Aoe questing still viable/fun?

My favorite thing to do is aoe questing with consecration, ret aura, reckoning, and the heals from judging and seal of light. Have not played since changes. Is this still something we can do and do well?
Ps. I plan to roll a new pally. So I'm asking about 1-80 questing. Not just 80-85.
Any spec can AoE quest, i mean ret can get multi mobs and just take turns picking which target to 2 shot.

People just like prot for AoE grinding, and queueing as a tank in 5mans.

First off, pulling multiple mobs and single-targeting them isn't AOE questing.

Up to lvl 80, ret doesn't AOE grind. Consecration is too long of a cooldown with too little damage and divine storm is on a 4.5 sec cooldown. Ret is built, imo, for single targets pre-81, but I think it's fun as hell.

If you want to AOE quest, go Prot. It's completely viable and a helluva lot easier. There's 4 multi-target offensive abilities for Prot. Prot does solid AOE dps. I'm pulling 3.5-4.5k dps in instances tanking.

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