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Name: Machik Earthwalker

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Professions: An alchemist and jewelcrafter.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Calls no single location his home, though can be generally found wandering the Barrens or visiting Orgrimmar for supplies.

Age: 65

Brief Physical Description: Machik is 7'3" and weighs approximately 375 pounds. Bulky and muscular, the druid is usually fully protected by leather armor from head to toe. His large horns extend from his head and a ring pierces his nose. The hair that flows down his back is brown, and braided in the front.

Brief Personality Description: The Tauren are known for their calm demeanor and strength, and Machik is no different. Though there is an underlying anger that is seen from time to time, he fights with a calculated swiftness, and merely seeks to protect the land and his allies. There is a strong willingness to immediately assist those that call for his help and he enjoys the good tale of bravery while sitting around a campfire.

Goals and motivations: To defend those lands that the alliance seek to claim as their own.

A typical quote from your character: "May the Earth Mother watch over you."

History: Machik grew up on the plains of the Barrens. Often on the run from the vile Centaurs, Machik's tribe followed the seasons, hunting and gathering for food and always looking over their shoulder. Though originally planning on following the shamanistic trainings of his elders, he realized he could be of more use by working with all of nature and not just specific elements. And so he has been training in the druidic ways since.
New to role playing but here goes:

Name: Gariil Ulrich

Race: Worgen

Class: Warrior

Professions: Apprenticed under his father before being swept away by the underground movement where he was an active member.

Current Home?: He is currently a wanderer without a home to return to. Gilneas is in ruins and he wanders the lands looking for a purpose to believe in again.

Age: 34

Brief Physical Description: Gavriil has not aged well. His piercing eyes are lost in a face full of defined wind-carved creases and furrows. A once warm smile has been replaced by a distant stare left behind by the horror that beset his once great nation. He keeps his dark hair cut short and tidy with a trimmed mustache over his lips. He has the build of a warrior that has seen many battles - and the scars to mark their passing. As a Worgen he has kept his dark hair - now a spiky mane. A short bound goatee has grown bellow his snarling face.

Brief Personality Description: Torn between the self he left behind in a burning kingdom and the beast he has become Gavriil is a man on fire. The once happy past that defined him is now slowly tearing him apart from within. He seeks a purpose now. Something beyond the cold vengeance he is chasing wherever it leads him. Once Gavriil was a kind and wise family man, sometimes you can see the warmth behind his now cold eyes, but only time will tell if he will once again find that person lost within the beast he has become.

Goals and motivations: In his Human form he seeks answers - why he lives when his family was literally torn apart. Why his world took everything away from him. In his Worgen form his only goal is to draw the blood of any who stand in his way.

A typical quote from your character: In human form, "Keep your wits about you and we will weather this storm." In Worgen form, "Stand aside petulant elf and let me rip them apart."

History: Gavriil grew up behind the wall. Distant childhood memories whisper of a different Gilneas but really his youth was spent in the Gilneas that grew and thrived behind that wall. Gavriil's mother died in childbirth - so he grew up close to his father who ran a small apothecary within the city. He has no siblings. Gavriil can remember a childhood in a home full of the smells of fresh cut herbs and boiling potions. He and his father lived in a small apartment above the shop and pots. When Gavriil grew up he tried his hand at his fathers trade and apprenticed under him for some time. Gavriil did not immediately take to the trade though and soon found himself taking over most of the merchant side of the family business. When the Civil War came he found himself to be indifferent. Gavriil and his father had all they needed right there in their shop and neither of them saw the need for contact with an outside world. But all of this changed for Gavriil when a young woman named Gwen Avery came into the shop late one night seeking healing agents for her wounded brother. For Gavriil the years that followed were a whirlwind of change. All at once he was swept away in a ever deepening love for a woman who passionately fought a war he had no part in. Gwenn's father Josiah Avery and her brother Ronald helped the rebel leader Lord Darius Crowley smuggle weapons into the city of Gilneas. Gwen did her part by patching up the injured and getting food and supplies that could be attained within the city. Gavriil soon found himself running two shops - one he ran during the day and another that he ran at night, supplying the resistance with vital medical aids. Gavriil kept up the task for years. Happy hard working years in which his love for Gwen blossomed into an unbreakable marriage. Together they had a little boy they named Darius after the brave leader they all fought for. Gavriil and Gwen moved into her fathers home where they had the space to raise a child and run a family. They boy got along well with his grandfather Josiah who told him grand stories of times and battles of old. Gavriil's father remained a quiet apothecary that made regular visits until he sadly past away when the boy was eight. The family had it's ups and downs - especially being so tied to the heartbeat of a rebellion. But it was a happy life that Gavriil cherished with all of his heart.

Then it was all ripped away from Gavriil. The Worgen attack on Gilneas happened so quickly that no one had the time to gather the pieces before escaping. If they ever did. Gavriil saw Gwen's father turn and be shot down right before his very eyes. He wasn't sure he could even lift the sword he had found until that moment. But that was not the end of that horrendous day. No, for in the house above that blood soaked basement lay his life in pieces. A dead wife and child burned their image forever into Gavriil's mind and heart. The rest of that harrowing day was a blur of violence and sorrow for Gavriil. He made his final stand with Lord Crowley in Light's Dawn Cathedral and never planned to come out alive. When he awoke he was a monster without a reason to live. Now he drives on looking for answers and meaning. Only time will tell if Gavriil will find what he is searching for.

P.S. - I have seen / heard of a few different RP flagging Addons - which one is the best / most used on this server? Thanks a lot all!
Name: Ravenhul
Preferred Tittle: Count Ravenhul
Current affiliation: Left the Kael'thas's and the Illadari, to join Silvermoon.
Age:18((79 In Human years))
Known family: (His twin sister Alora) Ålöranôrâ

Among a closer observance, And you notice this Handsome Blood Elf's Fiery red hair, his luminescent green eyes, and his slightly tanned skin.Ravenhul also has fel runes marking his lower left cheek, and under
his left eye, A taboo against his former ways.
These runes are vague, And will not be noticed easily. Upon first gaze of this Elf, You notice he is younger then most other Blood Elves His Body is well defined and shaped;Because, of his age,Ravenhul stands a inch or two less then your average Sin'dorei,and A bit slimmer.

Ravenhul is always on his guard, and is always patrolling the streets Of Silvermoon. If noticed, Ravenhul Wears the typical Colors, and battle gear of A Blood Knight. Ravenhul's Gear is customized;because,
of his noble status of "Blood Lord". His armor Is jet black, With Lined with crimson red trimmings. His shield Is also black and blood red, with the phoenix insignia on it. Ravenhul's battle gear is not worn and rugged, despite the numerous battles he's fought. His gear seems to be clean, barely any dents, bumps, or depression's in his armor. Merely A few blemishes in his Armor. This becomes Evident that Ravenhul must be Wealthy to have his armor repaired consistently, after every battle.

Background: Ravenhul comes from a very wealthy noble family. Ravenhul Was not an only child, Though he was a favored one by his Farstrider farther, who's status was renowned through out all of silvermoon.
Ravenhul's farther waseven know well by the Farstrider's for his valiant services, and assisted Ravenhul in getting his rank as a Blood Lord, thanks to his father's name. Until the war started Ravenhul was being taught by his farther everything he knew. Though Ravenhul's training begone rather late, was only a few months before the third war.

During the invasion of Silvermoon, Ravenhul's farther knew instinctively that the city stood no chance, Their fore he had Ravenhul Flee to the outskirts Quel'Thalas. Ravenhul returned in just in time to witness the Aftermath of the destruction of Homeland. devastation Surrounded Ravenhul. Destruction was everywhere. Ravenhul's farther kept him closed off from sealed away from any Chaos like this, only for him to witness it first hand. Ravenhul did not know how to perceive or comprehend this Slaughter. Soon Ravenhul was arrested Lord Garithos's Troops and taken to the camps where he and his Kind where to be executed, Ravenhul Found his farther and Watched his die in that same camp, His farther was severely injured and refused aid by any of the alliance guards, despite Ravenhul's plea. Ravenhul could only see the darkness and emotionless
side of the alliance that day. Surviving is all he could think about, he learned to put aside his
compassion, and to care only for himself.

Personality: After the event's of his past, The compassionate, friendly, cheery Ravenhul, Could only be described as dark. Ravenhul clings to his status as a noble. For it is the only good thing he wishes to remember about himself before the war. Ravenhul is
clearly Haughty of his peers. He believes sometimes is supiour to them, simply because of his
status. He can be described as very arrogant, short tempered, and selfish. Deep down inside Ravenhul has just as nice heart as he did before, Yet is afraid to show it. He believes it is a sign of weakness, and he will fall should he show it.

((Any suggestions, Looking for roles to play long lost family))
New to WoW RP, returning to RP in general after a bit of a hiatus. Thoughts welcome, and I do prefer providing a few hooks rather than extensive metagamed background.

Name: Alakgur

Race: Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Professions: Engineer + Jewelcrafter

Current Home: Stormwind, Dwarven District

Age: 83 (comparable to 25 for humans)

Brief Physical Description: Relatively lean and sinewy for his race. Grayish skin and beard.

Brief Personality Description: Alakgur generally lets his actions (and his birds) speak for him, and is not a man of many words. He has a keen intellect and an intense gaze.

Goals and motivations: Alakgur fights for his people, currently a sworn member of Clan Battlehammer. He goes where the fight takes him, all over the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Were it not for this obligation, he’d find just as much happiness exploring what lies over the next hill, finding new ways to put together some gadget, or sifting through dust and rocks to uncover ancient dwarven artifacts.

A typical quote from your character: I met a good Horde soldier once... a dead one.

History: Those familiar with the military exploits of the Ironforge dwarves may know his father, Oremmulf, a dwarven flying machine pilot who went MIA many years ago on a mission. Alakgur also flies gyrocopters, though not very well. The Explorer’s League lists him as an associate (not a member) and a skilled falconer.
Name: Hurdy Gurdy

Race: Goblin

Class: Shaman

Professions: Controlling the elements for fun and profit.

Current Home: Orgrimmar

Age: 40

Brief Physical Description: Short. Ugly. Green. Big shoes (and you know what they say about big shoes)

Brief Personality Description: Bordering on the edge of insanity, Hurdy enjoys hitting things, making money, making false promises, telling other people that they're wrong, skinning the hides off of exceptionally large animals, silithid flavored ice cream, murder, driving real fast, twisting his mutton chops, firing his rocket belt at squirrels, and fishing.

Goals and motivations: Anything that gets Hurdy money or a kick, he will do. This includes, but is not limited to: killing alliance, killing bad guys, killing friends, controlling elements, making shoes, making shoes from worgen leather, public speeches/singing, public nudery, insulting blood elves, insulting blood elves mothers, and cat napping in hammocks.

A typical quote from your character: Hail, friend, and well met!

History: Originally from Kezan, where he lived with his parents until the ripe age of 38, Hurdy spent his time at awesome Goblin discoteques and cafe's. Looking for more adventure in his life, Hurdy set sail with a small upstart trade company for fun and profit (naturally) and ended up working the docks importing and exporting from Booty Bay. Unsatisfied with the menial work he was doing, Hurdy set out into Stranglethorn vale to find exotic goods to market to the nobles in Stormwind. Finding no more than exotic diseases and jungle trolls, Hurdy returned to Booty Bay to hopefully find a ship back to Kezan. What he found instead was that his old trade company that found a way to channel the elements into mechanized robotic drills, duplicating the effect of troll, orc, or tauren shaman totems! Well chuffed with his discovery, Hurdy stole a box of them and ran off into the jungle to try them out. After trying them out and making deals with the greedier elements, Hurdy wandered up to Grom'Gol (who were accustomed to visiting Goblins) to take a zeppelin to Orgrimmar and sell his 'invention' to the larger trade companies that were based there. En route to Orgrimmar the shattering hit. His zeppelin was thankfully unaffected by it, but as he landed in Orgrimmar (which was militarizing for war, under the new Warchief) he realized he could make more money keeping the 'totems' for himself and mixing his desire to hurt things badly and have minions to do his bidding, to become a mercenary in this new world! A few days later "his" totems began showing up all over Orgrimmar and Hurdy vents his frustration of not selling "his" idea by killing things with more enthusiasm and emotion than all those guys who sing the star spangled banner at baseball games combined.
Name: Porah "Horrorthorn" Grimtotem

Hometown: Near Grimtotem Post, but currently "lives" in the Swamp of Sorrows

Physical Appearance: A tall, darkskinned Tauren with bones and teeth adorning his mane and beard. A thick layer of grime covers his armor and he looks as if he hasn't bathed in days. Scars and deeply etched lines of age cut across his face. Cracked horns rest above ashen grey eyes gazing indifferently towards the horizon.

Personality: An angry drunk. He has no regard for conventional society and couldn't care less about the political ebb and flow of the world. Doesn't readily trust anyone and vehemently hates elves of all kinds.

Occupation: None. Lives by whatever means necessary.

History: Porah's parents joined the Grimtotem Tribe at its formation. Disgusted with Cairne's vision of peace among all races, they packed their things and followed the Elder Crone to the Stonetalon Mountains. Born a warrior of the Grimtotem tribe, Porah grew up fighting the goblins and centaur near his home. He learned brutality and the unforgiving ways of his clan. He was given the warrior name "Thorn" after his weapon of choice, the spiked mace. However, as a teen he began to suffer visions he called "The eyes of horror." He would see through the eyes of another as he tortured, *@##d and murdered his victims. They were brutally real and Porah would come to screaming in terror. The visions came and went on a whim and why he was chosen, and whether or not they were even real remains unknown. The other Grimtotem children mocked his weakness and began calling him Horrorthorn.

Porah however, had it easy compared to his younger brother. His brother was rather soft by Grimtotem standards and frequently beaten for questioning his elders. He and Porah often argued over their future visions of the tribe.

Porah was 20 when his brother was accused of having plans to elope with a young Tauren from Mulgore, and even worse, being a Horde sympathizer. The Grimtotem are an uncompromising people and they gave Porah the task of killing him. He accepted and went to meet his brother at their family's hut. He was sitting at a small table writing a letter. Porah calmly walked up behind him and read some of the text. It was a love letter; the accusations must have been true. Porah's heart sank and he drew his mace. He stepped back, his eyes welling up with tears and brought the hammer down. He screamed and crushed the table, his brother leaping back in shock.

"What the hell are you doing!?" his brother screamed. ((Brother is purposefully left unnamed because I'm trying to convince someone to play a Tauren deathknight as my brother. Epic storyline!))
Porah breathed heavily and looked stonily at him.
"I've been tasked to take your life brother. They know what you've planned and you must leave imme..."
He was interrupted by the knife that took his brother's life. A shadow-stalker stepped out of the darkness and over the limp body.
"You've failed your task Horrorthorn, and now your life is forfeit."
Porah roared and even as the rogue tried to feint, he brought his mace down on the other Tauren, crushing his skull in a single blow. He heard a number of voices outside, and with a final glance at his brother's lifeless body, he stepped out of his home to meet his fate.

A number of his elders, fellow warriors and parents were waiting for him, weapons drawn. Horrorthorn, blood-splattered and eyes ablaze, looked to the chieftain and then to his parents. It was not shame he saw, but disgust. The chieftain opened his mouth to speak, but Horrorthorn could not hear. He tore off his helmet, hurled it at the crowd and began running in the opposite direction. He grabbed a kodo grazing nearby and took flight through the forests to the east of Grimtotem Post. He had just reached the Barrens when he dared a look back. The hunting party came to a halt at the edge of their territory and shouted insults at Horrorthorn. At the front of the pack stood his parents. Horrorthorn kicked his mount back into a gallop as he heard the voice of his father rise above the rest, "YOU'RE DEAD TO ME BOY!"

And thus was the end of Porah Grimtotem.
Declared anathema by his own people and not readily accepted by the Horde, Horrorthorn wandered aimlessly, surviving by any and all means. Constantly pursued by the Grimtotem, including his parents, he has never stayed in one place for long. The murder of his brother has been a constant weight upon his shoulders, but he does not hold himself responsible. He accepts what has come to pass and doesn't wallow in self pity. But while he may accept the past, he has never forgotten the makers of his fate. Revenge will come...

Current Situation: Can often be found piss drunk in the Swamp of Sorrows, but is constantly on the move. He has spent 17 years on the run, trying to find out who was responsible for ratting out his brother. He has no mind for land and kings and pays no attention to the "petty" squabbles of the Alliance and Horde. Revenge is all that matters.
Ayburn Heartwarden


Death Knight

Emissary, Blacksmith, Herbalist, First Aid, and Chef.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):
Ayburn’s home can be found in Stormwind near the Cathedral of Light lying upon the border of the Cathedral Square. He fancies a visit to the city cemetery at least once a week.


Brief Physical Description:
As a human he has an athletic appearance and registers at 5 feet and 9 inches, but when he is in Worgen form he stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall. Ayburn’s eyes maintain a constant frosted glow, a noticeable trait of a Death Knight, while in both forms. An oblong shaped scar on the bend where his neck meets his right shoulder can be seen while in his human presence. When in Worgen form, his fur appears as a matte black and glistens healthily while in the sun or under the ambient light of the moon.

Brief Personality Description:
Ayburn consistently looks for a face in the crowd, a trait that he has picked up from brutal battles that plagues him amongst social gatherings. Although his mastery is of deathly frost meshed with former feral instincts, he works on rehabilitating his former outgoing and philosophical self. He enjoys a friendly conversation, but relishes in heaving a malicious blade into the flesh of the enemy.

Goals and motivations:
The current goal and motivation is to complete given tasks and patrol orders at the battlefront of Tol Barad. Also, he is to complete diplomatic agenda’s for Riders of the West Wind to insure good intention of their name.

A typical quote from your character:
“Charge to victory! Glory to the Alliance!”.


Ayburn Heartwarden originally hails from Pyrewood Village before the time of the Worgen Curse. Heartwarden…This is a name that is unbeknownst to most, but clear in its self description; to vigilantly secure the heart. This name was passed down through many generations of Herbalists and eventually came to mark Ayburn. His childhood was spent studying the many different types of flowers and weeds of the local area. Uncle Marcus, his mother’s brother, had been a town Blacksmith and taught him well enough to temper and forge low quality weapons for defense.

When the walls of Gilneas had been closed off from Pyrewood’s denizens, Ayburn and many other Herbalists were tasked to harvest as many herbs as he could at the request of Darius Crowley. That fateful night following the order, he suffered sickly curse that seemed unstoppable. The life he had grown to know had now ceased to exist; He was Worgen and now belonged to Archmage Arugal. Ayburn was the first of Arugal’s experiments between the Feral Worgen and the new Worgen’s that could transform back to their original human form. For years he continued to harvest herbs during the day, but in the dark of night he ravaged the country side. In an assault by the Horde Arugal had been slain, but unfortunately for Ayburn that did not mean he had become free. He too was slain while trying to repel the invaders of Shadow Fang Keep.

When the Lich King procured the corpse of Arugal, Ayburn and other slain Worgen were summoned to the Necropolis Acherus to undergo expirementation. Ayburn and other Worgen from Shadow Fang Keep were raised as Death Knights to follow and carry out the butchery of the Scourge. During this time, his Feral instincts were surpressed due to his lichborne Upon the event at the Light’s Chapel involving Darion Mograine and the birth of the Ebon Blade, Ayburn’s free will was returned. It was many years since Ayburn had felt this…free will and with it he chose to aid the Ebon Hold and the Alliance. Later in time, the Lich King had would be vanquished.

During the cataclysmic events of Azeroth, Ayburn had been approached and recruited by the Riders of the West Wind. Recently he has been seen to be braving the blood stained soil of Tol Barad or trekking to great distances around the world as an emissary of the Riders.
Name: Aiyanna Windsong

Race: Kal'dorei

Class: Druidess of the Wilds

Professions: Enchantress

Current Home? Raynewood Retreat

Age: 735

Brief Physical Description:

Heavily lidded ashen eyes, pale and clouded as the halo encircling the moon, stare down at you with a mixed expression of curiosity and disinterest. Her hair falls in long tousled waves of amethyst, cascading down the length of her back like a waterfall of midnight. A few renegade strands persistently linger along the edges of her eyes, seemingly determined the hide the scorching intensity buried deep within them.

Her features are encompassed by an elegantly arched brow, high cheekbones, expressive jaw and a sensual mouth. A long eternium chain is visible hanging from around her neck, the metal shaped to resemble brambles and long vines, brilliant emeralds are intertwined into the eternium with a small yet finely detailed crest resting as a locket would about the chain, the crest bearing the Ironwood family name.

Brief Personality Description:

Her emotions are as chaotic as a thunderstorm, her attitude flashing between critical sarcasm to a docile and reserved demeanor. Different companions tend to evoke different emotions from her.

At her core, Aiyanna is a devoted companion, steadfast in the face of danger her more so basic instincts surfacing when she feels someone she cares for is threatened. Part of what makes her such a ferocious combatant in the heat of a battle, is her intensive desire to protect those around her.

Goals and motivations: To return balance to the world and to tend the wounds of her companions.

A typical quote from your character: "What have you gone and gotten us into this time?"

History: ((Find me in game and ask me, I'm always up for lively conversation. ^^))
Name: Quel'Mush'a Adæstra Stargazer
Age: 584
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hunter
Professions: Alchemist, transmuter and herbalist

Current Home: Feathermoon Stronghold, Sylvanaar, and Cenarion Refuge

Brief Physical Description:
I stand a tall, well-toned elf, my tattoos upon my face are marks of my rite of passage. My hair a waved brilliant white as the crests of the seas of the north. My eyes are silver and goldish-amber flecked as my father is a druid.

A Brief Personality Description:
I tend to be quiet in most settings, not minding small gatherings of others and will interact unharboured, yet respectful of all the races I have had the privvy to come across. I am a solitary in most situations, but not uncultured to the rest of the world at large.

My goals and motivations:
To persue the finer arts of my Alchemal and transmuting works. To help my fellows keep secure in Stewarded Lands. I desire the security of my homelands and am constantly looking for ways to promote such with help of either fellows and esteemed alliances.

A typical quote from me: "Elune guard you and travel safely"

The younger of two, I was born to a Darnassian Setinal and a Druid, I have stayed put in the forests of Ashenvale due to the trainings of my instructors, only to venture out in the wake of recent events in Azeroth. From these experiences..I have rarely seen my mother in the battle, yet am aware she is alive still. My father sleeps within the dream for many years now, possibly to not wake..only time will tell.
The various homes I keep watch over are family-tied, I cannot claim rights to full ownership. Groomed to follow the path of a druid, I left home to not persue such and took to the wilds, taking many animals under my care..and followed the path of a hunter. Out of respect for my father and not disappoint him further, I worked under the Cenarion orders and acquired guardianship from them and will work their lands as time passes and permits.
Being I have rarely been around family, I took to the fellowship of the Kingship while in my travels in Azeroth and was granted favor to be amongst them.

The rest..well..you have to find me and ask..

*flashes a grin and walks into the woods with Tempus in tow*

Daniel Dayspring (birth name)
Deikalien ("The Unifier") (upon knighthood)

The Azotha (humans)

Paladin (Ret/Holy)

Blacksmithing and Mining (plus 4 secondary)

Current Home:
Stormwind City (resides in Cathedral square)
(can be found in Trade square)

Age: 34

Brief Physical Description: He stands 6'2 (192 pounds) A lean muscular build with flaming
red hair along with deep penetrating eyes that would make any
enemy of the light think twice.

Brief Personality Description: A man of honor. His commitment to the light can only be
matched by his implacable hatred of evil and his determination
to destroy it.

Goals and Motivations: He yearns for the world to be at peace free of all darkness and
restriction. He hopes for the freedom and prosperity of all races
as well as the restoration of the Empire of Arathor.

A typical quote from this character: "Glory To The Alliance!!" and "For The Argent Crusade!!"

Daniel was born in Northshire Valley (Elwynn Forest) to Daeron and Rosa Dayspring on November 12 of the year 602 (Kings Calendar) His father who is a cleric, is a prominent member of the Brotherhood of Northshire. His mother is the older sister of Priestess Anetta.
At an early age Daniel was placed under the tutelage of his aunt who was a priest trainer. He was studying to become a priest but that all changed one day when a band of kobolds entered the valley and began attacking farms and homesteads. Daniel, who was only 13 years of age at the time was able to rally a small force and repel the invaders despite being outnumbered. His brave actions reached the ears of Marshal McBride who recognizing the youths potential persuaded his parents to have him brought up as a paladin.
Under the guidance of Brother Sammuel and Brother Wilhelm young Daniel was introduced
into the powers of the holy light. His natural talents were impressive but it was his strength in
character that shined above all else. This quickly gained him the respect and trust of the elders which lead to him being named a corporal under Marshal Dughan at the age of 16. At the time unprecedented.
Daniel was exceptional in the handling of arms and was swift of foot but distinguished himself quickly as a clever strategist with a knack of knowing what the enemy might do next.
He contributed greatly to the campaigns in Westfall and Redridge and lead many incursions into Duskwood. Lord Ello Ebonlocke praised him by calling him the next great hero.
In the year 622 being then 20 years of age, Daniel was approached by General Marcus Jonathan who invited him to join the Stormwind Army. He readily accepted and was immediately made a lieutenant then was sent north to assist the Alliance forces.
Over the next couple of years Daniel would gain valuable experience during his time with the Alliance. His assignments took him all over Azeroth as he was involved in forming coalitions and learning about the needs and motivations of other cultures. He quickly developed a reputation as a leader with great vision. He had a way with words and the uncanny ability of being able to see into the hearts of others. A born tactician, his strategies were the blueprint for many of the Alliance victories in the north. This lead to him being called "The Unifier" because of his ability to unite different groups of people to a common cause.
In the year 626 Daniel was summoned to Stormwind City where he was received with great honor. News of his exploits had spread far and wide and the King felt it only befitting that the young hero be praised and recognized for his efforts. So it was on a sunny day within the Cathedral of Light before his family and friends Daniel Dayspring at the age of 24 took the oath of light and was inducted into the Knights Of The Silver Hand calling it the happiest day of his life. Upon knighthood he was given the name Deikalien which stood for "Unity" in the ancient azothian dialect. Deikalien was promoted to the rank of captain and commissioned by the King himself to form his own auxiliary force. It was during this period that the guild known as The Legendary Alliance was born.
In the following year under directives from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker Deikalien was to lead his forces to Northrend and join with The Argent Crusade under the supreme command of Highlord Tirion Fordring. His brilliant strategies once again stood out becoming instrumental in the seige and entry of Icecrown Citadel. After the fall of the Lich King a semblance of peace has since returned to Azeroth.
Deikalien can usually be found in the trade square of Stormwind City. Ever on call against the threat of evil. Salute him as he would salute you.

"May the light be with you my fellow Heroes."
Name: Iade Glacier.

Nickname/Title: Glacierhead.

Race: Dwarf

Class: Warrior

Professions: Mining and a light dabbler in Engineering.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Darnassus.

Age: 50 (Around 20-25 in human years)

Brief Physical Description: Short, yes strong enough to confidentaly tackle a grown Tauren alone.

Brief Personality Description: Some what arrogant or overly confident at times. Spends time venturing into others cultures as well as maintaining a proud member of his Dwarven clan.

Goals and motivations: To take the fight to the Horde or any enemy of his Clan until his death.

A typical quote from your character: "Heh Heh, did'ye see how much distance his head got?"

History: A Dwarf whose confidence has gotten himself into trouble more than once, Iade has worked himself to near death in the cause of helping repair the Alliance from the Cataclysm. After reaching an Exalted status with his Night Elf allies, Glacier sought to learn of his own people, and joined with Clan Battlehammer, to help keep the cities of the Alliance safe, and the cities of the Horde dangerous.

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