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New to the RP gig on Wow. I have rped a few times on another alt else-server, however nothing to really get into the feel for World of Warcraft. So hopefully this profile comes out nicely.


Remille "Mirage" Anne Davis



First Aid


Brief Personality Description:
Remille is a very calm woman under normal circumstances, though if things tend to turn a bit south she is more willing to show her 'fangs'.
She can be witty, good humored, and also very dry when she holds a conversation with someone. Not everything she also says can be seen as true or a lie. She only gives people the information she wants to give them at the time. There are also times Remille can come across very cold and cruel to those who may cross a few unmarked lines unknowingly.

Though Remille is a very shady person, she is a individual who can be trusted once you become her friend; it is becoming the friend that is the hard part. Remille is very untrusting and tends to observe everything around her.

Though she does have a good control of her temper, as a Worgen she can sometimes lose it a bit easier if someone walks over the line the wrong way. A warning may be given before anything happens, but she can have her loose cannon moments.

Goals and motivations:
Remille is motivated by the fact she loves what she does. Even what she does could be seen to some as murderous and backstabbing. Though the woman does have her own codes of honor and moral stances on some things and those things she will never cross; even if the money is right (or higher).

Before the event of becoming a Worgen, Remille only lived day to day. She would get a contract to kill someone for some higher noble, maybe even frame someone, and she just go about. The key with living in a closed up city was to make sure it could never be tracked back to you. Something she learned and focused most of her skills on.

No one would ever know what hit them.

However now with the curse of being a Worgen, many of these skills have become washed away by the change. She now has to relearn many of the skills she once knew and learn how to adapt her style to work with her new body.

She sees this as sometimes a curse and a blessing. In silence she hopes one day to find a cure for this strange disease, but for the mean time, she focuses on remastering her skills once again.

A typical quote from your character:
"Now you see me..."
"Are you just going to keep bloody staring or are you going to say something?"
"My my, temper temper. Even I don't lose it with such ferocity."

(taken from my MyRoleplay addon)
Remille Anne Davis was born and raised in Gilneas. Abondand as a baby, the young child was raised in an orphange. She, however, was a bit of a trouble maker even in her young age. Never doing as she was told and being very independant.

When she was pre-teen, she was known to steal from the local venders and around the age of 13 she was known to sneak out of the orphange at late nights.

When she became 16, she left the orphange to make her own, this lead her down the path of being a rogue and into her early twenties, she became not only a thief for higher, but also an assassin.

Now Remille has found herself in a very interesting problem. A cursed form brought upon her that she must now adapt too, but also adapt to the every changing outside world.
Kefka ((No surname yet.))

Blackrock Orc

Rogue, Scout, Assasin


Current Home:


Brief Physical Description:
*You look over Kefka, north to south, noticing at once he is shorter for an Orc, 6'7, 280 pounds... With skin of the Blackrock, and donning the garb of a scout or assassin. He looks to be almost impeccably clean as well. No pieces of carrion in his black hair or full beard like most Orcs, in fact they are spotless.*

Brief Personality Description:
For an Orc who has left behind his lineage and clan he seems to regard the whole thing rather tepidly. You can see experience in his crimson eyes and countenance; although he was too young to fight on the front lines during the First and Second wars he served as a young (12) scout in the latter. The experience has rendered him pragmatic, wise and confident. He will surely speak up during a planning phase if he sees a flaw, sometimes to the chagrin of superiors. He is extremely proud of his Blackrock pedigree.

Brief History:
<Kefka writes a letter to an unknown addressee>
Aka'Magosh. You thought all the Blackrock Orcs would hide in the mountain? Some of us saw the foolishness that was becoming more apparently inherent in the Blackhand leaders. Reverting to the worship of daemon magics, working with the wicked Blackdragon Flight, and worst of all hiding, like a filthy dwarf, in the ground. Bah! Some of us remembered the Glory Doomhammer endowed The Horde. Know that our capital is named after the Blackrock's true leader, Orgrim. Know that is was Orgrim, a Blackrock Orc, who mentored Thrall. Know that The Warchief's most trusted adviser, Eitrigg, is a Blackrock.. Hmph, those who relegate us Blackrocks to mere "refugees" or "Horde Orcs" know nothing of us...

It wasn't safe or easy to sever my ties.. The tale is lengthy. Some of us had to leave our own parents and families behind in the mountains. *You note a dejected look in Kefka's eyes as he finishes writing this sentence.* I recognized Thrall's call for a return to Shamanism as an echo of what the wise Orgrim would believe. I served loyally under Thrall during the Third War, but I'll shed light on those adventures another time... No, I am not a Shaman like Thrall or those he calls on, however I have great reverence for the Earth and Elements. I salvage as much of a slain beast as I can, and I forage for herbs while traveling, if only these things were not so dirt- *you note a scribbled line through the previous word* DIRE at times. Yes you wouldn't believe how many times a boar matriarch has tried to gore me for skinning her shoat. *Kefka looks to be cleaning his nails, with the tine of the dagger at his hip.*

Without the Blackrock Clan I am without close allies. My skills and feet wander across Azeroth, looking for Alliance scum to slay. This new Horde is something Orgrim would be a part of. Accept me in your ranks, my sight and daggers will be yours, wherever and whenever they are needed. Bin mog g'thazag cha.

((Note I'm newish to RP, but I've loved the Warcraft lore since the Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. I've been reading up on RP conventions and such and have been loving it so far. I'm guildless as of now, if any RP-PVP guilds want to recruit me shoot me a whisper, or better yet an IC-Letter in game >:].))
Name: Weekapaugg Evoorg

Race: Draenei (male)

Class: Enhancement Shaman

Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy, Fishing, Cooking

Current Home: Goldshire

Age: 150 years

Brief Physical Description: A hair under 7 feet tall. Very strong build. Very light blue skin with piercing blue eyes. Long medium-brown hair pulled into a ponytail on top, with more hair parted to each side and hanging over broad, strong shoulders. A horn protrudes straight out from each side of the forehead.

Brief Personality Description: Weekapaugg is a gentle soul who has taken on Shamanism due to his love of nature. Weeka also has a great sense of humor, but has been known to occassionally lose his temper. For the most part though, Weeka is very social and enjoys making friends (especially fishing buddies!)

Goals and motivations: Weekapaugg's biggest goal is peace. He believes very wholeheartedly in what the Alliance stands for and is not afraid to fight. Weeka does have inner turmoil when fighting Tauren, fellow shaman, and druids as they all share the same basic love of nature.. But he knows that sometimes it is for the better good. After seeing much of his family's blood spilled by Orcs on Draenor, Weekapaugg will do everything he can to assist the Alliance in finding peace.

A typical quote from your character: "May the light and the earth bless you"

History: Weekapaugg was born on Draenor many years before Orc corruption. As a youth, he fell in love with fishing and cooking. Weeka would spend a lot of his free time roaming the forest of Terokkar and enjoying the fresh air. Weeka and his brother, Mickkael, would spend countless hours fishing and hunting and helping to supply extra food to the family. Weeka was especially partial to cooking and eating Spotted Feltail. To this day, grilled feltail is his favorite meal.

As a young adult, Weeka considered hunting as his fulltime role in his hometown.. But fate would see things differently. The Orcish Horde began to attack Draenei lands and slaughtering every Draenei they came across. When the Horde came to Weeka's home, he fled. Unfortunately, Weeka's family didn't get away and were all killed on site. Weekapaugg fled west to Zangarmarsh and was fortunate enough to meet up with a few other refugees. They spoke of a town called Telredor and a Broken there named Nobundo. Weeka had no place else to go and joined them on the trek.

Upon making it to Telredor, Weekapaugg and his newfound friends were introduced to Nobundo. Nobundo had recently found balance with nature and this instantly interested Weekapaugg. Without thought, Weekapaugg agreed to learn the teachings of Nobundo and found his life interest: Shamanism. Using his new powers, Weeka joined with Nobundo and Velen in the raid to take the Exodar.

Once the Exodar crashlanded on Azeroth, Weekapaugg spent a few days exploring the immediate area. Upon his return to the Exodar, Velen had made it clear to the remaining Draenei that the Alliance was the best chance for the race to survive in this strange new world. Weekapaugg immediately embraced the Alliance and set off to explore the rest of Azeroth. Weeka's first city to visit was Darnassus. The Night Elves there were very strange creatures and very few of them have seen any Draenei. But Weeka quickly made friends and learned more of the Alliance's struggle. It was explained that the Alliances enemy was in fact the Horde.. the very Orcs who killed his family back on Draenor. This filled Weeka's heart with hate and that day he vowed to fight to the last breath for the Alliance, knowing this was his chance to redeem himself for fleeing his family.
Name: Esenna (thats what they said my name was when i awoke. however i have vague memories tugging at me that say that wasnt my name before)

Race: Undead (thats what the doc said when I woke up)

Class: Hunter

Professions: Skinning/herbalism

Current Home: Have found accomodations in Brill

Age: I am newborn in this form, and yet have memories of being something or someone else.

Brief Physical Description: This form is so alien, so different, so pale, I study my hands, I remember softly tanned skin yet see white bone. I run those fingers through what used to be long wonderfully hyacinth hair and is now dried out corn tufts. My eyes!!!! once color of new grass have become strange glowing harvest moons! Where once I stood tall and strong I now am hunched and almost furtive. What have I become?

Brief Personality Description: They may have remade my body, but my soul is still mine! I am still my own person! I will neither back down from a fight nor will I start one. I will continue to help where I can, laugh with friends and on occasion tease them unmercifully. I will be me!

Goals and motivations: I will explore this new world. I will learn what it is to be Undead. Hopefully along my path I will find new friends and if lucky a home.

A typical quote from your character:
"Anyone seen a stray finger laying around"
"sigh" "they dont like me anymore over there"

Esenna was a Night Elf Hunter with the Silverwing Sentinels. Posted to Darkshore she was one of the many who lost their lives when Deathwing broke free. She has awakened now in a new time and a new place.
Name: Grall Blackhorn

Nickname: Cowrush

Race: Tauren

Class: Warrior

Professions: Engineering, cooking, mercenary, mining.

Current dwelling place: No home i'm a Nomad.

Age: 54

Physical description: Standing a solid 9 feet tall, Cowrush is a hulk of a Tauren. His one horn on the right side of his head is pitch black in stark contrast to his blue eyes. His skin is a white, dark mixture. He bears some scares from mistreatment from his former tribe.

Personality: A bleak outlook on life..he only lives now to server the Horde in honor of Cairne Bloodhoofs pledge. He has no personall distaste of Alliance. However, unlike most Tauren he has a taste for blood.

Goals: To slay all the enemies of the Horde, and honor his ancestors through glorius battle.

Typical quote: "Well, let's hurry up!". "Grr now you're making me angry!". "Let's get something to eat...you're paying."

History: A former member of the Grimtotems. He was raised a stone cold killer. He was mistreated in his youth. When the Grimtotems assaulted Thunderbluff, he didn't join them in the assault. That day he made a oath to honor Cairnes pledge. He now fights for the Horde against their great enemy...the Alliance
Name: Krubis Copperstache

Race: Dwarven

Class: Paladin

Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy

Current Home?: Ironforge

Age: 124

Brief Physical Description: Short and stocky, even for a Dwarf. A kind smirk constantly peeks out from his bushy mustache.

Brief Personality Description: Carefree, snarky; a bit of a scatterbrain due to constant "testing" of his brews. Does what he can for what he considers the right thing to do, but can be easily distracted by the allure of a fine drink. Has a tendency for saying purposely bad puns.

Goals and motivations: Traveling all of Azeroth on a self-proclaimed "Holy Quest" to find the perfect stout with the help of alchemy.

A typical quote from your character: "Barkeep! Another!"

History: Krubis left Dun Morogh in search for the perfect ingredients to create unique stouts with a combined method of brewery and alchemy.

While not as devout to the Light as the typical Paladin, he uses loopholes to summon it's power by considering his quest for the perfect brew a holy quest and "For all that is right for the people".
Angerhorn Windfield


Holy Warrior

Miner, Enchanter, Exorcist

Current Home:
Thunder Bluff


Brief Physical Description:
Has eyes as sharp and as piercing as the horns on his head. His gaze radiates so much anger that you can almost feel the heat while in his windows of vision. He is covered by a thick coat of fur, as dark as his past, soaked with equally as much tears and blood. He is a mountain of a warrior with the strength to match. A lesser man would collapse under the weight of his life.

Brief Personality Description:
His demeanor is no doubt an extension of his name. He seemingly gives the world and everybody within it a constant death stare. It has been said that he hasn't smiled since before the lives of his wife and only son were claimed during the Scourge Invasion. Feeling as though he has endured the worst that life has to throw at him, Angerhorn lacks sympathy for anyone he meets regardless of circumstance.

Goals and motivations:
Having never gotten over the loss of his family he carries a hate with him so strong you would think his heart would be as black as the beard swaying beneath is chin. He was quick to learn the ways of the Paladin in hopes of one day avenging his wife and son and eradicating the scourge altogether. Although the scourge have been conquered, his need for revenge has not.

A typical quote from your character:
"Life is not sentient, for if it were...mine would apologize to me every day"

Angerhorn's life had a gruesome start. Conceived by force during Grundig Darkcloud's attack on Taurajo, he is the son of Kaya Flathoof. To add insult to injury, his mother, the only person who should have loved him unconditionally, wanted nothing to do with him, however, Kaya's aunt Tammra Windfield demanded that she not deny life to the innocent child, and that he be birthed and she would raise him herself. Kaya reluctantly agreed. After his birth Kaya felt obligated to be the one to name him. She felt that there was no way a child born this way could ever find happiness in life and thus decided on Angerhorn. He was then taken by Tammra to Sun Rock Retreat where she would raise him to be peaceful and learn the ways of the druid.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these! It is nice to see so many creative people in one place. The story of Angerhorn is indeed something I am proud of even if others don't share my love for it. It is still a work in progress. It was a little too long to post here so I shortened it up. I didn't even go into as much detail as I wanted to! lol!

If you are interested, and would like to read my FULL RP Profile which gives more information on his history...I made a public google document :) ENJOY! I look forward to hearing what you think!

Name: Cora Lynne Derrington
Race: Worgen
Class: Mage
Professions: Enchanting, tailoring, fishing, first aid and cooking, (she is very proud of her cooking skills!)
Current Home: Gilded Rose/Howling Oak
Age: 21

Brief Physical Description: In her human form, Cora has long, black hair and wide blue eyes, with small, delicate lips. She has a very noticeably curvy body, with small hands that are constantly in motion. In her Worgen form she is still noticeably curvy. The fur on her body is light grey blending into an almost blue color around her snout and eyes. The hair on her head is black and gathered into a braid that flows over one of her shoulders.

Brief Personality Description: Cora is a very giving person despite the hardships in her past. She doesn't suffer fools easily though, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, impulsive actions and sharp, sarcastic comments. Although she enjoys brief periods of solitude, she is truly a pack animal and enjoys this aspect of her new life as a worgen. She also enjoys, sometimes a little too much in her opinion, the outlet for her deep-seated anger her worgen form allows. She is still insecure about her appearance in her worgen form and resents the treatment she receives from some members of the "alliance."

Goals and Motivations: To fight tooth and claw to reclaim Gilneas to make a better home for her sister and herself than they ever had before.

History: Cora has no memory of life before the wall. She has suffered many hardships growing up, including the death of her parents, life in an orphanage, which so often leads to life on the streets. She feels lucky to have had some magical training before her mother died and to have been taken in with her sister during her later teens to continue that training. Her first and foremost priority has always been the protection of her sister
I am a boss.
Nyralia Pharinel


Priest (Mage in previous backstories and outlines.)


Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):
I tend to stick around Dalaran and if in Stormwind, usually around the Blue Recluse. Dalaran is my hearth and NOW where she is deemed 'fit to stay'.

10,000 approx.

Brief Physical Description:
Pale Light purple flesh with gleaming intent silver eyes, that seem jovial but can be hawk-like in intensity. Much of her body will be covered if it isn't, what she is wearing has a certain meaning. Hair a midnight blue and no visible scars that would be seen.

Brief Personality Description:
She is pacifistic, due to desire usually but out of circumstance mostly. She craves the use of arcane and the use of old magics but content to sit with what she has. She is vengeful but restrained. Verbose often at times, and when caught off-guard hard pressed for words. Curious and watchful and intent on acquiring for information. Studious. And everything done with a purpose. Polite and proper. Has been known to be manipulative to get what she wants and can be known to play dirty but prefers not to. Civility is key.

Goals and motivations:
Reclaim what is lost. Learn all there is to be learned in her time. Do as she pleases, regardless of view or boundary. Toss off the shackles that keep herself bound.

A typical quote from your character:
"What you see can be fake. But know when you feel that chilling secret of truth on your spine... I will be there whispering it into your ears. You'll learn to accept it... or fear it. Do not disappoint."


Full Name: Gretchen Jäger Kaufmann
Race: Human
Class: Hunter
Age: 19
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 140
Measurements: 36, 24, 36
Hair: blonde
Eyes: light blue
Professions: Skinning
Current Guild Affiliation: Crusaders of a New Dawn
Current Post: Westbrook Garrison

Loves: physical training, warm milk,
Likes: Cooking, chocolate, fishing, swimming, beer, the outdoors
Dislikes: The Horde, incompetence, diva girls, sweltering summer days
Hates: Orcs

Personality: Gretchen is a very focused and intense individual. She takes her allegiance to the King and the Stormwind Army very seriously. She believes in swift justice for the guilty and protection of the weak. She gets along with people, even those she personally dislikes, if it means accomplishing her objective. She never brags about her gear or her prowess against enemies ((her DPS)). She is quick to give moral support to allies who are down or need help. Although she has the leadership skills she is reluctant to lead large formations and prefers small, 2 member, scout sniper teams. Plagued by memories of her dead twin brother, Gretchen can at times withdraw and become quite melancholy. When this happens she becomes quiet and often stares off into the distance for hours at a time. Usually good company, a tall glass of beer, or life or death combat can bring her “back to the world.”
Typical Quotes: "Un objective, kommander?" "Dhankyou!"

Brief Backstory: Gretchen Kaufmann grew up in a small cottage in Eastvale, Elwynn. Her father was a lumberjack, her mother a seamstress. She joined the alliance at age 18. Her stated objective Objective:
"To reach my full potential as a hunter in order to fight the filthy horde and protect the people of my beloved Elwynn Forest. To take over 10,000 horde heads in honorable combat. In this way I can avenge the deaths of my brother and so many more innocents slaughtered for sport during Horde raids."
Name: Faka Da Gangsta
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Profession: Assassain, Gangster
Current Home: Goldshire
Age: 33
Brief Physical Description: Dark skin with long, straight black hair. A nimble little man!
Brief Personality Description: A very quiet person.
Goals and Motivations: Nothing motivates better than Gold.
A Typical Quote From Me: "Nothing escapes my blade!"
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