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Sir Artuer Wishock, Knight of Stormwind’s Noble Houses




Alchemist and Herbalist

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):
Stormwind Castle, while not traveling of course.


Brief Physical Description:
Standing at a strong stature at 6’0” tall, with black hair hanging heavy over the shoulders and green eyes like the grasses of Elwynn Forest. A rough looking face with a well shaved beard and goatee. A face that has seen many sorrows but still manages to press on. In his eyes there is a slight glint of happiness, perhaps, or something of a past self.

Brief Personality Description:
A strong will to maintain the law and order around himself. Artuer despises all forms of crime. He holds himself very formally and has always been taught to do so. He may come off as a dark man but he is in fact quite happy and delightful. He prides himself on speech and writing. He never speaks without thinking and is more or less always in control of his own emotions. It is hard for Artuer to have conversations or dealings with rogue types. He often finds himself at odds with their personality types, but maintains patience to complete any task at hand.

Goals and motivations:

Find sister: Allanna Wishock (lost in the mayhem of Deathwing’s attack on Stormwind), Exorcise all evil in Azeroth, Protect Stormwind.

A typical quote from your character:
I’ll handle it.
May you walk in the Light
You won’t get away with this.

Born in Stormwind into the Noble house of Wishock. Artuer quickly picked up the sword, as many lords do and learned of the world through the library’s teachings. In his teen years he signed with the Knights of the Silver Hand and began his path on the Light. His strength and wisdom served him well, as well as his drive to vanquish evil and protect others. He had fought many battles all over Azeroth, Outlands, even in Northrend. On his return home from Northrend, Deathwing sprung out of the belly of Azeroth and attack Stormwind. His boat was tipped over in the mayhem of the waves and as he swam to shore he could only watch the devastation the dragon left in his wake. He searched the castle for his family but only found his father. His mother had died while he was at a young age and his sister had disappeared in the attack. At that moment he was stuck between duty and family. His father had always taught him to take up duty above all else, and although it pained it, he vowed to never leave too far out of Stormwind again, in fear of being unable to protect his people. Artue does, however, continue to accept missions from the Silver Hand and on his missions he always hopes and prays to find his sister... Wherever she may be....
Name: Libertius

Race: Human

Class: Warrior


Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Westfall

Age: 17

Brief Physical Description: Light-skinned, with jet black short hair. Muscular in appearance and has an intimidating, void facial appearance. Libertius is roughly 5'9" tall.

Brief Personality Description: EXTREMELY aggressive, short-tempered and filled with rage. Very rash in his decisions and reckless. Can be renegade at times and is ruthless with those under his command. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done, when he has a job, no matter the cost. He does not discriminate, he only cares about the strongest no matter the race. Despite his non-discriminatory actions, he has a resentful attitude towards the Undead.

Goals and motivations: Found a Private Military Group and to make a major influence on Azeroth, as well as perform major operations against the Undead for their crimes against Humanity as he has heard happen in the Hillsbrad Foothills, as well as throughout the Tirisfal Glades.

A typical quote from your character: "Rage is motivation"

History: Libertius was born with no parental guidance, and was raised in an orphanage in Stormwind. He left at the young age of nine and pursued crime and joined a small-time gang of Humans who beat on anyone not Human, killing or mugging them. He was denied entrance into the Stormwind Military because of his age, and so left his group of 'friends' without harm to train in combat for his future. He is a relentless leader, very aggressive and is ruthless according to teenagers who have encountered him throughout Stormwind.
Name: Tarekan Groskar

Race: Orc

Class: Death Knight

Professions: N/A

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Thrallmar

Age: 29 (Human years)

Brief Physical Description: Tarekan has dark skin, glowing neon blue eyes. He also is tall (6'0) and is extremely muscular. He holds many scars throughout his physical body, especially on the torso.

Brief Personality Description: When he was a Hunter he was charismatic, kind and extremely caring towards people. He always ensured that other people were okay before himself. He was a battle-hardened war veteran and thus was immune to the traumatization of combat. After his falling to the Scourge though, he became an extremely quiet person. He is almost emotionless when witnessing something traumatic or a tragedy, Tarekan is only focused on the mission now... And that is to protect the Horde and its Warchief at all costs, whether he lives or dies.

Goals and motivations: Continue fighting for the Horde, stop Alliance domination and ensure freedom for Horde under Alliance imprisonment. He wishes to stop the Scourge, the Burning Legion and will protect his home city of Orgrimmar at all costs.

A typical quote from your character: "Orcs fight for the Horde, or they fight for heresy"

History: Served the Horde as a Hunter (Marksman) almost five years ago. Tarekan's falling to the Scourge sealed his fate as he raised his blade against many of his own kin and brethren. He cares nothing for anyone except his own people.

Other Information: Believes the TRUE Horde is exclusively the Trolls, Tauren and the Orcs. Though he holds no quarrels with the Blood Elves, Tarekan resents the Undead for their unnatural actions in the Hillsbrad Foothills.
Name: Zekthul of the Shadowmoon.

Race: Orc

Class: Death Knight (former Warlock))

Professions: War.

Current Home: No home.

Age: approx. 200

Brief Physical Description: I have dark skin. I am muscular, and I stand 8:6 ft. tall. My body harbors more scars then you ever will.

Brief Personality Description: Azeroth is for the Orcs! All other races will bow before our great power! War is the only way that we may do this. Either you shall become our slaves...or you will die!

Goals and motivations: Continue to fight for the Horde. Regain my once prestigious posistion, and show the younglings of this day what a true Orc is!

A typical quote from your character: "Heh, I still got some fight in me!"

History: Born into the Shadowmoon clan, I was a prestigious Orc of my time. I was among the first to go to war when the treachery of the Dranei was uncovered, and when Azeroth reared its head! The 1st war took a toll on me however. Every battle I became more and more fragile, and I eventually decided to conduct a ritual that would make me Immortal. The gift came at a price however. The dark powers that I thought I could control in fact controlled me. I become a machine nether bent on destroying the Human filth, and I spared none. Eventually, when the Horde was pushed back, I died defending the side of the Dark Portal that lead into Azeroth. My soul perservered however. I wandered the lands in somewhat of a trance for approx. 40 years. Eventually, I found the body of a weak Orc slain upon the battlefield against Tirion Fordring. Many moons later I awoke inside a inn inside Orgrimmar.
It turns out the body I had found was that of a Death Knight. Although disgusted by using the body of such a pitafull Orc, I moved on. I am now on a mission to regain my former glory and to Destroy the Alliance by Gol'Kosh! Lak'tuk and Gar'mak upon all who oppose the Orcs.

PS. I'm still a bit groggy with this new body. Forgive and accept any errors in my Common. It is not my first language *grins*
Lady Belladoria Goldenlight of Silvermoon
High Priestess of the Sin'dorei Elves
Illustrious Grand Master Engineer and Jeweler

Belladoria resides in Dalaran as it reminds her of the beauty of her beloved homeland while providing access to most areas of the realm.

It is speculated that Belladoria secretly dabbles in the darker side of arcane magics in order to preserve her youth. Her age is largely unknown yet she has been present in the world for what seems like an eternity. She has a propensity towards vanity, as is typical of the Sin'dorei, and collects a great number of beautiful robes and trinkets to enhance her appearance.

Belladoria has been known to say “Point me towards danger! I am ready!” before the onset of many engagements. She is sought after mainly for her healing arts and possesses a generous spirit in helping fellow comrades to become victorious in battle. Her lithe and diminutive form seems to float on the air as she flits from soldier to soldier, laying her hands upon the wounded to ease their pains. Her silver white hair (thought to have turned from golden to silver largely due to an addiction to the arcane influences) hovers in a halo around her ethereal countenance and dying soldiers later recall thinking an angel had come to retrieve them.

Lady Faradawn Goldenlight named her child 'the beautiful gift'. It was thought that the high priestess would not be able to bear this child due to the atrocities she withstood during the fall of the Sunwell. Therefore, upon Belladoria's birth her mother blessed the golden-haired infant and vowed to keep her well protected from the evils. She trained her in the healing arts and taught her all that was to be known about wielding the arcane magics for good. Faradawn was an expert at ferreting out information from the goblins and was able to pass on knowledge of engineering and creating trinkets from gems and precious metals. Belladoria grew up within the tranquil gardens of Silvermoon City shielded from the world by her mother. Faradawn lived a good many years, perhaps more than the average lifespan of a blood elf. Upon her deathbed, Faradawn revealed the identity of Belladoria's father, a well-known leader of the Sin'dorei. Bella grieved in earnest and buried her mother in a lavish tomb befitting her station.
Lyraka (Blood Elf Hunter)

Home: Karazhan

Age: Unknown (Lyraka has no memory of life prior to becoming San'layn)

Brief Physical Description: Gothic

Brief Personality Description: Quiet and Introverted

Favorite Quote from World of Warcraft: Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you!


Though the San'layn were being utterly controlled by Arthas and the Blood Queen Lana'thel, the Darkfallen were soon crippled. After the successful raid upon the Icecrown Citadel and the Crimson Hall, many thought these vampires were never to make an appearance on Azeroth again.

Using a hunter's camouflage tactic, Lyraka escaped from Northrend into Stranglethorn Vale. She fed on the blood of the jungle beasts, occassionally seeking interaction with the locals.

Lyraka studied alchemy and jewelcrafting. She ventured out at night to collect materials for her craft, and learned how to make an Elixir of Major Shadow Power and a Ring of Twilight Shadows that would allow her greater resistance to the sun.

Lyraka soon became a daywalker. She busied herself digging up lost artifacts, so as to learn restraint. She focused her will to NOT feed in order to attain some degree of enlightenment. Besides, how could she become intergrated into society if she were nothing more than a blood-sucking pest?

After much time in this sorry state, Lyraka became lonely. Lyraka decided to reach out and find any other San'layn that might have escaped also. To her disappointment, she could find no one.

Lyraka then founded Heavy Metal Empire and became it's immortal empress. She recruited many to her guild, though the majority seemed apathetic to her despair. That is, until she met Kal the Sunrunner. Lyraka led the attractive blood elf into a dark alley near Undercity and turned him into one of her kind.

Together they decided to grow their own clan of San'layn. Others have been turned, and the vampires are gaining a reputation around Silvermoon City, where they often go in search of fresh blood.

While lounging in the Wayfarer's Rest, the Sunsworn and the GorWatha Warband are sometimes heard telling gruesome tales about the Darkfallen Empress and her true love.
Name: Yegor Pavlovich (Goes by "Yegor" or "Vic")

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Professions: Engineering

Current Home: Right now, a tavern in Booty Bay.

Age: 38

Brief Physical Description: ~ 6'4", ~200lbs. Fairly toned and muscular. I exercise, but I indulge in sweets and spirits a lil' more often than I should. Bald by choice! Thinking of growing my hair out.

Brief Personality Description: I'm a kindhearted introvert whose trust is difficult to earn. Some of my past actions have left me very paranoid. I tend not to frequent large, loud and heavily populated areas. Once I've warmed up to someone I can be quite silly.

Goals and motivations: I wish to see Alterac City rebuilt one day, see it ruled by it's people, not by ogres or a clique of traitors and thieves. The fate of my homeland drives me to seek out and purge Azeroth of it's trespassers.

A typical quote from your character: "SI:7 is responsible...."

History: Born into moderate wealth, my parents owned and ran a successful dry goods store. Father was an engineer and blacksmith; mother, an avid tailor. During the Second War, my parent's store was ransacked by orcs, then later razed by humans in the name of the king, after discovering our ruler's treachery. From an early age I've had it rough, having to learn to fend for myself. The past will never leave me, but I do my best to put it behind me.
Name: Kleptic Stormshadow

Race: Blood elf

Class: Paladin

Professions: Miner/Jc

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): ThunderBluff

Age: 23 (Common Years)

Brief Physical Description: Tall, white hair, white complection and has endured much pain over the years from his abusive father.

Brief Personality Description: Often, Kleptic is seen as shy but it should not be mistake for Collected and Wary of others around him. Behind
his wall of mistrust and silence Kleptic is arrogent but does not often express his opinions.

He often prefers solitude but because of his trade must be near a city, Thunderbluff has always appealed to him and stays in a little village outside
of the city, called Camp Narache.

He began his training as a blood knight, but when certain tragities occured he opt out of being a blood knight to seek revenge against the alliance as he blamed the alliance
for Prince Kael'Thas' betrayal.

Kleptics social life consists of few close friends who he enjoys having a few pints with, although common with his race he is not so much of a fan
of "fruity" drinks.

Goals and motivations: To Become Wealthy and to gain credit for his contribution to the destruction of Neltharion.

A typical quote from your character: Be Brave, Be bold.

History: It is believed that somewhere in his fathers ancestors, there was an afiliation with Night elfs, which is where their name would come from.
Growing up his mother died when he was at a young age she left him and his twin sister Charith alone with their abusive father. His
father was a follower of Kael and went with him to outlands, but refused to being his children because they were to weak and would
serve to purpose to assisting Prince Kael in his missions.

He had an abolute love for his sister and because their father was abusive he would do anything in his power to make sure Charith was not hurt.
he would take the brunt of the abuse from their father making him tougher and tougher, building more and more hatred. Years after the fall of Kael'Thas their father
returned, in ruin. He was more hateful and destructive as ever. He came back and saw what a women his daughter became and took her away from Kleptic.
Enraged at his father he vowed to become a blood knight and sure for his father. Just days before become a full blood knight, on his way back from a mission in Orgrammar
He saw a white haired, pale skinned women laying in a shallow swamp. As he approched he recognized her hair, and he clothes.

Realizing that his own father was responsible for the death of his twin sister Kleptic abandoned his post as a Blood knight and sought to seek revenge for
his beloved sister.
Name: Thomas Nathaniel Vanderjax

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Professions: Mining, herbalism, fishing, cooking and archeology.

Current Home? Has recently aquired lodgings at the Pig&Whistle Inn in Stormwind.

Age: 20 something

Brief Physical Description:

Brief Personality Description: Eager, ambitious, driven, typical for a young human who has yet to experience much of reality.

Goals and motivations: To become a full fledged "Knight" in the order of Paladins. To serve his King and the Alliance.

A typical quote from your character:

History: One of many war orphans raised in the Stormwind Orphanage and having never known his parents Thomas has become driven to fight injustice and found comfort in the teachings of the Light.
Name: Diesiræ

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Professions: Tailoring/Enchanting

Current Home: Undercity

Age: 42 at time of undeath

Brief Physical Description: A Siren, even in undeath. A close visualization would be the undead in the Arathi Basin intro screen. Slightly tall but not tall. Mysterious and desirable. An omniscent voice - always to the satisfaction of the listener, including doubters.

Brief Personality Description: Cunning and cruel. Will slay at a moments notice and without mercy. Sent by the Almighty to separate the saved from those who will be slain and will do it without hesitation.

Goals and motivations: Assimilate into this world. Some will know me while most will not. Bring about the final day of wrath.

A typical quote from your character: a predition about another's final day & hour.

History: A lot of mystery surrounds Diesiræ. She is mysterious. One this for sure is that, as a Forsaken, she hates all things living. But her celestial essence allows her the divine right to judge and kill in the name of the Almighty. As an undead she prefers to keep similar company, but will threaten the wrath to any and all. In her communications, those that scorn her or her followers - also those with divine speech bestowed upon them as her gift - are typically spat upon for their blasphemy.
Name: Coprophagia

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warrior

Professions: Mining & Skinning atm

Current Home: Nomad

Age: 42 at time of undeath

Brief Physical Description: Funny looking. Jaw broken but talks normal; celestial speech bestowed upon him by Diesiræ.

Brief Personality Description: Intellectually challenged. Has a tick. May shout things seemingly at random or may be a complete gentlemen worthy of a black tie event.

A typical quote from your character: "And I am off! On another great adventure! The great Coprophagia has graced you with his presence!"

History: No one seems to know anything about him except that he serves Diesiræ with high ranking. His looks and intelligence combined with his divine speech are counterintuitive to most, especially women - who find him rare and somehow very desirable; he gets more tail than Allen Gamble and David Spritz combined.
Name: Natusmortuus

Race: Forsaken

Class: Priest

Home: Brill

Age: 42 at time of undeath

Brief Physical Description: Face seldom seen due to wearing a hood. Only glimpses of her body have been seen, and those views of it have always been reported as “desirable”. Those that have been rumored to have seen “more” of her have subsequently gone missing.

Brief Personality Description: Initial reports describe her as “bi-polar”, but only due to ignorance. Hateful of all things living, she aligns herself with the Horde as a best-fit method of cleansing the world. Kind and caring to those loyal to the cause and ostracizing to those that scorn it.

Goals and motivations: Simple---> feed upon Alliance corpses.

History: Her name simply means “born into death” and that is all she or anyone knows or cares about, for she is an undead to be feared.
Name: Theodohr Korneev (Theodohr Silverarbor)

Race: Worgen

Class: Druid

Professions: Herbalism and Inscription

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Nordrassil, but often wanders the snows of Northrend in contemplation of his lost heritage.

Age: 30

Brief Physical Description: 6'1", 200 lbs. In human form, Theodohr has dark brown hair and a beard that covers his jawline and chin.

Brief Personality Description: Generally pensive and quiet. Spends most of his time reading and writing. Years of war have given him the wisdom to listen, but still speak when necessary.

Goals and motivations: To defend Ysera and protect the Emerald Dream from the Nightmare now that both have become more vulnerable after Deathwing's rampage.

A typical quote from your character:
"Ysera, grant me your vision!"
"May you find new life with nature's blessing."


A native of Dragonblight in Northrend, Theodohr spent his young childhood learning and playing in the frozen north alongside his Kalu'ak neighbors. Once word of a terrible plague began to spread, Theodohr's father sent him and his family away on the first available merchant ship in attempt to spare them from what he knew was about to unfold. Soon after, the Scourge spread and devoured all human life from Theodohr's native land.

Theodohr and his family soon found themselves as immigrants in the land of Gilneas, which would soon after close its borders and enter civil war. A foreigner faw away from home, Theodohr found solace with the Harvest Witches in Gilneas, who found him to have strong connections to the natural world. After the civil war, Theodohr found himself at the heart of the Worgen curse, and he eventually found himself in yet another new land as the Night Elves brought him, and his new Worgen bretheren, to their own shores.

Through his travels, and memories of his childhood, Theodohr found his place when he was called by the Green Dragonflight to defend Ysera. He had heard her voice before, but it wasn't until he journeyed to Feralas that he understood the call. He has since dedicated his life to protecting both Ysera and the Emerald Dream while serving the Green Dragonflight.
Name: Lady Vivyana Moreth

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Mining and Herbalism

Current Home: Her home will always be Silvermoon but tends to wander around Orgrimmar as this is the central hub for The Horde.

Age: Never ask a woman her age.

Brief Physical Description: Pale, silky smooth skin and unbeknown to most her eyes are that of Jade, although hidden behind the glow of the undead energies coursing through her body. Average height (Around 5’5”), her hair color changes with the change of her clothing, very voluptuous.

Brief Personality Description: Quiet, introverted at times and others wild and free as if some of her former self is trying to shine through. Has a powerful, controlled demeanor yet one can sense something intricate going on behind the scene, so to speak. Hate for the Alliance and all they stand for and very proud of her heritage, that she can remember anyways, preferring the company of other Blood Elves over that of any other race.

Goals and motivations: To bring about the fullness of her life and memories she had before the Lich King dominated her mind and quenched her soul in his fire while at the same time utter and total destruction of the Alliance, for the lies they stand for.

A typical quote from your character: Though Quel’danas is no more, the legacy of the Sin’dorei shall endure through me and my own.

History: Her first life ended with the scourge invasion of Quel’thalas by the Death Knight Arthas during the third war. Her spirit was then turned into one of the many Banshees under the control of Arthas. After Sylvanas Windrunner was able to retain her corporeal form again in defiance of Arthas it was then that Vivyana’s tortured soul was thrust back into the maintained shell of her former body. Infused with the power of the new Lich King, Arthas Menethil, she became a Death Knight herself bound to the will of Arthas to seek vengeance upon Sylvanas. After the scourge was repelled at Light’s Hope Chapel a priest by the name of Belladoria saved her from execution and for some reason helped break the link between herself and the Lich King, giving her back control of her body and soul, not knowing that herself and Belladoria were something more back when they were younger, which was the key in gaining back some semblance of freedom.
Name: Nenthus

Race: dwarf

Profession: herbalism and demonic magic

Current home: somewhere deep within the maelstorm

Age: I have no idea I'm to old to remember my birthdays

Physical description: old, yet sturdy. He wears a robe of magi, from when he was a member of the arcane council. A pestilence seems to surround him ( no one messed with the king ) and an evil grin to taunt potential foes. his hands are burned from harnessing the powers of dark arcane.

Personality: bold, very sinister, and shows no quarter for enemies. He does anything for power and is quick to anger. He prefers the company of other warlocks being an outcast to most of his brotheren, he prides himself in his demonic knowledge.

Goals: to end every weak and cowardly mages life, and to eventually throw the world into chaos once again.

Quote: "stay gold !@#$%es" -Nenthus

History: unknown

I don't rp, I'm a bit of a troll but a nice person hit me up
Name: Gatzarlor

Race: Troll

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Blacksmith and Mining

Current Home: Anywhere in Azeroth

Age: 38 at time of death

Brief Physical Description: Skin is of Gray ash and decay, Eyes of cold death and ice, Hair is of White snow and a look of pure craziness and brutality.

Goals and motivations: Find a place in the world and to find his lost son.

A typical quote from your character: Come and feel me dark mojo...(Followed by a sinister laugh)

History: Born in the Darkspear isles not far from the maelstrom, like most Troll youth learned to hunt and attune to the loa. After his old home sank and found a new home in Durotar among the Horde in which he later conscripted to join the army for adventure and fame. As in his youth he always looked for discovering new things and being well known do never experiencing any of this and always been lonely and having one to no Friends. His one Friend a Orc female named Loktena he meet around in his youth. They shared common goals and being in common both Lonely. They both fell attracted to one another and wed in Sen'Jin village. Most Orcs and Trolls including Loktena's family were disgusted with a Troll and Orc marriage and often picked on both many Gatzarlor. Not long after Loktena bore a son which gained more ridicule. Both warriors in the Horde they were shipped off to the Plaguelands to secure Horde Interest there, knowing they couldn't leave their infant son behind they took him with as Loktena's parents wanted nothing do with the child nor her for bearing the half breed. Year's later the son no less then 5 years of age were both taught by both parents. Not to long later the scourge attacked, the Lich King took interest in champions of all races and began invasions of Orgrimmar and Stormwind. both constant ridicule from fellow Horde(Orcs and other Trolls especially) in times of war against the scourge. Loktena and Gatzarlor worked tirelessly to hold of scourge attacks. The Worst came, Gatzarlor was ambushed by the scourge and Killed and taken away without a sound. Loktena fearing for her and her childs safety turned him over to the Argent dawn. It wasn't long after she died from Illness, and Gatzarlor was risen as enslaved servant of the Lich king.(((TO BE Continued)))

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