Cataclysm access)
Twin Peaks (with Cataclysm access)

WSG, AB, EotS(with BC), AV, SotA(with Wrath), IoC (with Wrath), BfG, TP

Rated Battle Grounds
(complete guesses here, have no idea other than it being available at 70 according to the interface):
10 vs. 10
WSG (level 70, 80, 85)
TP (level 70, 80, 85)
BfG (level 70, 80, 85)

15 vs. 15
AB (level 70, 80, 85)
EotS (level 70, 80, 85)
SotA (level 70, 80, 85)

Level 70, 80, 85

What I have listed above would appear to make any "expansion twinking" (capping a twink's level by not adding all expansions to the account) more difficult, as they would all have to contend with players of higher level in their available brackets (i.e. levels 60, 70, and 80 are not the highest level in any bracket, except maybe for rated BGs). Just my guesses based on the info "brackets are 5 levels now" and the zone levels listed in Wowhead, and noting that since Isle of Conquest starts at 71 it may still have the old brackets. I've not done any Cata beta testing, so my guesses on the new BGs are complete shots in the dark. Any corrections appreciated.
No one with any contrary information on these brackets? It seemed likely I'd have some wrong. Would this be viable for a sticky? (once accurate?) At least one other person had a similar question posted.
Added some guesses about rated BGs and Arenas.
Looked up Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas and found they were both 10 vs. 10, so added them to the rated BG guesses.
Thx for the info.

EotS at level 35 now? AV at 45? Damn!
You would think it would make it harder except for the fact that 4 level difference is not that much at all. One of my twink mates duels people up to lvl 69 for money while he himself is at 60.
I've added a brief section noting that xp-off toons (including those at max level for their account access) are placed in different BGs than their level-up-capable counterparts.

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