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Should have done this sooner, but oh well...here-goes....

Name: Xetvenen Aer'eth (sounds more like a "herp-derp" elven name, but I've been using it for forever)

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking (been neglecting both *u*)

Current Home: Gilded Rose (until somewhere better is found)

Age: 23 (on the verge of 24)

Brief Physical Description: While not a perfect physical example of the Worgen, Xetvenen is rather fetching to look at, as far as his kind are concerned. The ashen grey hair covering his body gives off a slight sheen, indicating that he cleans himself often. The longer, darker mane of hair around his head is kept in thick braids and lay out at the tips, as if they have been meticulously brushed out. He gives off a subtle scent of Lavender, an obvious sign he uses body oils. This is more than likely to distance himself from the "Wet Dog" stereotype that commonly affllicts his brethren.

Brief Personality Description: He tends to sway between upstanding and polite and cold hearted, sarcastic and rude (Rather close to my own personality, now that I think about it). He also tends to have a hint of megalomania (again, kind of familiar).

Goals and Motivations: Like many Worgen (well, the ones with some backbone), he strives to take back his beloved city of Gilneas, or at least his old home in Keel Harbour. In the short term, He is trying for more influance amongst the various peoples of the Alliance. His most recient desires revolve around dodging a certian group of Horde who have called for blood against the house he currently serves.

History: In his former life, before his canine affliction, Xetvenen was a card shark in the sleepy Gilnean fishing town of Keel Harbour, though he had been born in Gilneas City.

On the evening of the raid by Feral Worgen, Xetvenen had just lost a bet against a better card player than he. Due to the stipulations of the bet, Xetvenen was to camp in the north Gate woods in nothing but his birthday suit. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, this was the same night the Feral Worgen attacked. Because of this, Xetvenen was one of the first victims of the raid. He now has a rather dashing bitemark on the left side of his rear-end. (WIP)
Name: Magi Florine Sunblaze

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage henceforth the Magi part.

Professions: Herbalist and cook.

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): A wanderer. One moment she's in Orgimmar the next Silvermoon. Oh wait portals...

Age: 99

Brief Physical Description: For the average elf, Florine is on the shorter side standing at five feet and two inches. Her body is slender with little curves. Little muscle is on the elf, but being a Mage, you don't need much muscle. Her skin is a light beige color that matches her dark scarlet hair nicely. Her hair is full of long glamorous curls that define her oval shaped face. Normally large, gold, hooped earrings are worn by the elf. Her bright green eyes are not piercing like some elves, but simply and soft green aura. Typically one eye is covered by a scarlet curl.

Brief Personality Description: Florine is very deceitful. One moment she's telling you this and the other she's telling you another story. Making her past very hard to figure out since she can never give a straight answer. Most of the time when you'd meet her she's very ladylike and slightly innocent. She keeps herself occupied with drinking, but not excessively, and smoking hookahs in inns. Although this could be one side of her or the whole Florine. No one knows since she plays so many different sides.

Goals and motivations: Live in the present, enjoy life, get money.

A typical quote from your character: "Ooh! I do love the wines of Dalaran! They give me such a buzz!"

History: As said before, her past is always a different story. One moment she was the only daughter of nobles in Silvermoon, then next she was orphaned at birth and roamed the streets as a kid. No one knows exactly her whole past. Many think she's drank it away and can't remember it anymore. But in reality she's just too embarrassed to say the truth. So she sugar coats everything in lies and make believe stories. She's yet to meet someone who can get a but of truth out of her.
(( Posting for Oscellus, who's currently in the Military and would appreciate it if I could put this up here. ))

Name: Magus Oscellus Lithianus Sunblaze

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage henceforth the Magus part.

Professions: Engineering

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Who needs a hearthstone when I can rip apart the very air before me and cross through it to another location.

Age: 122

Brief Physical Description:
For the average male elf, Oscellus stands at about 6 feet and two inches. His body is muscular, suprisingly considering that he studies the arts of magic, yet he still keeps himself in shape. His skin is lightly tanned and thus his hair stands out quite shockingly to his slightly dark complexion. His hair is white as the snow that falls upon the ground in Northrend, his hair casts much of his face into shadow, but beneath his hair lies a face etched in sorrow yet proud to the common passerby. His green eyes glow softly yet when he gazes at you they seem to gaze deep into your soul.

Brief Personality Description: Oscellus is a quiet, reserved soul, he spends most of his time either training and meditating beneath a waterfall, or buried in his spellbooks studying. He is very even-tempered and isnt quick to get angry, though when disturbed, he just quietly disappears and will reappear in another room with out a sound and continue his studies.

Goals and motivations: Study and Train constantly, a dull mind is as useless as a dull sword, both must be kept sharp and ready for anything.

A typical quote from your character: "*Sighs* Looks like I have to handle the trash again..." "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we would find in each person's life, sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility towards that person, only to see they are driven by what they see is right...."

History: Not much is known about the history of Oscellus, who he is or who he was born too. He was born of a noble family, he had an older brother and a younger sister, his younger sister who he watched over like a hawk, his older brother left the family when they were still young, he was separated from his family at the age of 22, he lost contact with his younger sister and his older brother, to this day he continues to look for them all while approaching a zen-like state, though rumor has it that a certain bloodelf with his last name was reportedly seen in Orgrimmar, slumming away in the taverns.

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Name: Greyalt Riker

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Professions: Mining, Blacksmithing

Current Home: Ironforge

Age: 24

Brief Physical Description: Young, African American, Black Hair, Average Build

Brief Personality Description: Greyalt is a relativity young Paladin, who is still idealistic about the world. Greyalt is rather friendly and accepting, and believes everyone can be redeemed by the Holy Light. He is somewhat naive in that sense, and always sees the best in people. He always tries to find a peaceful solution to a violent problem, and believes we should attempt a diplomatic approach to our problems. Because of this, he is not the greatest fan of military organizations, but supports chivalrous organizations of knights, dedicated to helping the downtrodden.

Goals and motivations: Greyalt's goal is to spread the Holy Light, and redeem those lost in grief, anger, and pain.

A typical quote from Greyalt: For the Light of Azeroth!

History: Greyalt was born a noble's son in Stormwind. Raised in the lap in luxury, he enjoyed the privileges of his birthright. Originally believing himself to be mightier due to his heritage than others, he witnessed the bravery and courage of his fellow man when he was Sixteen and was attacked by a bandit when he was traveling to Goldshire. A Priest protected Greyalt from the bandits, but rather than attack him, the Priest tried to reason with the bandit. The bandit struck down the Priest anyways, and left with his and Greyalt's possessions. Greyalt wanted to seek revenge, but the Priest instead told Greyalt to try and redeem the man, rather than kill him. Greyalt buried the Priest himself, and swore to follow the man's morals. Greyalt never found the bandit, but he decided to abandon his life as a noble, and left to spread the Holy Light to Azeroth's darkest corners.
Name: Ardaeon Sunheart
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Formerly a Paladin
Professions: Odd jobs
Current Home: Shadowmoon Valley mostly, but he wanders across Azeroth as well.
Age: 124

Description: Ardaeon is only 5'10", fairly short for a Blood Elf. He has a slim body without too much muscle, but he is deceptively quick and nimble, even wearing heavy plate armor. His face shows signs of aging that make him look much too old for his age, and a small scar rests horizontally about an inch below his right eye.

Personality: What he lacks in raw strength, Ardaeon makes up for with a razor-sharp wit. However, Ardaeon is quiet and prefers to listen rather than speak. Even when he does talk, it is only to those whom he he trusts. Underneath this hard exterior and sometimes explosive temper, however, is a lonely "paladin" who simply wants to find a place in an unforgiving world.

Goals and Motivations: To be an accepted and respected warrior of Silvermoon


Story: Ardaeon never knew his High Elven parents. He was raised in Dalaran; the only family he had were his borderline abusive teachers. When the Scourge came, Ardaeon and a handful of other mages fled to Stormwind for safety. After the Third War, Ardaeon resumed his studies against his will in Stormwind. However, he constantly watched the Paladins of the Silver Hand train, admiring the way they fought so bravely the undead which he loathed so much. When he learned about a new order of Blood Knights that formed in Quel'Thalas, he ran away from Stormwind to Silvermoon and became one of them, also transforming into a Sin'dorei. Thus, his greatest dream was realized, if only for a few months. Ardaeon was killed in a small raid upon Deatholme, and the Lich King chose him to join the new order of Death Knights. After the battle for Light's Hope Chapel, Ardaeon went into hiding in Shadowmoon Valley. When he received news of the Shattering that befell Azeroth, he decided it was time to return home and aid his people.
“Ah Silvermoon, what can I say about it that has not already been recounted hundreds of times? Even with half of it in ruins it still has twice the splendor of any other known city. This jewel of Azeroth, which has stood for thousands of years, will not lose its luster any time soon.” – Pur Ohen, recounting his recent adventures.

Name: Suquehanna (Sue-qaw-hanna)
Race: Blood Elf, Male.
Age: 22 (91 human years)
Current affiliation: Calls Silvermoon city his home but has not allied with any Guild.
Professions: Rogue, Miner, Herbalist, & Explorer.


Suquehanna was born in a small village beyond the walls of Silvermoon city. The son of an engineer he spent his childhood accompanying his father to their workshop where it was hoped he would follow in the family trade. But Suquehanna had too much of the explorer in him, a trait inherited from his mother, and spent many afternoons wandering the countryside with the miners who gathered raw materials for his father’s inventions. It was there he acquired the skills to spot the valuable veins of ore and with some help from his mother, the village alchemist, the ability to find rare and useful herbs.

It was not long before his excursions became longer and longer and upon reaching adulthood he decided he could no longer live among his humble surroundings. With reluctant acceptance from his father, Suquehanna traveled to Silvermoon city where he quickly found work as a scout for the city garrison. There among the older and more experienced scouts he learned the art of stealth and the value of surprise against those who would threaten the lands of his race.

After completing a tour of duty with the city garrison, Suquehanna departed for other lands. Currently exploring the vast world before him he has been sighted in many villages and cities, but Silvermoon will always be his home.

Name: Sinara bloodsworn...yes there is relation to the magister...I will not speak of how, but let it suffice to say that what remains of the relationship is only our name.

Race: blood elf

Class: rogue

Professions: manipulator of animal hides and leathers by day. by night..."manipulator" would work.

Current Home? Silvermoon, if it pleases me. Or any dark alley, if it pleases me.

Age: never ask a lady her age, but i assure you that you're not old enough for me.

Brief Physical Description: Slender and agile...but many of my trade are. My hair is naturally a golden red, but I find it much easier to stay in the shadows with my hair dyed black. My hands have some notches in them...but when you play with knives I suppose you're putting yourself at risk for that. My...family member...has helped relieve me of any mortal scars i may have received however.

Brief Personality Description: I would call myself light-hearted. But perhaps that is not so accurate. I would also call myself care-free. But, that is also not so accurate. Others would describe me by saying that I have no heart, and that I don't care. I assure you...that is not true...entirely.

Goals and motivations: Vengeance? No. Everyone else is motivated by revenge and rarely is there vengeance justifiable. "oh, i'm out to see revenge because they killed my family"...or "they are why i'm forsaken," or "they stole my immortality." Boring. People die, get over it. You'll probably want revenge against me one day. Come at me. Perhaps at one time this was my goal. I suppose my motivation is more...boredom. Some people just don't deserve to live any more, so I take care of those people. If i didn't, what else would i do? It's good sport. I kill animals and skin them to make money. I kill mortals because...its not boring.

A typical quote from your character: "You are less than entertaining, now get me a drink before i cut you."

History: My family likes magic. I don't. I would stop there but you would complain. So, here's a little more.

Well...i try not to like magic.
Obviously I have a taste for the arcane, but what has the arcane ever done for me? In Silvermoon you can find members of my family...all feasting on their addictions. I watched Astalor as he manipulated that light-being...trying to force it to do things that it was not created to do. Many of my family members became blood-knights. I was young and small, so I never recieved that training. I didn't care. I found ways to occupy my time. I found that I could manipulate the world with a knife as well as my family could with any amount of magic. No one paid attention to me, so they didn't notice the missing knives...the dead critters...the occasional blood stain.

However, youngsters are careless. Running with knives is something that parents tell their children not to do. However my parents were too busy leeching power from a big glowy light-being...so I didn't get that memo. i learned it myself however when i fell...and the knife slid into my belly. Astalor found me. I had removed the knife and was playing with the blood in the street. He was horrified (he wasn't as bad as most people thought he was) and I must have been in shock. It was then that I personally encountered the light-being. If there is a moment in my life that I have had compassion...it was when I felt the warmth of that being. The wound was sealed...the blood dried...by a being that was being held captive. I'm still unsure what to make of it.

I have no love for magic. The light, I tolerate. I still play with knives. Perhaps...a bit carelessly. But mortals are careless with one another all of the time. So why not toss a few knives around?
Allen Sephawood

Physical Appearance:
Male Worgen, Caucasian. 31 years old. Once fair skin. Recently scarred all over from “working.” Shoulder-length dirty brown hair, dim green eyes. Has a rasping voice and speaks slowly.

Worked as a skinner and tanner for the city of Gilneas. He was respected for the strength and flexibility of his leatherworks, which he accomplished by intricate bladework and knowledge of the animals he used.

Lived on the outskirts with his wife, Katelyn, and two young daughters, Sarah and Mia. Lived a mostly quiet life except for when in town to trade and visit friends.

He managed to escape being cursed during the outbreak of the Worgen curse. He was a pacificst, preferring a quiet lifestyle until the invasion of Gilneas by the Forsaken Undead. He had given his daughters permission to play along the shoreline and did not get word of the invasion until it was too late. Seeing the Forsaken on the Horizon, he knew that they already had taken his daughters and made the terrible choice to save himself and his wife rather than face certain death against the might of the invasion.

He would not forgive himself for the terrible fate of his loves. In an attempt to suppress the pain, he attacked a family friend he knew to be cursed and angered him so that he would be bitten and cursed himself. Instead of dampening the pain of loss, it amplified it into an endless rage. He became terribly angry and violent at the smallest things, eventually causing his wife Katelyn to leave him and seek solace in the security of the Eastern Kingdoms.

In the time past, he has abandoned all hope in the authority of the Alliance. He carries a burning hatred of Orcs and Undead in particular for their role in destroying his family. Having lived a docile life in Gilneas until recently, he does not understand the language of his benefactors. ((changed the language files to be all Spanish)).

He has taken the way of the dagger, vowing to become more shadow than man, more cold than the nether itself, and to inflict terrible suffering on the races who stood behind the destruction of his everything. He ha s taken to writing riddles to people, and has plans for building a legend that will inflict the kind of damage on the Horde that Alliance officials have failed to.
((deleted because old))
Name: Ravenhul Thaladrad
Preferred Tittle: Blood Lord Ravenhul Thaladrad
Current affiliation: Left the Kael'thas's troops to join the shattered sun.
Age:18((91 In Human years))
Known family: none alive (LFG for someone to play a long lost family member)


Among a closer observance, And you notice this Handsome Blood Elf's Fiery red hair, his luminescent green eyes, and his slightly tanned skin. Ravenhul also has fel runes marking his lower left cheek, and under his left eye, A taboo against his former ways. These runes are vague, And will not be noticed easily. Upon first gaze of this Elf, You notice he is younger then most other Blood Elves His Body is well defined and shaped;Because, of his age,Ravenhul stands a inch or two less then your average Sin'dorei,and A bit slimmer.

Ravenhul is always on his guard, and is always patrolling the streets Of Silvermoon. If noticed, Ravenhul Wears the typical Colors, and battle gear of A Blood Knight. Ravenhul's Gear is customized;because, of his noble status of "Blood Lord". His armor Is jet black, With Lined with crimson red trimmings. His shield Is also black and blood red, with the phoenix insignia on it. Ravenhul's battle gear is not worn and rugged, despite the numerous battles he's fought. His gear seems to be clean, barely any dents, bumps, or depression's in his armor. Merely A few blemishes in his Armor. This becomes Evident that Ravenhul must be Wealthy to have his armor repaired consistently, after every battle.

Look past the bright green eyes of Ravenhul Thaladrad; beyond the eyes the burn with hatred for the Alliance. Thaladrad was just like many other elves of Quel’thalas. His father was a ranger, and had served in the second war. This young elf hoped that he would be just like his father one day. He trained hard; make his father more proud of him. “You be a fine defender of Silvermoon one day.” His family would say. His father was his legacy, inspiration, and with a doubt his role model.
“My son! Listen to me and go! Your brother will take-“The ranger was already locked in combat with a nearby nerubian guard. Flailing his ranger dagger about at it. His father would not win so poorly armored, equipped, and unprepared. His father could only buy time for his son to flee for his life. Franticly crying and screaming, his older brother yoked young Ravenhul Thaladrad, on to his hawk strider has they fled from the ruins of silvermoon.

Ravenhul returned to the Ruins of Silvermoon deluded he would find his father. Only the aftermath of slaughter surrounded him. His people had nearly been exterminated. Ravenhul cried franticly almost to the point of collapse. His father had kept him sealed away from such violence; he had barely even hunted before only to see such devastation.

Soon the situation would only spiral downwards. Ravenhul and his brother would soon find themselves in a camp run by commanded by Lord Garithos. Soon he and his shattered people would escape Lord Gartihos’ plans for slaughter- to the outland. This young elf still was fathoming the slaughter that had passed. Replacing what little compassion he had with sheer hatred. “Humans… The Alliance… The Scourge” He mumbled.
Ravenhul Thaladrad’s would come to embrace the new tittle of Blood Elf. Now that his father was dead, his older brother was the only one he had to look up to. Ravenhul and his brother had adopted becoming a Blood Knight.

The young elf adopted his new found allies, the burning legion. He cursed his former ways of being a high elf. In praise of Kil’Jaeden and the, he carved and tattooed runes of the burning legion into his skin. Eager to show his brother he rushed quickly to him. “Get away from me, Thaladrad. I have no time for you…” This was his brother’s last words, before joining the first assault wave for the Black Temple.

Last of his family, he was all alone. His father dead, His last of his family rejected him. Never again would this Sin’dorei allow anyone to come close again. He thought they could only break his heart his heart again. “Blood is true, and it shall guide me. Hail to my prince, hail to the Burning Legion. In death will my loyalty break...”

Looking back on his life after the events of the third war and his Prince Kael’thas’ fall. Ravenhul had filled the memories of his past with hatred for the Alliance. Ravenhul deluded himself the Alliance were responsible for his problems. On occasion Ravenhul would find some of his time spent in the Silvermoon City inn drowning himself in heaviest of ale.

Thaladrad can only find his deluded peace of mind on the battlefield against the Alliance. Spiraling in his hatred for them, deluded to thinking kill more of them would resolve his pain. He happily attacks them, even when outnumbered he engages with a smile of his face. Ravenhul could never see he is attacking civilians many times, leading assaults, provoking the alliance. He has used the recent strife of the shattering to wage war against the Alliance.

Though the Blood Knights actions towards the Alliance are best describe, horrific, cruel, and menacing. He does not see it that way. The Paladin in his zealous tells himself the Alliance is an affront to the Holy Light. Without a doubt Ravenhul is headed to on a path of self-destruction, and devastation. The only question is how many Alliance and his followers’ will he take down with him?

After the event's of his past, The compassionate, friendly, cheery Ravenhul, Could only be described as dark. Ravenhul clings to his status as a noble. For it is the only good thing he wishes to remember about himself before the war. Ravenhul is clearly Haughty of his peers. He believes sometimes is supiour to them, simply because of his status. He can be described as very arrogant, short tempered, and selfish. Deep down inside Ravenhul has just as nice heart as he did before, Yet is afraid to show it. He believes it is a sign of weakness, and he will fall should he show it.

Written By me

Art Work Commisioned by J.A

This one is commisioned by A.B


Another commision by drawn by S.C


A whole album of Ravenhul concept art


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