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This doesn't need much explanation. Emerald Dream is an PR-PvP realm and we take the RP part serious. A well-thought-out RP back story is entertaining and helps foster the unique culture here on Emerald Dream. They also give everyone a better idea of what your character is all about. Write 'em up, post 'em up, read 'em up, and profit!

Post using the standard format below.





Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):


Brief Physical Description:

Brief Personality Description:

Goals and motivations:

A typical quote from your character:


Please try to keep these brief. 1 page should suffice. This is just a basic introduction to your character, it doesn't need to be too specific. Should the need arise to write a more extensive history/story/introduction, please do so in another thread.

If you haven't done this before, don't worry! There are a ton of cool guides and resources here in the Emerald Dream forums as well as the official Roleplaying forums (ahttp://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011637/) and elsewhere across the internet. Be careful about making your character a MarySue. A MarySue is a fictional character with overly idealized and hackneyed mannerisms, lacking noteworthy flaws, and primarily functioning as a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the author or reader. If you aren't sure whether your character is a MarySue or not, take the test: http://www.freewebs.com/aerosolspraycan/marysue.html

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd go!
Drambouie Duskbeard



Mining, Jewelcrafting and pig farming

Current Home:
Ironforge by way of the Hinterlands


Brief Physical Description:
A pair of wise dark brown eyes gaze out from under a set of bushy eyebrows. Drambouie's face is weathered by long days in hills of the Hinterlands and longer days in the mines beneath those hills. His hair is black, somewhat shaggy, with a long braided double-beard adorning his chin.

Brief Personality Description:
Drambouie is rather quiet but when he does speak it's typically a joke or a wisecrack followed by kind and sage words. He prefers solitude over the city life so he tends to visit his old pig farm in the Hinterlands quite often. He's very down-to-earth even amongst an entire race that is down-to-earth. He enjoys working with things from the earth, especially metals and jewels. He often shapes various trinkets odd pieces of jewelry. He is always seeking out minerals with magical powers to augment his pieces.

He's a passionate fighter and lives to take care of his people. These days his people include the Alliance and so he'll bravely fight next to every dwarf, elf, gnome, human, and those really tall goats from another planet... what are they called again?

His shamanistic nature comes not only from his clan but directly from his mother. From a very young age she taught him about the Elements, how to speak with them, and how to use them to nurture other living things. She also taught him the more destructive aspects, skills that could be well-used to defend himself in the case of trouble.

Despite his quiet, stoic nature, Drambouie is always the first to pour a pint of beer or a glass of whiskey for a friend. He is jovial by nature, preferring to wildly celebrate the successes of his day rather than turn in for a quiet evening at home. Although city life is not in his nature, pub life is. Especially the inn are Aerie Peak that he calls his second home. These days, since moving to Ironforge, he frequents Bruuk's corner. When in Stormwind he's usually found in the Dwarven District since he can't abide the crowds in the busier parts of town.

Goals and motivations:
Drambouie would like nothing more than to be able to go back to mining and being the best pig farmer he can be. But the world has never been plunged further into war, and with the return of Deathwing nothing is safe. He fights to push back the threat of the Dragonmaw orcs. He fights against Deathwing. He fights for the Alliance, the Hinterlands, the Highlands, but most of all he fights for the Wildhammer Clan.

A typical quote:
"Next time you go by my house I'll really appreciate it."

Drambouie was born and raised in the Hinterlands. For the most part he had a quiet childhood. The War of the Three Hammers had long since passed and the only danger he and his family had to worry about were occasional raids by the forest trolls. He learned how to use the elements to nurture from his ma and learned how to craft metal from his pa. He also learned how to ride a Gryphon like any proper Wildhammer child should.

Drambouie eventually served as a member of the famed Grphyon Rider Division under Kurdran Wildhammer himself. He battled fiercely alongside the Alliance during the Second War. He answered the call when Ner'zul and Deathwing threatened to destroy Azeroth and wound up exiled on Draenor along with the rest of the Division. Even when things looked bleak and they were convinced that rescue would never come, Drambouie and his mates held fast to hope. Hope won when things looked the bleakest.

After returning home from Outland the Dwarf hung his stormhammer over the mantle and returned to life as a pig farmer. He lived simply while the world clamored to defeat the Lich King. But a old familiar threat has resurfaced and it is once again time to answer the call of battle. Of course, this is just part of the story... buy him a pint and he'll be happy to tell you more!

Tau.....no wait...troll.


Tailoring / Enchanting (contemplating dropping tailoring though...)

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently)
Wanderer, but prefers Orgrimmar or Sen'jin Village.

Around 23.

Brief Physical Description:
Somewhat tall with pale blue skin, constantly dazed caramel-colored eyes, and wildly-violet hair that she likes to keep bound and away from her face (though sometimes she likes the occasional tri-mohawk for a good party). Her tusks are rather short, as she is still not use to them and they sometimes get in her way...

Brief Personality Description:
Kinda daft. She scratches her head a lot out of confusion, and is quick to be silly. She dislikes water, as she's been spending most of her time in cat form lately. She is a bit obsessive when it comes to collecting things. She has many outfits, pets, mounts....whatever she finds cute, she tends to hang on to it. She often gets caught in difficult situations when trying to find a shortcut. Her sense of direction is decent, but she is known to get distracted and wander off of her original path.

Goals and motivations:
She enjoys seeing the sights and trying not to get herself killed. And collecting things, of course!

A typical quote from your character:
"Hey dere, how ya doin' mon?"
"Whatcha wanna go an' do a ting like dat foa?"

Jivanta started off life as a Tauren. About 2 years after her birth, Jivanta's village was decimated by the Quillboar who wander the area. Her family had been able to hide her in a small hole they had dug under their tent to stash food in to keep it cool. When the Quillboar had left the area, Jivanta slowly worked her way out of the hole and began to wander around, trying to find anyone else who might be alive. There was no one.

She began to wander in search of someone who could help her. Being as young as she was, she was not able to go very far before she collapsed under a shade tree.

When she woke up, there were strange smells all around her. She slowly opened her eyes to see blue skin and a pair of tusks. She was startled at first, but she knew that if they meant her harm, that she would all ready be dead. The female troll smiled and handed her some food and water, which she devoured greedily.

She lived with the trolls for several years until the time she had to go off and find her own path.

-recent history-

Recently with the happenings of the Cataclysm, she had been hanging around Sen'jin Village with a couple of her tribe-mates when she was swept off into the water and crashed into an engineer who had been attempting to use his transporter to escape the crashing waves. There was an explosion, and when Jivanta woke up on the shore she was a troll. She thought it a typical transporter malfunction, and expected the effect to wear off, but it has not, so she is coping with her new form. Other than having to tailor her armor to fit her better and having to learn how to deal with her tusks and such, she has dealt with the change pretty good.
I think both of you did a pretty good job. But Jivanta, can you think of any other personality traits? There doesn't seem to be much there.
I think both of you did a pretty good job. But Jivanta, can you think of any other personality traits? There doesn't seem to be much there.

Added a bit more, sorry. Still kinda new to RP. x.x;
It's okay. I'm sort of new to it myself. I'm still working on my character.
Name: Shae Aruora Moonlite (a.k.a. Shaecrim)

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Rogue

Professions: Engineering and Mining

Current Home?: Unknown

Age: The equivalent of being 26 in human years

Brief Physical Description: Her skin is pale, and her eyes and hair are both silver. As far as she knows she gets her eyes from an ancestor who was a night elf, and that's where her last name from. Her body is thin and agile, typical for a rogue. She has a large scar on her left shoulder, but she doesn't know where its from. She is almost always seen with her face covered.

Brief Personality Description: Shae keeps her emotions and reactions guarded as best as she can. Though when she does show some sort of emotion, its hard to understand if that's how she truly feels. Many people believe there's a darker side to her that few ever see. She is often seen reading or lost in thought.

Goals and motivations: No one really knows her goals and motivations. When she took over Crimson Mercenaries she did it out of fear. Though she didn't seem to want to lead it, she has never let another person try to challenge her reign.

A typical quote from your character: May your blade be stained with your enemies blood.

History: After an unfortunate incident Shaecrim lost most of her memory and it was shortly discovered soon after that the few memories she did retain were all entirely messed up. The biggest show of this is her memory of the attack at Goldemist, her home. In her mind the attack on Sunmist happened when she was still a little child. While running from the scourge she believes to have thrown such a fit over a teddy bear that she caused her father to go back. When he didn't return her mother followed. Soon her and her older brother were forced to continue, leaving Shae to believe she was the cause of her parents death. The real story was that her parents went after her older sister who was injured and resting at home during the attack. What little truth about her past that she knows she has learned from the few memories she has and her brother.

When the sunwell was destoryed and people began to suffer from the mana withdrawl, it was apperant that Shae hardly suffered at all, much to the distaste of everyone around her. When she was doing the training to help her choose the path that she would take it was also very apperant that Shae could not use magic well, and that it took a considerable ammount of concentration even to sap the mana out from her enemies.

She traveled to Ravenholdt manner after deciding to become a rogue, able to easily hide in the shadows with the help of her heritage. She was soon placed within the Crimson Mercenaries. When she was initiated, the Mercenary Lord of the Crimson Mercenaries commented about how crimson she seemed, covered in the blood of her enemies. Which is how she gained the name Shaecrim. She advanced in the ranks of the guild and watched as the Mercenary Lord, Arkasun, caused it to crumble. So, one day when her and the Lord went on a mission (Shae having advanced to being his second in command) he somehow managed to 'fall' on his knife fifty-seven times. She came back claiming to be the new Mercenary Lord, dragging Arkasun's dead body behind her, and none of the members at the time dared to challenge her.

She remembers little else from when she became the Mercenary Lord till now. The only major thing she could tell you is her relationship with a hunter named Anzien who was turned into the death knight Kytas. They were to be married, but he dissapeared from the world before they were able to marry. To this day she still wears her engagement ring on a necklace around her neck.
Greetings blood-children! There is a most ancient tome that records the lives of many of our world's greatest heroes. Perhaps you would consider adding your profiles there as well:


Use your Magic Finger to move to the bottom of those musty pages to find the link that will take you to the tome's listing of people. Only do this after you have read the ancient techniques for updating this list.

In the Friendship of Tact, I shall post my own profile here.




Class? If you mean "class of holiness," I am in the top one.

Leading the Church of Tact.
Saving souls.

Current Home:
Stormwind City.


Brief Physical Description:
Blond hair, blue eys. Of average build.

Brief Personality Description:
I preach the Word of Tact with fiery passion! I am passionate about what I do, and I do it passionately. I am amicable to the Friends of Tact, and I righteously despise the Enemies of Tact.

Goals and motivations:
Spread Tactarianism across the world.
Lead all souls unto the Aspect of Blood.

A typical quote from your character:
"Hail Tact!"

I present to you some selections from the Book of Tact:
Epochia I:V.ii-iv

The Lord Tact stole away to the Docks in Emirdas. There, he picked up a trident from the wharf and proclaimed, "Never before has a man attempted this feat, but I shall do it successfully." The Lord Tact stood at the docks and slammed the base of the trident into the ground three times. The water churned and bubbled, and a great beast of the sea came forth before the Lord Tact. The Lord Tact said, "I name you Larflump, for you shall take me across the seas to my destination." The Lord Tact mounted Larflump, and rode it to the lower continents.

It is said he arrived in Elwynn forest after a long and grueling journey and then he began to seek out what was calling him to the strange continent. When the Lord Tact arrived in Stormwind Harbor, he dismounted Larflump, and hurled the sea monster far to the north. Larflump landed in the Loch of Loch Modan, and is still legendary to this day.

A few days after the nation of Amaraheim discovered that one of their most beloved figures was missing, a search party was sent out after him. Included in that party were two of the Lord Tact's servants: Turun and Jallie.

Epochia II:I - The Birth

Upon the Night of Ascension, the winds were quiet. The streets of the Unholy City were desolate, crawling with the filth-those who were unblessed by the Lord Tact's holy presence. Through those wretched streets and into the grasses of the Stone Forest lay the birthplace of the New God of Azeroth. This holy sanctum was alight with activity from those lost in the thoughts of themselves and their companions of intoxication.

The two unordained Sacred Disciples of the New God stood by the hearth, talking merrily. The Lord sat quiet in a corner, lost in modesty. The Lord Tact had not spread any of his teachings yet, for this was his wish and the wishes of the Lord Tact are tantamount to any wish of any mortal in all of Azeroth and Amaraheim.

It was soon after the Lord came out of his ponderings that the Orium infused itself into the Lord Tact. Granted powers beyond all renown, the Lord Tact immediately set out upon his Holy Work. The two soon-to-be Sacred Disciples, the Grand Hierarch Turun and Veros, the Vengeance of the Lord Tact, witnessed the Holy Infusion of the New God and were touched by the Lord's generous and divine warmth.

Both, at this instant, in a rush of divine energy and subtle communication that only they and the Lord could understand, became linked to the divine conscious of the Lord Tact. The Lord sent his Disciples out into the world after they had given the New God the proper respects and worship. The Disciple Turun was to establish The Lord's new religion in the foreign land of Azeroth. The Disciple Veros was to be the Holy Avenger, the Vengeance of the Lord Tact.

Name: Jandlem Larsson

Race: Dwarf

Class: Rogue

Professions: Mining and Skinning

Current Home: Valiance Keep, Borean Tundra, Northrend

Age: 92

Brief Physical Description: About 4 feet tall, with a big gray beard and gray hair tied in a short knot behind the head. Prefers wearing Patched or Rawhide Leather armor and carrying around a lantern and sword at night.

Brief Personality Description: Generally cheerful and quick to help those in need. However, he is also a bit lazy and unmotivated, and is fine with just coasting through life. He can be positively brilliant when he finds something he cares about, but he has not quite found something to care about yet. Overall he has a kind heart, but on occassion makes a complete ass of himself.

Goals and motivations: Currently employed by the Stormwind City Cleaners to exterminate rats and other vermin, particularly Blood Elves. Training himself to be an assassin-for-hire in the off hours. Has no problem murdering most Horde in cold blood, although he rarely has occasion to do so.

A typical quote from your character: "No rats ovah here, guess I best be movin' to a differen' quarter."

History: Grew up near Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh - Mum and Dad are farmers there. He had a quiet upbringing, and was happy when he got a job with Ironforge Animal Control – killing wolves and bears that got too close to the city. However, all this changed when he was caught having an affair with a noble dwarf woman, and her husband got Jandlem fired and exiled from Ironforge. He traveled south to Stormwind, killing and skinning beasts and mining minerals on his way to pay for lodging. Despite having a termination on his record he miraculously got a job with Stormwind City Cleaners, as his skill at killing beasts was obvious when he showed up at the interview with numerous hides hanging from his shoulders (he did not have time to auction them before the interview). He's relatively happy now, but as he is a ladies man (ladies dwarf?) who knows how long it will be before he is caught having another affair, and is exiled from Stormwind too. For this reason he is training to be an assassin, so that should he be caught again he can just "remove" the nobleman before he blows the whistle.

((I'm still new to RP, so let me know if there are any grievous errors here))
Bump. Keep them coming folks!
Name: Death Twins ... Rivìera and Rivíera


Race: Undead

Class: Rogues

Professions: Gathering junk

Current Home? : The Undercity

Age: So old we don't remember. Most of our teeth have fallen out though.

Brief Physical Description: Boney, Scruffy, and Tattered

Brief Personality Description: The older one (by a few minutes) is Rivìera and she likes to drink.... a lot. The younger one, Rivíera, likes to speak rudely to people and sleep a lot.

Goals and motivations: To enact revenge upon the alliance who murdered our living bodies long long ago. (see History)

A typical quote from your character: Pshhh! We try not to speak too much. We don't feel quite comfortable being in this new shattered world.

We were born in Darnassass a long long time ago. We were very rare identical twin night elves. So rare that we were ostracized by many superstitious citizens in the Alliance community. We roamed the world, doing good where we could until one night we were killed in our sleep by an agent of the Alliance who thought because we were twins, we must be evil.

We were laid in a single coffin, side by side, and placed in a crypt far away from our homeland. A single name was scratched on the outside of our coffin and all it said was "Riviera". We rotted there for more than two long years. Time moves so slowly when you are dead.

Recently, we found the strength to emerge into the strange new world of the undead, and assumed the names Rivíera and Rivìera as a reminder of our tragic doom from the side of the living. We are new to this world so strange to us, but we gain in strength, day by day. As undead beings, we hope to enact revenge upon those Allies who murdered our living bodies so long ago.

We have become dead upon the world. Undead.
And so it begins.


Birth name: Godric Tyler

Scourge name: Mirthbane


Death Knight

Engineering, Mining

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):

Mostly Menethil Harbor
Occasionally Elwynn Forest


Approx: 40

Brief Physical Description:
A moderate 6' tall, body built like a typical warrior. A few scars here and there on his arms and torso, some new, some you can tell are quite old.
His skin still holds a hue of liveliness to it, but obviously his touch is ice-cold.
Overall with the exception of his glowing blue eyes, would pass off as living, even by his demeanor, which is more cheery for a typical death knight.

Brief Personality Description:
Someone not afraid to bring a little laughter and lightheartedness to a gathering or conversation. Someone with a high spirit despite his past, and is known to help motivate those in despair. Usually can be seen with a smile as he aids whoever he can. Always willing to talk, or strike a conversation with.
However, do not be fooled by his kindness, for in battle he is known to be cunning and ruthless to his enemies, though he is known to be merciful if the person on the receiving end deserves it. Someone who could either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Goals and motivations:
He first set out to right the many wrongs that had befallen Azeroth from the scourge. He felt the same obligation many other death knights have, which is to seek redemption for deeds they had no control over, or at least many claim. After successfully taking part in the fall of Arthas and his cruel onslaught upon the world, his next motivation is to rebuilt what had been lost. His sights having been set on the scourge, now has shifted to that of the Horde, who he feels is now the greatest threat to his allies, despite the shattering and Deathwing's arrival.
He has always been motivated by hope and happiness, for he feels that they can be your most powerful weapons against the scourge or other enemies who want to drain any of that from you.

A typical quote from your character:
"Would you like a cupcake?"
"Blood and Honor."


Godric Tyler was born and raised by his father outside of Stratholme on a farm, where he spent his early life aiding his family and tilling the land. When he came of age, he eagerly left for the military, where he felt he could one day help protect those he loves and perhaps be one of the many heroes of Lordaeron.
He started as part of the Stratholme militia and works his way up to captain. At the outbreak of the Second War, he and thousands of others were moved south to protect the southern borders of Lordaeron against the demonic horde. After becoming critically injured, he falls in love with the nurse who looks after him during his injuries. He and many others return as heroes after the war, and soon begins to start a family.
He leaves his beloved city of Stratholme shortly after the scourge ravages the country and the undead armies encroach further in. Not long after, he returns to his home only to find it in ruin, and his family presumably dead or turned into vile abominations. It wasn't long after he attempts to fight off the scourge that he falls, only to wake up soon after as a new agent of the army he swore to irradiate.
To his great fortune, much of what happens during his time with the scourge remains aloof to him, for when Arthas' control is broken from him, much of all his memory also left. His scourge name Mirthbane however is still used, as a name he wants his enemies to be familiar with. It would take months, even years for him to regain much of his memory from his past life, also with the help of friends and others.
After breaking free from Arthas, he found himself without any motivation, and during this time worked for the Blue Recluse in Stormwind. Not long after did he hear of the Kingship of the East, and its reputation for successfully combating all enemies of the Alliance. After asking about the group from others, he found the motivation he was looking for, and swore to right the many wrongs that had happened while he was an agent of the Scourge.
To this day you can see him riding throughout the lands of the Alliance, protecting his friends and allies, and bringing hope and happiness to all he meets, and bringing a swift end to those who want to take it away.
(( These are fantastic! I shall add mine later on. :D BUMP! ))
Name: Herr Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III
Race: Gnome
Class: Engineer
Professions: Military, Demonology, owns a Privateer ship
Current Home: 9520415664321 Ol’d Smoky Road, Dwarven District, Kingdom of Stormwind SW1D 2DD.

My story:
The tale of Herr Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III Dark Lord and Master of tiny woodland Creatures.
As told by Herr Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III
To tell my story I must start with my father, Bob “Herr ergreifenhands" Schokolade. Now for human readers I will explain a bit about Gnomish Culture, when a gnome is born they are Named for their family but around our thirtieth year of life when we have made our first real personal Accomplishment we then earn a name for ourselves, I was born with the name “Gebildet Durch Übel” or Ubelschuft . Well My Father ran the Illuminated Industrial Industry Limited Liability Partnership, which was the third largest Recycling energy conversion plant and Card and spinning wheel coin operated gambling venture emporium in Gnomeregan.
These where the days of my youth, It was simple then.
Growing up my father paid to have my Primary schooling in Dalaran with the Kirin Tor, to my father he wanted me to be a mage and felt the right early education could lead to me gaining acceptance to study at the University there. Passed all of my studies and I was ready for University, I had been given a letter of acceptance into the Kirin Tor to learn Magecraft under an Archmage but they wanted me to travel home and spend the summer with my family before starting since I would be an Apprentice for at least five years.
That was the summer of global change.
we all remember hearing the news a few years past when Stormwind was invaded by the green Orcs but no one realized the bigger war was about to start, which it did that summer. The Kingdom of Lordaeron had made treaties with the Dwarfs and our own leaders to help push back the Orcs and I was recruited in to the newly formed Gnomish Navy to be a mechanic on a Submarine. I feel very lucky to have survived that war many of my Comrades in Arms were killed and many submarines where sunk, I think the only reason we made it was I reworked the Air Kompressor s to give us added underwater time which seemed to save us. Because the Orcs knew to sink a Sub all you had to do was stop it from getting fresh air. Long story Short, when alliance Command found out they pinned a medal on me. and sent a letter home saying my Kompressor saved the crew of the submarine “GNUWSS Power-plant 3”.
… Oh, yes, GNUWSS, Gnomish Naval Under Water Submarine Ship…
Well in Gnomish power-plant is also called Kraftwerk, so I had my Naming ceremony wearing my Navy ensign dress whites, and I was Named Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III or Compressor son of Power-plant 3.
Sadly, the war was still going and this was going to be a long war, so I flew back to Alliance command where I worked as basic field maintenance of firearms and any field technology that was in use at the time. When we finally pushed the horde to the Dark portal, I was part of the Supply train, at times I wish I had seen the strange new world on the other side but I am also glad to have been be stationed at Nethergarde Camp, which would one day be built up into the Keep it is now. When the portal was lost, I stayed on with the Alliance military and made it to the Rank of sergeant.
However, I grew tired of just being “Tech Sergeant Kraftwerk” so I left at the end of my third tour of duty. By now, it had been twelve years of military service. It was too late to head up and study to be a mage especially now that I was a “War Hero”. so I took up a career working for my father making sure that late debts where paid, and my father and I made sure my Kid Sister got to be a mage. One of the debtors I had to collect from was a rather secretive person who went by the name of “Spiky Sulfur” he was also a Gnome Sailor however he was a POTHAWAFDIAC or Prisoner of the Horde and was away from Duty in a Cell. During his time, he befriended an Orc Warlock, and learned the basics of fel magic and demon summoning. However when he got home to Gnomeregan he became a bit of a gambler and he never pulled his life together. I made a deal with him I wouldn’t Brake his kneecaps and he would teach me what he learnt. I quickly became quiet good at “Warlock” magic. Therefore, I packed my stuff to leave to learn from someone more knowledgeable when all hell broke out. Troggs invaded and many Veterans and I tried to save as many as possible when the Radiation was released contaminating a good portion of our population, luckily a group of us held off the radiation and the troggs long enough to get out of Gnomeregan.
it took almost six months to get out and free of the death trap that Gnomeregan had become. As our group stumbled out into the snow we where found by a passing Dwarven Patrol. This is when I first heard of the third war and the Battles against the Scourge. I wanted to join the fight but I was in to poor of health to join the fight, instead I was sent to Coldridge Valley with many of the Survivors.
When I was well enough and had helped the locals a bit I moved back to Ironforge, the war was more or less over and heroes of the third war where already returned to their homes getting ready to defend our borders from the newly formed “horde” of Orcs, Trolls, undead humans and Cow people. I also met my first Night Elf at this time and My She was a tall one.
I set out and started to travel finding Warlocks in many places to learn from. I traveled south at first to the human Lands and found warlocks in Stormwind, Westfall, and Duskwoods. Then I traveled even further south and found the Goblins of Booty Bay from there I traveled to the New world of Kalimdor at first I traveled by Goblin ship to Ratchet, I soon found myself studying from a Grand Master Warlock named Strahad Farsan with his help I mastered many skills needed by a warlock.
Once I was really skilled and people started just calling me Warlock I returned to Ironforge where I enrolled in a newly relocated Gnomish Educational Institute that was considered one of the top universities before the fal of Gnomeregan, I started to attend Gnomeregan Technical Institute or Gnometech, I helped form the Warlock Studies group since at the time there where very few of us warlocks.
During this time, I also joined the reserve forces of the Alliance and regularly helped in battles Against the Horde in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Alterac Valley.
I also started working on an Invention of my own; it was a “Trans Dimensional Wormhole transporter”. what I did was take a Goblin Dimensional Ripper and a Gnomish Transporter and combine them , I was hoping for a faster turnaround on the transportation to different parts of the world… what it ended up doing was causing what I now call the Slide in to different versions of the same world effect, or Sliders Effect.
I remember when I first used it.
--- From Kompressor Private Journal--- (Note from editor: apparently Kompressor uses the Eye of Kilrogg to film anything Interesting)

It was a nice Friday night when Kompressor stepped out of his secret lab in the heart of Tinker Town.

“Well Kuptal,” Kompressor said to his imp, “If this works my Ultrasafe Transporter to Gadgetzan will no longer drop me from the sky.”

Kompressor then puts on his rocket boots and parachute cloak.

Slowly he closes his eyes and crosses his feet

Kompressor then clicks the big red button….

*** shinny lights *** vertigo *** the faces of laughing demons and gods *** color swirls ***


The goblins are doing what they do best, buying and selling stuff no one needs or really wants.

***Crackling boom***

All the Goblins look over and see a Swirling Mist of light and color. out of the Swirling pops out an angry looking gnome, with green hair and a goggles.

The goblins go back to business as usual for it was just like every other afternoon. Or was it?

“Wow that was a bumpy ride,” the gnome said,

Slowly the Gnome then looks up to a voice asking if he was ok, a Tauren hunter.

Upon seeing the Tauren and to the horror of everyone around the gnome summoned an Imp attacked the bull.

After a brief battle, which left the Cowman near death, the goblins subdued Kompressor and took him to a holding cell.

“umm he was attacking me so I had to defend myself?” Kompressor said to the paladin who came to see what had caused the disturbance.
“Why would he attack you?”
“Because he’s horde... and that’s what they do!”
“Not always, usually they’re nicer than that.”
“What? You’re a paladin and an officer in the war, you understand.”
“War? You mean the skirmishes?”
“Skirmishes? I’m talking about the world war!”
“Hey I know things are tense but war? The last battle of the war happened five years ago.”
“What? Last battle of the war with the horde happened five years ago?”
“No, the Burning Legion.”
“huhhh… right after that what about the war after that?”
“You mean the failed scourge invasion? I wouldn’t call that a ‘war’, it didn’t really go anywhere.”
“Failed scourge invasion? They were winning! And the blasted horde where winning as well!”
“Well look, umm, …. I’m sorry, I never did catch your name…”
“humm lets see… I have my papers around here somewhere…”
After a minute of fiddling around on his person, the strange little gnome finally produces a well worn piece of laminated paper.
It reads…

Name: Kompressor Von Kraftwerk III Rank: Sergeant (active Reserves)
Serial Number: 4b 6f 6d 70 72 65 73 73 6f 72 20 56 6f 6e 20 4b 72 61 66 74 77 65 72 20 33 20 67 6e 6f 6d 65
Status: Gnometech

“…hummm what is this Gnometech?” the human said after reading over the page a couple of times to make sure he read that right.
“WHAT! After all the bombs DeathRays and our leader almost killing Thrall” the gnome said.
“Never heard of that, why would you want to kill Thrall?”
This went back and forth for about another 45 minutes.
Finally Kompressor looked at his Ultrasafe Gadgetzan Transporter and realized it was burned out.
“umm ohhh eerrr” Kompressor started to stutter while the paladin was talking about honor and that battles had to be fought but only in the time and place...
“I think I know what happened” Kompressor stated.” I overloaded my transporter…and it seems I am now in a parallel universe”
Kompressor then used his Ironforge transport and headed home.
Fortunately for him his home was there and even his work shop but much of the equipment was new and many things where not there,
“Hi how can I help you sir?” a green haired gnome asked.
Looking closely Kompressor realized this was his alternative self from this universe.
“Well I guess you can help me.” Kompressor reached in to his pocket and took out his death ray.
— end Journal entry—
Well I stayed on that world for a year, and what an interesting year, the Dark portal was reopened and I journeyed beyond and helped kill many very powerful beings, I became one of the most respected Warlocks on this world, but I wanted to see more.
I used the Slider again, but I knew what it did. I found myself fighting in the frozen north, on the doorstep of the lich king. However, this still was not my home. Therefore, I slide and slide again until I found myself back on my Home world. I was so happy to be home. Unfortunately, my old Apartment and my staff position at Gnometech were gone but somehow I was a lot less angry about life.
One slight side effect of my last Slide was my soul was cloned into an evil twin…check that an opposite twin, she has my memories but is exactly opposite of me in almost every way. Somehow, the Lich King got a hold of her as she wandered lost in Northrend. Fortunately, for her and to my annoyance she is now free of the Lich King and a student in Gnometech, and my Kid Sister she is still studying to be a Mage only she is a student in Gnometech a well… go figure I leave for a couple of years and every changes at home.

End of My short history

Time for so MOP updates:
Kompressor is still around, still Does Not Dance, Still in GnomeTech.

As for Alts:
You might see Kømpressor running around, that is the Monk version of the Same Character, please respond to him the same as if Kompressor was in the room.

BhuemKaBhuem has accidentally become a Goblin due to a Malfunction in a Transporter device.

Thank you for your time.

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