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Mosta dis ya can be findin' nexta mah pictua, but I can be tellin' ya dat ya can be callin' me "Zimn" an' dat be fine wit me.

Well, dat be an easy one, mon. I like ta be pickin' da pretty flowas an' den be mixin' dem wit othas ta make da potions. I be dinkin' dat dis be useful in da times we be facin'. I be tryin' ta be helpin' da wounds in da world, but der be much hurt ta be lookin' afta.

Current Home:
I dunno, mon. Da closes' I be havin' be da Sen'jin Village, but I dunna like ta be stayin' in one place too long, ya be seein' what I be sayin?

Dat be as good a question as any, mon. Ta be tellin' ya da truth, mon, da bump dat I be havin' on mah head be causin' many of da questions ta be comin' out fuzzy. Old enuf ta be havin' da grey hair, but den dat could be der for otha reasons.

Brief Physical Description:
I be dinkin' dat, I jus' be lookin' like da average Troll mon. A lil' scraggly 'round da edges, but otha dan dat, der not be much to be talkin' bout.

Brief Personality Description:
I be a down ta earth kinda Troll, like many of mah brothas, but dat dun say much. I dun like ta do much otha dan' sit 'round wit mah brothas an be relaxin'. Da only ding ta pull me 'way from dat be da elements an' der callin' ta do dings in da world. Dat an' da pretty flowa once in da while.

Goals and motivations:
Ah goo' drink an' good talkin' be enuf motivation foa mah needs, brotha. Der be nun betta dan jus' relaxin' wit da friends at da local inn. Dat all der be needin' in dis life an' all dat.

'Course der be dose dat be sayin' I shud be goin' out da an' findin' mah old life. But, no, mon, dat dun be for me. Der be bad, bad mojo in de diggin up da past an I dun ta be havin' nutin' ta do wit dat. Nutin' t'all.

A typical quote from your character:
"Ya be seein' what I be sayin, mon?"
"Ta be tellin' ya da truth..."
"...an' all dat."

Ta be tellin' ya da truth, mon, der not be much ta be tellin'. Da firs' ding I can tink of be wakin' up on da beach wit da beatin' of da drums in mah ears an' a buncha brotha Trolls be standin' all 'round mah like somethin' happen. Den der be da pain in mah head an' a big ol' bump dat be stickin' out. Der be some visions dat be der too, visions dat be havin' da bad mojo in dem. I dun tink dey be worth venturin' inta. I dun want ta be tinkin' of nutin' wit bad mojo in dem, dey not foa me, brotha.

Many da Trolls 'round me be sayin' dat I musta be findin' da Deathwing before I be washin' up on da shore. I dunno, mon. Jus' dunno. I dink I jus be needin' ta look ta da futua an' not be worryin' bout da past.

Bout dat time, da Shaman came ta me an' be givin' me a look up an' down an' all dat. He be takin' me ta da side an' be talkin' bout da elements an' all dat an' den be tellin' me ta be listenin'. Dey be good words, mon. Words dat I be livin' by an' dey be leadin' me all ova da place, but der be times wen I be longin' for da good company an' den I be headin' ta da closes' inn. Dun always find da company I be lookin' for, but dat be dat.
Oh Kompressor, you and your walls of text! Great stuff everyone. Let's see more!
Name: Rhooja

Race: Draenei

Class: Shaman

Professions: Jewelcrafting, Engineering

Current Home?: Stormwind City

Age: 143

Brief Physical Description: Rhooja is dark-skinned with swept back horns, of an average height and physique. Her hair changes frequently due to too many barbershop visits.

Brief Personality Description: Rhooja is quick to smile, and is still getting used to the strange customs of Azeroth. As such many things and places are strange to her, and sarcasm will often be taken literally.

Goals and motivations: Standard shaman goals: Calm the elements and fix the broken world. Additionally keep her friends safe and happy.

A typical quote from your character: "This is good, I think."

History: Not telling you. That's what actual RP is for!
Name: Avalae Clearstar

Race: Night Elf

Class: Priest

Professions: Enchanting, Tailoring

Current Home?: Feathermoon Stronghold

Age: 1032

Brief Physical Description: Avalae is short for a Night Elf with an athletic build, blue-white skin, and white hair. Her eyes have the standard silver glow of her race.

Brief Personality Description: Avalae has a dour demeanor when dealing with strangers. She is distrustful of anyone who is not Kaldorei, but very amiable with friends and kin and merciless when it comes to the enemies of her people.

Goals and motivations: To see the ancient Kaldorei lands restored and safely in the hands of their rightful inhabitants. Currently the war in Ashenvale and Stonetalon are her primary concern.

A typical quote from your character: "Elune be with you."

History: Not telling you. That's what actual RP is for!
Name: Elanthiar Everlight
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining, Blacksmithing
Current Home?: Feathermoon Stronghold
Age: Over 9000.

Brief Physical Description: If he weren't a warrior, Elanthiar would've been well suited to the life of a miner--dusty hands, dirty fingernails and soot on his face. He's got shoulders accustomed to carrying sacks of ore and gems and arms built for swinging a pick.

As it is now, his broad physique is always fully ensconced in the finest Goblin armor sculpted to his frame like a fresh coat of paint. He carries an excess of five weapons, with a full pack of supplies and provisions in addition to this armor, so his footfalls are heavy, and his approach is loud. He is not the kind of elf that skulks in the shadows. One knows when this warrior comes.

Brief Personality Description: He is a fighter first and foremost--a soldier of his people and a Champion of the Alliance. He is single-minded in his hatred of the Orcish Horde. Elanthiar is supremely confident, owing to the strength and endurance of his people. The trials of war and the great perils that threaten the realm do little to stifle his spirit. This warrior finds simple felicity in the death of the enemy. As they are plenty, so too are his joys.

Goals and motivations: Elanthiar left the army of the Alliance during the burning crusade to hunt the renegade half-demon Illidan Stormrage. Soon thereafter he and his companions led a force northward to wage war against the Lich King. Now with the world shattered, he turns his eyes to the Warsong invaders to the south. It is his intention to rejoin the military, now as a Battlemaster of the Alliance and defeat the Horde at the Sentinel's Front and push them out of the Ashenvale Forest.

A typical quote from your character: "Heal me!"

History: The House Everlight can be traced back to the time of Zin'Azshari. These nobles were among the Highborne, but did not sail with Dath'remar to the new land and neither were they corrupted by the captured demon of Eldre'thalas. Rather they are among the few Houses of the Quel'dorei that abided the order to abandon the arcane and have since thrived in the new order.

Elanthiar is the scion of this ancient house, though he remembers little of his life in the old realm. His memories have faded as he dreamt for centuries in the emerald dream--awakened only as a wisp spirit at Hyjal to fight Archimonde. Returned to his physical, mortal form he was sent to Shadowglen in Teldrassil to relearn the way of the warrior and once again take his place among his people.

He is known these days by the Alliance and the Horde alike as a defender of the realm, and less often as an Emissary between Darnassus and Silvermoon where he once lived.
Name: Amoire "Blaeyn" Remnance

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Professions: Flower picking 'n engineering. Sellin' the pretty stuff 'n blowing things up with the other.

Current Home: Wanderer

Age: 28

Brief Physical Description:
Standing at five foot four, Blaeyn has an athletic form honed from years of travel and exploration across Azeroth. Her skin is lightly tanned and slightly marred; hands calloused from training with various blades, several insignificant scars from sc*#%#s and cuts in battle, and a deep scar stretched across the length of her back. Black hair frames her face, the barely waved locks falling just beneath her shoulders. Eyes the color of ash peer out at the world around her, expression usually brimming with mingled indifference and amusement. She walks with a slight limp in her left leg and smells distantly of bourbon and gunpowder.

Brief Personality Description:
On a good day, the rogue will keep to herself.. often quiet and watchful. Her attention is easily garnered by the jingling of coin in a pocket or the promise of a good brawl to observe. To those she offers friendship to, she is protective.. to others, disinterested. A few harsh years have toned down her anger, but Blaeyn has a blatant issue with temper and can be easily riled. She has an endless supply of snarky retorts for enemies or those she looks down upon, particularly nobles or politicians who have little experience in the outside world around them.

Goals and motivations:
A restless nature and greed for coin drive Blaeyn out into the world. She seeks out new people and new places in hopes of breaking away from the same cobblestone streets of the cities she has spent much time in. Along with that curiosity, the hope of filling her coin purse causes her to offer out her scoundrel-type services for hire.

A typical quote from your character:
"In the end, all the pawns and all the kings go back into the same box, eh?"

Asking around might pull up tidbits of information: the former leader of a mercenary organization, once a noble who left her home in Kul Tiras... but true details of her past are unavailable on the streets or in the registries (in which her files seem to have gone mysteriously missing). If you want details about Blaeyn, it would be best to ask herself.
Name: Abotu

Race: Troll

Class: Rogue

Professions: Abotu works most often as a scout for the Horde, delving behind enemy lines in an effort to learn their secrets. She also frequently lends her services as a deckhand on long sea voyages in exchange for passage to distant lands.

Current Home: She never stays too long in any one place if she can help it.

Age: 26

Brief Physical Description: Petite (for a troll) with greenish skin and dark orange eyes, she is rarely seen anywhere without her studded leather armor or her assortment of knives. She always dyes her hair blood red and wears it in warrior's braids. She speaks Orcish with hardly a trace of an accent.

Brief Personality Description: Shy, but not unfriendly. She chooses her words carefully and doesn't often speak unless spoken to, except when she's in the company of close friends. She apparently prefers to "socialize" by drinking heavily. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, but treats her enemies with respect. Even in battle, she usually stays calm and focused.

Goals and motivations: She is determined to eliminate any threat to her tribe or to the Horde, so she does her part to aid the war effort. She is also driven by an insatiable curiosity, and takes any opportunity to read or travel.

A typical quote from your character: (To a slain enemy) "May the Loa grant you peace in the next life."

History: Born to a nomadic family of island trolls, she barely escaped a bloody skirmish with a Night Elf warband on the Zoram Strand at the age of 11. She was rescued from the ruins of her village by a passing Tauren, who escorted her to safety in Orgrimmar. She spent the next several years in the orphanage, then lived out her late teens homeless on the streets of the city. To feed herself, she either stole or took odd jobs, some more legal than others.

Finally, determined to strike back at the Night Elves, she ran off to train with the Horde military. Reckless and impatient with the training, she decided to wage a personal war on Ashenvale all by herself, with disastrous results. Barely escaping from an ill-planned attack on the town of Astranaar, she crawled off into the woods badly wounded, resigned to her death... only to stumble upon a roving band of pirates intent on looting the town themselves. She was patched up by their medic as she watched the ensuing battle, then she followed as they fled back to their ship. She spent the next year sailing with them as they attacked exotic ports and got into constant skirmishes with the Alliance navy. After one particularly wild night of drinking rum and singing songs, most of the crew awoke to find the ship and the captain gone... sailed to parts unknown. Confused, they scattered into the winds.

Abotu then spent a long time wandering alone, exploring and getting up to mischief of various kinds. Eventually she found herself drawn to the teachings of an enigmatic priest: Dark Elder Sahn'jin of the Blackmoon Tribe. After sneaking into several of their religious ceremonies, she gathered up the courage to undergo the rites and become a part of the Tribe herself. Surrounded by this new family, Abotu set herself on a new spiritual path, striving to let go of old hatred and act instead out of concern for her loved ones.
From a non-omniscient third-person perspective...

Name: Sachiel; whether he has a surname - or if Sachiel is actually his birth name - is unknown.

Race: Presumably human, based on his posture and size, though - to say the least - seeing his face/skin is unlikely.

Class: Mage.

Professions: Based on some of his weaponry and transportation mediums, it would be probable that Sachiel is an engineer.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Before the Shattering, Sachiel lived in a tower atop Purgation Isle. Whether he has taken another place up as his dwelling since then is unknown.

Age: Late adolescence, based on size.

Brief Physical Description: Sachiel's purplish robes cover his entire body - nothing is visible whatsoever.

Brief Personality Description: The type of person to think every action through a thousand times to ensure no flaws lie within, Sachiel is a cold (Hurr.) calculating killing machine. Usually protected by a magical barrier when in the company of roughly anyone, it would be fair to assume that he has any number of mental issues before even hearing him speak by the way he avoids any physical contact with anyone - even those he would call friends - and tends to gravitate towards the less-populated area of any room.

Goals and motivations: Goals, in order:

    - Become immortal.
    - Become a god.
    - Become omniscient.
    - Kill all the stupid people.

Motivations: Sachiel is somewhat of an IC troll. Sadistic and cruel, he simply enjoys watching other people be in general discomfort/pain/unspeakable, writhing, monumental

A typical quote from your character: "When you set something on fire, it tends to die - so no, I am not concerned about <insert any problem here>."

History: Sachiel - being a villain, and all - tends to not share his past with anyone, as it is entirely irrelevant to just about any given situation. Regardless, there may be remaining family members or someone he grew up with that may know his story.

Also, it's too long for this forum. It's 60-some pages and a work in progress. Don't rush me.

I don't recall there being any IC villains at all on this server that I haven't snatched up into my guild. Anyone speak up?
Name: Zerja'Tul Drakkari

Race: Zul'Drak Ice-Troll

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Miner an' tic-tocs, mon.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Zul'gurub and Sen'Jin village

Age: Looks like a young Adult but Half-mumified kept in a funeral jar for a few thousands years.

Brief Physical Description: An odd skin hue parlty from how his bodily remain has lasted and endured the millenias through the sand-filled funeral jar and The Scourge Reanimator's magic. Oddly fond of his well kept tusks and hair.

Brief Personality Description: An odd one... Proud troll not at all fluent in Orcish henceforth a strong accent and a strong use of Troll slangs mixed with Orcish. Having lived way back where traditional Troll customs of canibalism and taking the organs of those defeated. His values might shock some other Hordes member. Not naiive but still bluntly honest yet grows aware on how some of his kind has soften up. His old heritage makes him uncanningly acknowledgeable in Old Lore.

Goals and motivations: To find peace and a new Clan (wich he did amidst the BlackMoon Tribe) and Seek revenge agaisnt the Scourge and the then Vylkur band who've raided his Empire.

A typical quote from your character: May joor tusks ne'er fall an' Keep dem organs mon!


Son of a Hunter Father and a Shamanist Mother in the Zul'Drak Empire, A Drakkari Ice-Troll of old time forgotten when it was flourishing and peaceful (as peaceful as Trolls can be) with the Loas. His Familly resided Near the Main southern Gates with other hunters. The night >He was told who would be his Bethrothed as the old Troll tradition were at times. Luckily ti was whom who were also a dear chil.dhood friend of his and a clever snikering one at it, Skilled in the shamanic ways. Alas..Before dawn..A Raid band of Vyrkul boatmen (far long before they were forgotten then rerisen by the Lich King's Army or it turmoils) Came and ransacked the nearby village nearing the Gates. The raid turned into a bloodbath... He saw he relatives and dear mother sluaghered without mercy.. He klunged towards his bethroted'S hut to see one of those dmaned seafaring giant ready to slice her neck. His rage blinded him as he leaped, Spear in hand and Pierced the skirmisher's heart stoping him striaght in his movements. Then as his eyes met her's he notice a sudden change where tears are replaced with fear... A swooshing sound came to his ears then...Darkness came....

The rest like a ngihtmare or a dream never sure what or where he was... eeries sounds mourning voices and Ritual songs mixed in the breeze... Then the first change came..It was pain...a searing pain as if He wasn't willing to wake up as if he was forced to be alive... Dark whispers filled his mind and the sharp feeling of cold felt oddly numb but harmless... His eyes oddly clear opened..He was stuck or seemed so in a cylindar container..Then all he remembered was that bearded undead Sorcerer with a skull on his head... " You will be a great Asset to our Dark Lord..." then all went silent..All was seen as if he was watching a movie but unable to move..There he learned how his kin fared and how a new threat was about to ruins the Other Troll tribes and more....No , no more falures, no more pain aching my soul...I was granted death and it was almost a blessing..No more heart wrenching sluaghters to my kin...But my own Tribe and empire is no more...Who Might I turn to to help to aid and to eat more pinkies' organs..Mwuehehe...
Name: Megnus

Race: Worgen

Class: Mage

Professions: Enchantment/Tailor

Current Home?: Stormwind/Westfall slums

Age: 23

Brief Physical Description: Tall, mangy hair and a slim/muscular build

Brief Personality Description: Witty and out going to help others but slightly crazy due to being secluded from society for so long and the suffrage of losing a loved one.

Goals and motivations: To live and embrace his true form... Worgen


Lived in Gilneas with his sister until she was taken by the curse. After she was bite they moved out of Gilneas and traveled into the wilds of Silverpine Forest until a incident happened and his sister pasted away. Before she left for the next life she gave her brother the gift.
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Name: Loilaton Deathrunner

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Serves as a Heavy Infantry in the Forsaken War Machine,

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Andorhall

Age: 84

Brief Physical Description: His face is scarred, ecspecialy around the eyes, both of which are covered by a old, tattered bandage. His skin is a sickly pale, with sever burn scars running up his arm. He stands at an average height. His hair is white. He generaly wears a mix of plate and robes, with the Undercity's tabard overtop.

Brief Personality Description: Cruel and bloodthirsty, war is his life, for only the screams of the dying can satisfy him. Silent,

Goals and motivations: Unknown, with the Lich King dead much has changed.

A typical quote from your character: Ashes, to Ashes. Shadow hide you,

History: Will add later,

Name: Marxaine Narsenth Gloryblaze

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Rogue

Professions: Engineering/Mining

Current Home? Silvermoon and rumored to frequent the Ghostlands

Age: 114

Brief Physical Description: Marxaine appears to a young adult male Sin'Dorei, slender and healthy. Whatever garb he wears tends to be immaculately clean, regardless of the purpose of the garb. His green eyes are bright and glowing, typical of one of his race. His long black hair is clean and neatly kept. Long slender ears poke out from the top of his hair, typical for those of his race. His complexion is somewhat paler than most of his race. He seems to usually be somewhat fidgety, usually flipping a coin or fidgeting with one of his slender fine daggers. His clothing or armor that he wears tend to be dark red, black, brown, and sometimes purple. At formal occasions, he tends to be very fashionable, sticking with fancied variants of a tuxedo black sort. In fancy social situations, he is rarely seen without his diamond-tipped cane.

Brief Personality Description: Marxaine is one of the rare Sin'Dorei who has a disdain for magic. It is well known that he speaks ill of magic of any form, and frequently displays his affinity for items of a technological sort. It is known that he avoids conversations pertaining to church and religion

Goals and motivations: It is known by many who know Marxaine that he has a criminal record of some sort. Also known is the fact that he tries to maintain a respectable image as a maker and dealer of engineering trinkets, mainly those of a vanity or decor purpose. Marxaine is known to be an active member of the Order known as "Nyx".

A typical quote from your character: "By the Netherstorm!"

History: Marxaine Gloryblaze is a known name among the citizens of Silvermoon as well as among the soldiers of the Horde. He is known to be born of a middle class Sindorei family, and of all the family's children, he had the most potential. Marxaine was the brightest of all the children.

Marxaine was sent to study under many notable mages in Silvermoon, but such an ordered life was not to his liking. He constantly kept his teachers maddened and sometimes mocked them to the extreme, always disobeying them. By the time he was almost a young adult, no fire mage in the Eastern Kingdoms would tutor him. This was to his liking, however, for his true life was an unseen life in the shadows of Silvermoon at night.

Marxaine never took an interest in magic, but instead devoted his intellect towards mechanical devices and engineering. His interest in such mechanical devices have served him well. His unusual disdain for magic helped him deal with the corruption of the Sunwell.

Marxaine's name was well known by the lawkeepers of Silvermoon by the time he was a young adult. He had been jailed for many offenses, mainly bulglary and shoplifting. It does appear that he is maintaining a legitimate way of life now, however.

Marxaine was living a carefree night as a rogue of the night streets when the Scourge came to Silvermoon. Since then, he has used his skills in being unseen in fighting the Alliance and the Scourge. His antics in Silvermoon continue, however, and it is common for a Silvermoon jailer to let out a notorious young rogue due to his past glorious deeds.

As he has grown older, so has his love of engineering. He believes in science, not magic, nor faith. The corruption of the Sunwell shattered Marxaine's previous spiritual beliefs. While he had always been wary of magic, the corruption of the Sunwell caused Marxaine to believe that excessive dealings in magics and spirits holds great risks. He has seen how the Sin'dorei have suffered due to their ties to the Sunwell, and he wants no part of that tie, even though the Sunwell has been restored. He believes in the power of engineering. He thinks that science is a much more predictable and safer foundation on which to base societies on. In place of mysticism, faith, or magic, Marxaine tries to use Engineering as his way of describing magical phenomena. His current tools are the advancement of scientific methods and principles (along with the technology this produces), the spread of free trade and market-forces, and the application of political power.

Marxaine is a member of the Tribe of Nyx and is frequently seen working with them. It is widely known by many who associate with Marxaine that he is betrothed to marry Tarja Ravenfire, also of Nyx.
Name - Aldarom Niterein "Shadow Fenix"

Race - Half-blood elf

Class - Hunter

Profession - Mercenary Hunter of the dark hunters enclave

Current home - the wyvern`s tail in orgimmar

Age - 148

Brief Phisycal description - Aldarom is usualy using his battle gear and carring his bow , he have long blonde hairs , and medium height for a male blood elf .
He also hide his right eye some times for personal reasons.

Aldarom right shoulder have a bird marked by fire, some people say that it has something to do with his secret powers , that made him very famous among the dark hunters enclave.

Brief Personality description - He is known for his excepitional self-control , with a strong mind and unbreakable will.he is very wise and crafty . a deadly marksman with a bow or a gun , but he is also adept to use a bunch of melee weapons.

Goals and motivations - To find and kill his brother

A typical quote - Never hunt what you can`t kill...

History - Since he departed from quel`thalas to find his brother , he have been through a lot of things.he made some powerful friends and enemies just as expected from a mercenary.

Aldarom joined the Dark Hunters Enclave , to become oficialy a mercenary hunter , and through it , find more about the whereabouts of his brother he fought countless battles and grew stronguer every day.

He now found a new home , among his friends and serving the Dark lady Nyx.and seeks answears in thoses tempestuous times where the world is shattered to its very foundations.

when the world shattered aldarom received a contract to go to mount hyjal and support the horde forces there , among with the cenarion druids , malfurion stormrage and so many other heroes he was able to hold the forces of ragnaros pushing him back to his stronghold.

After the conflicts in Hyjal were finished he traveled with an horde ship to a new island that emerged from the seas , however the ship got under siege by hundreds of nagas and a giant beast known as The craken.after several missions there , he was hired by some expedition that was planing to adventure in the lands of uldum , where he was captured but managed to free himself and his conrrads.

Shadow fenix now travels north of kalindor , there are rumors that he found a new track of his brother....
Name: Taulorn Skychaser

Race: Tauren Death Knight

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Runeforging

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Nowhere.

Age: 87 (upon death)

Brief Physical Description: Taulorn is a very imposing Tauren, very tall, very strong. He has a strange ability that seems to curdle the blood around him, while strengthening himself. You can rarely see the fur under his armor.

Brief Personality Description: He was a very wise Tauren shaman once. That was once. Now, he is very unhappy. Once renowned, now shunned. Disconnected from the Earth Mother he once loved. This is a terrible combination. He usually takes his rage out on innocent things, and then regretting it the moment he does it. He is very lost.

Goals and motivations: To redeem himself. But that was before... He returned, but he was shunned.

A typical quote from your character: "For the ea--..." (Taulorn's voice trails off into the distance.)

History: Born in the Barrens, he along with all of the other newborns all knew that they would be a hunter some day, to nomadically hunt and hunt and hunt. Almost all of them. Taulorn was an exception. He was a Skychaser, and he had a chance to be a Shaman. And that was his dream. The great Shamans predicted it, and they predicted correctly. Taulorn trained and trained and spoke to the spirits day after day, until he mastered shamanism. By the time Thrall came, he was one of the highest ranking in the Shaman hierarchy. He then settled in Camp Taurajo, and began to teach younger Tauren in the ways of shamanism.

Until that fateful day.

Taulorn was asked by the Horde's generals to fight against the Lich King. Taulorn accepted, defending his honor. But it was a horrible decision.

He fought against he Undead for months. Killing hundreds, but there were always more. More and more and more. He was overran. Killed. At least, he wished. They did not merely kill him. They rose him.

He was risen as a Death Knight. Immediately, he was sent to Acherus, a necropolis over Scarlet grounds, to that war. Taulorn fought against his will for the Lich King, trying to escape from his grasps. But his mind would not. His mind was bent to the will of the Lich King. But then, at the final battle, he was betrayed by the Lich King. He witnessed the beginning of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and he became one of them. Upon taking back Acherus, he decided he would return to Thunder Bluff. To see his old friends. They thought he was dead.

But when Taulorn Skychaser arrived, he was no longer the great Shaman he was. He was a monster. An abberation. And soon, Taulorn found that the Earth Mother thought of him the same way. The dawning horror of this drove him mad temporarily, and he hid in the wilds for the remaining part of the war against the Lich King. But then, the Cataclysm came. He saw that his redemption could never be done fully, so he would put his new skills to work in other places, such as the Army of the Horde. He is still very angry with the Earth Mother and Tauren, and is a large Garrosh supporter.

Name: Zul'Ar'Im (The extra M is because after a name change they lock the name for 90 days. So when I name changed my warrior to unlock the name for my druid I unwittingly locked the name I wanted for when I race changed...)

Race: Troll

Class: Druid

Professions: Herbing and Brewing.

Current Home: Zul'Gurub, Temple of Samedi

Age: Senile

Brief Physical Description: Has a body type more similar to a Headhunter or a Berserker rather than a Holy Man. Has scars running more or less everywhere across his body, the most prominent of which runs over his left eye, his iris cleaved in two with milky white between the two halves. The skin itself seems to be cracking and dried, much like that of those with demonic corruption.

Brief Personality Description: You'll find out IC.

Goals and motivations: You'll find out IC.

A typical quote from your character:
"Ya be tastin' good in de stew, ya?"

History: You'll find out IC.
Name: Huttu
Race: Troll
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Current Home: Eastern coastline of Zul'Drak
Age: 51

Brief Physical Description: Huttu is thinner and less muscular than most trolls, with pale purple skin and orange-red dreadlocks that have long since turned to white. A lack of calcium in his childhood led to underdeveloped tusks that ineffectively point slightly downward toward his prominant chin. The poor tusk growth is evident by a mumble and gutteral tone to his voice. They do however, allow him close contact with his favorite item in the world... a recycled and well worn large jug of rum.

He has a kodo he found off a drunken and comatose tauren that he uses on occasion, and he typically surfs a newer model carpet he found while wandering near one of the storage rooms in Gundrak. He hangs out near the back of The Wyvern's Tale and can be seen throwing dice there on most Tuesday evenings.

Brief Personality Description: Huttu is sour. He is pissed off about life in general and takes it out on most everyone he meets. His attitude brightens considerably when discussing demon training techniques, cooking, or if you are female and show even the slightest obscure interest. He can be sarcastic, innappropriate, crass, vulgar, absentminded, surly, or bored, and that's on his better days.

Goals and motivations: He would like to find a woman and settle down near the coast of Darkshore. Women are not attracted to him because his tusks are undersized and Huttu can be a mood killer for the most part. Any adventuring by Huttu is done to increase his chances to find himself a woman. Killing things, gaining wealth, exploring, none of that matters. He longs for contact and someone with a strong constitution.

A typical quote from your character: "Your career as an organ donor has promise."

History: His adolescence and early adulthood he was employed to maintain the torches at the Gundrak fortress. The mundane and repetitive nature gave him too much time to stew over his lot in life. He never rose to any position of authority while working at the fortress. Most of his family and friends were either converted to minions of the Lich King or conscripted by the Drakkari to fight the scourge. This is just another reason for his sour disposition. He also is prone to wandering and stumbling upon trouble. Witch Doctor magicks learned while lighting torches gave him only modest means to protect himself. He is, however, on reasonably good speaking terms with a number of demons. Sometimes he isn't sure who controls whom.

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