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Name: Shakiah

Race: Troll

Class: Hunter

Professions: Skinning/Mining

Current Home? Sen'Jin Village, but seems to gravitate to Orgrimmar often

Age: 20 troll years.

Brief Physical Description:

Dat pony tail be swingin' wit day blue tint dat matches muh blue hair ya! I not be as tall as da other trolls..maybe bout up to a orc's shoulder. I gots the small tusks mon, father said that be cause i gnawed em off chewin' on boar tusks when i was a wee bitty ting.

Brief Personality Description:

Whut can i say mon? I be like any'udder troll . I be raised ta respect da elders and da chieftians of da tribes. I know lyin' is not a good ting mon, and stealin' be just worse. I likes me some good food an good breatheren ta partake with. I no kind of evil mon, but i not be lettin' anyone or any ting be stompin' boots upon me. Yo might want ta tell me some jokes ya? I like a good belly shaker and da men folk say i be havin' quick wit and be smartah den i look! ::laughs::

Goals and motivations:

Muh father he be a great huntar an fishin'man, so dat what i want ta do, make him proude of his only surivin' childer an explore da world makin' friends an doin' away wit monsters and beasties dat scare the hair offin' dere heads.

I gots da hatin' for dem alliance, 'specially dem rotton human and dey sneaky comrades da Night Elves. I be killin' them e'ere chance i get! Tho dey be of alliance, me tinks tha Wolfers be slaves an be brainwashed by dem disgustin' humans. I kill dem tho cause dat is the way of dis world ya?

A typical quote from your character:

" No worries Mon"


Bein' of Darkspear me grew up not far from Sen'jin inna little hut near tha sparklin' sea. We be of modest means..muh fatha fished an he a hunted whilt me mutha dabbled in the magics ya kno? Fatha made me his little huntress an when dem nasty ill gotton stormwind scum came to da coast dey killt muh fatha even tho he was only takin' up arm wit a fishin' pole! Mutha was in mournin' for years an i nevah tink she got right afta that.

Mutha's soul done passed on to da spirits so now i be needed to head off and find muh own way.

I be lookin' for brothus and sistah trolls an 'udder kindred of da horde to be on adventures wit an ya, get rid of does murderous humans an dat alliance. But says my kin, no worries mon because life not be all about hatin' and killin' ya? I search for a tribe ta call my own family....an maybe a family of my own ? hoo mon !

((OOC not: I am in a non RP guild right now and looking for one that is RP/PvE/PVP oriented))
Theres an add on for this called MY roll play or MYRP, its the axact same thing as what we have going on here but can be seen by any one els in the game who has it.
Name: Fiznix
Race: Goblin
Class: Shaman
Professions: None yet but I would like to do mining and engineering.
Current Home: Traveling the world
Age: 25 goblin years
Brief Physical Description: Short and green. White hair by birth, mohawk by choice.
Brief Personality Description: A love for gold and things that have motors or require winding up to work. Nature fascinates me too, but just like mechanical toys, I like to see what cool things I can make it do.
Goals and motivations: To have my own gyrocopter.
A typical quote from your character: "The enemy has penetrated our rear!"
History: Well I was born at a young age and then I proceeded to grow... slowly. I'm pretty tall for a goblin you know. Almost 3 human feet tall give or take a few human inches... anyway I don't measure things in inches, I'm 6 goblin feet tall and that's all you need to know. My mom raised me until I was 14 then I found my own little shanty and... well you don't need to know my whole life story but not long ago I got interested in nature and stuff... you know like the stuff you can make it do? Anyway so it's real interesting and I keep gettin better at it so we'll see.
Name: Brutus Armstrong

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Professions: Engineering and Mining

Current Home: Nagrand

Age: 28

Brief physical description: At first glance you would find a massive orc who could stand amoung the tauren, his mass evenly fit his height making him a opponent on the battlefield

Brief personality description: Out in battle Brutus wasn't the type to let his emotions get in the way. Although that corruption that Mannoroth poisoned the orc race with, still lurked deep within his mind and often times took over in the heat of battle. When off the field of battle Brutus wasn't much of a talker, he was one that spoke with his actions more than his words

Goals and Motivations: His current goal at the momment is to find a new leader, and not just anyone. Someone that Brutus knows he can trust and count on to lead him in the right direction. His skills easily qualified him to lead raid parties, whether it be for dungeons or raids upon the alliance

Often quotes:"I'll make it happen" "Consider it done"

History: Brutus was a natural born leader. From a young age his father being a warmaster of the horde passed down all of his knowledge of war tactics and fighting styles of most weapons. He joined the military at a young age and quickly made his way through the ranks finding himself in the position of being a General of the horde.
Name: Brutus Armstrong

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Professions: Engineering and Mining

Current Home: Nagrand

Age: 28

Brief physical description: At first glance you would find a massive orc who could stand amoung the tauren, his mass evenly fit his height making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield

Brief personality description: Out in battle Brutus wasn't the type to let his emotions get in the way. Although that corruption that Mannoroth poisoned the orc race with, still lurked deep within his mind and often times took over in the heat of battle. When off the field of battle Brutus wasn't much of a talker, he was one that spoke with his actions more than his words

Goals and Motivations: His current goal at the momment is to find a new leader, and not just anyone. Someone that Brutus knows he can trust and count on to lead him in the right direction. His skills easily qualified him to lead raid parties, whether it be for dungeons or raids upon the alliance

Often quotes:"I'll make it happen" "Consider it done"

History: Brutus was a natural born leader. From a young age his father being a warmaster of the horde passed down all of his knowledge of war tactics and fighting styles of most weapons. He joined the military at a young age and quickly made his way through the ranks finding himself in the position of being a General of the horde.

Night Elf


Leather worker/skinner

Leader and founder of the Nobles of the Republic. Student of King Bruenor and the green Dragons. A very educated Elf who speaks most languages. He has relationships with many high ranking officials throughout the land and recently returned from...a vacation. He's also known among his friends to be a play boy, but doesn't talk much about that either.

The Return of the Prince Part II
Mark takes a drag from an exotic gnomish pipe and hands it to Tisis who waves it away. "I'm fine thank you", Mark responds by shrugging and continues smoking the pipe.
They are sitting at a small table in an empty tavern renamed The Drunken Dwarf by Prince Tisis, who recently bought the place. It looks unkempt and dirty. Rats scurry about grabbing what little scraps lay rotten on the floor from the previous owners. Tisis says, "This place is a mess." as Mark smokes his pipe he grumbles "Aye.".
"I imagine the rats have been having a great time till now eh?".
"Aye" responds the Dwarf.
Prince Tisis gets up from his chair and claps his hands rubbing them together. "Well, I guess we should get this place cleaned up."
"Aye", responds the Dwarf.
Tisis walks over to where there is a mop and bucket, picks them up and walks back to where the dwarf is sitting. He places the mop and bucket in front of him and begins to walk away. He then proclaims without turning around, "You better get started Mark it's getting late."
The Dwarf chokes on his smoke and coughs while trying to speak. "You said we!",
Tisis responds "Sure, you and that pipe of yours."
The Dwarf kicks the bucket and trips over the mop grumbling profanity under his breath, "Prince of what? The elves don't take him but we do? Dag overgrown-"
Tisis pokes his head back in with a mischievous smile, "I heard that."
The dwarf frowns and begins to mop.
Prince Tisis makes a little playful hop to himself, obviously in a good mood. His gryphon making his way towards his master in air. A saber appears from the shadows and takes to his masters side. As Tisis rounds the corner making his way toward the bank in Iron Forge Nethelah Holyhammer comes running towards him.
"Prince!" he stumbles as he approaches the Prince.
Tisis catches his friend whose obviously distraught and slightly hurt before he falls. "Nethelah what happened?"
Nethelah catching his breath tries to get some words out, "Stormwind- twenty thousand- Zeppelins- the crusaders"
Prince Tisis confused asks "Wait, what?"
Nethelah catches his breath, "The Crusaders are holding the capital from twenty thousand horde and about a thousand artillery. I saw at least twenty Zeppelin. I found a group scouting just outside Storm Wind and I attacked. I left one alive who gave me the direction they were coming in. I went and saw for myself. If you dont do something it's going to be a massacre sire!"
Tisis nods and pats his friend gently. "Get some rest Nethelah, i'll be back." he lets out a loud whistle. A drake appears from one of the upper air ducts. As Tisis mounts his drake Nethelah asks "Where are you going?". Tisis responds, "To win Nethelah, to win."

Name: Ravenhul Thal's
Nick Name: Old Man Raven
Physical characteristics: Short, Old, Overweight, Horrid smell, and disgusting stench of a breath.
Current Home: Outskirts of Elwyn
Age: Late 50's

Has the typical physical characteristics of a human. He is stout, and savvy, old timer. His hair line is receding, wrinkles cover his entire stout yet husky body. This old man is not quite the looker according to his peers, and friends who live in Goldshire.

What this old man lacks in his looks he makes up in his sheer will and motivation.. He will do anything, work with any friend, or foe to master the secrets of Arcane Magic. For some reason he always wears his Orb of Deception Trinket, and sometimes conceals it. He will lash out violently towards anyone who even touches his Orb of Deception.

Something creeps you out about this old timer. He is shows a high amount of sympathy to the Horde. He criticize's the Alliance for their so called "Brutal" Policies and aproach to the Horde. This man's is rumured to flicker bright green at times.

He keeps his cool even around the most violent clashes between the Horde and Alliance. Even on Darkshire attacks at one point left dozens of Alliance and Horde dead, he's refused to speak on the whereabouts of any retreating Horde. This old timer is up to something...
((I'm working on revamping and changing this))
Name: Cloudtusks

Race: Troll

Class: Druid

Professions: Mining and Skinning

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Vile Hold

Age: 23

Brief Physical Description: Blue main and green fur. Large tusks and hunky back side.

Brief Personality Description: Dark, shaded with sadness and loneliness. Anger brews under a calm presence. As likely as to attack you as help you.

Goals and motivations: I just want to survive.

A typical quote from your character: Thats what she said.

History: Abandoned as a child, left to die in the desert of Tanaris. I was smaller than the rest of the newborns. I did not possess dark magic that was desired by the tribe I was born into. On the brink of starvation or become Hyena food, salvation came my way. A couple, Tauren of race. They nursed me to health, taught me the ways of the druids. Only to once again be abandoned. My family died in a raid by the piggish men boars. I was strong enough to run. Run I did, all the way to the Dustwallow Marshes. A witch had captured me, where I lived as a prisoner and source of magic she harvested from my body. When she left, I trained. Eventually I escaped her and flew off to a cold land of hellish magic and undead. There, I was recruited. By a noble knight in glistening black armor. He kept the dead at bay. Protected me, made me strong. Soon I commanded the dead who sought to make me a part of them. That is until a band of corrupted creatures of great height, and some of the size of babies. They killed my master, and left some imposter to rule me. I never accepted him. I wait, in Vile Hold. I wait for a new family, a home to call my own.
Name: Mophie Kuala Kuwait

Race: Human

Class: Paladin, defender of Justice and all things of the like.

Professions: Jewlcrafting and Engineering

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): The depths of Tol Barad, a very secret location where I ERP with my mistress Kayta.

Age: 19

Brief Physical Description: A strong muscular woman who needs no man to tell her what to do.

Brief Personality Description: Psychotic, crazy, no remorse, insane, sexual, bisexual, trisexual, loving.

Goals and motivations: Being #1, getting down with Kayta

A typical quote from your character: "Sucks to suck", "It's lonely at the top, but it's a !@#$% at the bottom", "yolo"

History: Mophie started her career in Arena's at an early age. Meeting a young girl by the name of Sarah aka Kayta, she was brought into a deep undying romance that is both on and off as they fight constantly about the sexual tension that they have for each other. To impress this fine babe Mophie has been trying with every once of her power to impress Kayta with many fine feats of strength and honor, battling day in and day out with friends and enemies. There is not much to say about the history of Mophie but she has dedicated her life to fulfilling her dreams of erping and making babies with Kayta, as well as licking a certain part of her body that shall not be disclosed at this time. (More shall follow soon)
Name: Lord Stalagan Taningen

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Professions: Mining/Skinning

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Stormwind

Age: 45

Brief Physical Description: Dark skin, black hair

Brief Personality Description: Ecentric

Goals and motivations: Stalagan’s number one goal is to see the horde cleansed from Azeroth and see the destruction of the orc homeworld.

A typical quote from your character: “The only good horde is a dead horde” or “For the glory and honor of Stormwind!”

(This is more solid information than substance the meat of his history would be too long for any single post.)

History: Kasmos and Relanna Taningen had three children Stalagan, Gallow, and Allora. Kasmos was a knight in service to the crown of Stormwind. Their family had served Stormwind for generations many had died defending it and many had grown and fostered within it’s walls. Stalagan was 16 when the horde came to Azeroth and destroyed Stormwind. His 10 year old sister Allora was beaten and raped by the horde as was his mother before the two died from their injuries. Stalagan’s father died in defense of Stormwind fighting with his commander to hold back the tide of Horde so the survivors could flee. Stalagan had only just returned from Dalaran where he was training to be a mage when the attack occurred. He was only able to save his brother Gallow by teleporting them to safety. Later one of Stalagan’s friends who managed to hide and eventually escape told him of his family’s plight. Stalagan and Gallow were both devastated by the loss of their home and family. Stalagan left Gallow with a family friend in Lordaeron while he continued his studies in magic.

He intended to use his magic to help fight the horde and seek vengeance for his family and friends that died in Stormwind. His brother Galllow was asthmatic and fragile his condition seemed to only get worse after what happened in Stormwind. Stalagan came to visit his brother weekly and eventually he took him back to Dalaran with him and practically raised him by himself. Stalagan study magic not as an interest, but as a means to a end hoping to find the most powerful of magic spells to use against the horde even if it cost him his own life. Stalagan fell in love with a beautiful mage named Orianna DeGray and she began to heal the wound that had been cut across his heart. However during an attack by the horde while Stalagan was away Orianna and their newborn Delana were savagely killed their heads crushed in by horde clubs. Stalagan was again plunged into misery and darkness and joined the fight against the horde aiding in many small battles, but nothing grand. He gave the horde no mercy enjoying torturing them before he finally killed them. It had almost been over 20 years since the fall of Stormwind and the defeat of the horde. Stalagan had aided with his magic along with many other mages in the defeat of the horde, but he was not satisfied with the end result. He felt the green skinned demons should be slain and removed from the land like a arrow head from a wound. The years had not dulled his desire for vengeance and with his friend Arugal the two plundered the libraries of Karazhan for Medivh’s treasure trove of arcane knowledge. Little did Stalagan know that his friend would become an enemy and source of his brother’s curse. Stalagan along with a few other heroes made their new home on Fenris isle when the third war broke out.

Again Stalagan lost his friends which had become his new family to the scourge and the worgen. His own brother had been transformed into one of the wolfish beasts and his former friend had betrayed his trust and nearly killed them all. Stalagan used his powers to create a portal for those that survived to flee to Stormwind where we reclaimed his family ruins having the estate rebuilt behind the Shady Lady. Stalagan however could not be found in his family’s ancestral home because he was burying himself in every bottle he could find. He had lost so much in his life that now he found himself lost. Eventually he recovered and was reunited with his brother. Despite his new found happiness Stalagan could find little peace. Rumors of the horde’s numbers increasing with new found allies had worked its way through the house of nobles. Stalagan eventually found a group that he could support with his money and information he obtained in Stormwind. This group was the Devilclaw outlaws whom he secretly aids in their efforts in eliminating any threat by any means in the lands. Though a part of this group in secret Stalagan has his own plans which involve finding a way to eradicate the horde once and for all. In Pandaria Stalagan finds his deep rooted hatred a disease that is slowly eating away his soul and sanity.
Name: Tradorion

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Death Knight

Professions: Still undecided

Current Home? Unknown..

Age: Unknown

Brief Physical Description: 6'4 290 Build like a brick house... Scare under right Eye...

A typical quote from your character: BRING IT......

History: part 1
During the Attack on Quel’Thalas by Arthas and his army of the scourge During the third war, Vandorion and his older brother by 2 years Tradorion was told to hide from the attackers while there father and close Family friend ,and fellow General, Sylvanas Windrunner was called to protect silvermoon City and defend there land.
Tradorion had a bad habit of roaming off. When he did this during the battle, it started a sequence of events both children will never forget. Tradorion, Telling his younger brother Vandorion to stay, went out to find there parents. Only to find them dead. From a distance he saw the Scourge. Some wearing alliance banners due to they where fallen alliance raised to serve Arthas. But Tradorion, tra for short, did not see them as dead servants. He saw Human alliance Killing everyone in sight.
When he went back to get Vandorion, Van for short, he found him Gone. After a few moments and realising he needed to hide, Tra found a hidding spot and stayed hidden till his Uncle found him.
Years later, While learning to be a paladin like there father, and Reuniting with his lost Brother Vandorion, Tra had a very obvious Hatred for Alliance. but tried to keep it in check. He became a very powerful and heroic Paladin. soon after he married his childhood sweetheart maria whom he loved more then anything.
A few months after Tradorion was asked to come to Silvermoon for a special meeting in which he was to be inducted as a new member of the Blood Knights. (an elite group of blood elf paladins serving as Silvermoon's equivalent of the Knights of the Silver Hand), He came home after this to find his wife murdered. next to her body he found a piece of human alliance banner. In-raged and revenge stricken, he went out to Stormwind ina an attempt kill the king. This was his Demise.

As a Death Knight Tradorion still has memory's and has HATE for Human's in whom he beleaves took his famely from him .... And will warn them befor he attacks...

Below is part 2..
Part 2...
Arthas, now the Lich King came to him while slowly dying from his wombs. Told him that he will give him all the power he needs to get his revenge. All Tra had to do was serve the Lich king. And he agreed. Because He was not dead for long, He still has all his memory.. Now called Soulsteelerr, caused a lot of fear through out Azaroth, Till he met Sylvanas. She told him she knew who really killed his wife maria.
Sylvanas was an old friend and as a child he knew her as aunt Sylvanas. He knew he could believe her.. But what she told him infuriated him to his core.. Arthas, Knowing how strong and powerful Tradorion was, wanted him to serve the scourge as a powerful ally. So Arthas had one of his Banshees possess a human knight and kill her. Leaving behind evidence making Tradorion believe it was humans.. Needless to say, Tradorion's anger of this broke him of the hold that Arthas had on him. Not only did He agreed to help Sylvanas get revenge, He went back to being called Tradorion. The two sought out Arthas a few times and failed to kill him.
According to Tradorion, It was Sylvanas's Revengeful state of mind that caused there failure, stating that she was reckless and unfocussed. So he joined with a few others on the hunt. When Tradorion confronted Arthas about what he herd from Sylvanas, he did not deny it, But laughed at it calling Tradorion a buffoon for believing him to begin with. Thus causing Tradorion to attack Arthas out of rage and anger..
blind to see a human Paladin among them, Tradorion believed he killed Arthas, when in reality it was the human Paladin that did it. Nether Tradorion or Sylvanas new nor cared of what really happened. according to them, Tra got his revenge, Sylvanas did not.. there for holding Tradorion responsible for not allowing her to get hers.
After the Death of Arthas, Sylvanas took over the Valcor and became incharge over the Death Knights, and expected loyalty. If anyone was to betray her, they would suffer. Tradorion, told his friend Koltira how to help a fellow Death Knight escape certain death, not knowing that it was a human Death Knight Koltira was helping.. Sylvanas found out about this and confronted Koltira throwing him under Undercity to "eliminate his compassion".
Saying compassion was for the weak. Sylvanas also knew of Tradorions part. To her this was the opportunity she needed to take her anger out on Tradorion for what she believed was him not allowing her revenge. Sylvanas made it known that she wants Tradorion DEAD... While the Fued between Tra and Sylvanas was getting very vocal, Vandorian, Now a Ambassasater, was on a Piece mission for the horde, Dissapiered in a strange Mist.. When Tradorion hurd of this, he went into a drunking Rage vowing to kill any and all alliance he sees. again blaming alliance for his misfortune.
Sylvanas placed a bounty on Tradorion's head, So he went to Hellscream and inreturn of a personal favor, Hellscream Pardened Tra for any and all crimes.. Which Pissed Sylvanas off..
Tradorion feels after the Parden, That was all Hellscream was good for. As a commander he was not worthy of the possition, so tradorion made it known that one day sylvanas will one day have to take Orders from him, Once he becomes the new Warchif of the Horde.. that is If Thrall does not return..
Speaking to Sylvanas about his " new Goal " in a suprising move, Tradorion was stunned that Sylvanas fully suported him on this and agreed to assist in any way possable..
Name: Grogs

Race: Orc

Age: 25

Position in society: Petty Criminal / Vagabond

Physical Description: A small Orc, whose tough life on the road has dulled his green orc skin. Perhaps the only Orcish thing about Grogs is his affinity for axes.

Personality: Born into poverty from a widowed Barrens crone, Grogs is assertive and boastful to all who bother to stop and listen and very willing to prove his bravery (often foolhardiness). Grogs is not at all intimidating, in fact he is likely to be made fun of as nobody could believe these tales of bravado coming from an Orc of such diminutive stature. This just hardens Grogs’ resolve to prove himself with the horde and he takes the faction war seriously; charging into any battle against Alliance scum with no care for his own wellbeing. When the calls to arms comes, Grogs will be there looking comical in his standard issue orcish plate that is way too large for him. Grogs feels at home in the jungles of Stranglethorn, preferring the lush green and pristine waters of Grom’Gol to the dusty red crowds of Orgrimmar. His fondness for being away from Orgrimmar is likely linked to his criminal status within the capital for small crimes committed at a younger age. Any venture into Orgrimmar is heavily disguised and through the rear Azshara entry. Grogs makes his living raiding unsuspecting Alliance on the winding paths of Stranglethorn which he knows better than any as well as small raids into Darkshire when it’s been too long between victims. If lady luck has smiled on him and he has the coin, Grogs heads down to Booty Bay to blow it all on booze and brag to the Goblins, whom he likes more than most due to them being the only green things shorter than him.
Name: Lady Lexinora Greymane "Light of Gilneas"

Race: Worgen

Class: Frost/Arcane Summoner

Professions: Herbalism/Inscription

Current Home: Mystic Ward-Ironforge

Age: 39

Brief Physical Description: Normally retaining her human form, she has soft brown hair that falls to her shoulders gently sweeping over her right eye. Small ice crystals can be seen hanging in her hair, shimmering slightly when in the right light. Her skin is as pale as snow and her lips have a slight bluish tinge to them. Her eyes are a stark gold, very noticeable amongst her pale, soft features.

Brief Personality Description: Lexi is never rude or unkind. She retains the attitude of a royal, as one should with a title like hers. She is polite and patient, always friendly and helpful to others. Very protective of her friends and willing to risk everything to help them. She is over protective of her daughter, Angela, and loves her more than anything in the world.

Goals and motivations: After the invasion of Gilneas, she has made it her personal intention to restore her homeland to it's former glory. Performing royal duties and unusual requests given to her by her uncle, King Genn Greymane, as well as her own missions, she hopes to fulfill that goal.

A typical quote from your character:
"Gilneas will rise again."

History: Lexinora Greymane was born in the walls of Gilneas city to her loving parents: Arlon and Jesslyn Greymane. At the age of nineteen, both of her parents were killed early in the invasion by the forsaken. With her parents gone, her uncle (King Greymane) took her under his care and gave her an important role as they were readying themselves to evacuate the citizens of Gilneas. Her duty was to travel with the refugees to Darnassus, from there, she was to head to Stormwind to alert King Wrynn of their situation.

~Many things happened after that....but you will have to ask her yourself.
07/26/2012 01:01 AMPosted by Wílltaker
Theres an add on for this called MY roll play or MYRP, its the axact same thing as what we have going on here but can be seen by any one els in the game who has it.

Total RP 2 is so much better. Allows you to give a thorough description of your toon including emotions, info, current information, titles, etc... I recommend that over myroleplay..
Name: Gwendala Felspring

Race: Gnome

Class: Fel Mage

Professions: Mining/Jewelcrafting

Current Home: Lion's Pride Inn-Goldshire


Brief Physical Description: Shorter than your average gnome, Gwen stands 2'6''. Her spiky brown hair is styled nicely, within the thick brown hair you can see many purple streaks. Gwen's eyes are green and pulsate with fel energy. Two small silver hoops can be seen in each ear. Tattered purple wings sprout from her back and float above her head, fluttering slightly when she walks or moves.

Brief Personality Description: Although Gwen is a warlock, she is purely sweet. She is fun to be around and very bubbly. She can laugh and have fun like any gnome would. But, if you were to get on her bad side...she will curse you in ways you never knew were possible.

Goals and motivations: The become the greatest warlock to ever walk Azeroth....EVER!

A typical quote from your character: "Stupendous!"

History: Gwendala was born into a large family of gnome mages. Like all the other Frostbolts, Gwen was no different. Just as her four older brothers and two older sisters before her did, she learned the art of arcane magic. Although..she was fascinated by the magic her great grandfather Grimm posessed: the power of a warlock. She quickly went to the best tinker in her family, her older brother Finne, and requested a contraption that would change her power. After he had worked endlessly, the machine was done. Gwen walked through it a mage, the machine sapped her magic and replaced it with fel energy. When Gwendala emerged, she was no longer Gwendala Frostbolt...she was Gwen Felspring, a warlock! Now, she seeks to quench the thirst for knowledge the power switch has left her with.
Full Name: Beittra Skylar Dannon

Nicknames: Miss B

Age: 48 ( looks to be about 22 )

Race: Human/Sin'Dorie

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Skin: Fair.

Eyes: Piercing Blue.

Height: 6'

Weight: 170lbs.

Place of residence: Dalaran.

Place of Birth: Uknown

Known Relatives: Lady Clarissa Mai Dannon (Mother-Deceased), Alexton Bradly Dannon (Brother - Deceased - Forsaken), and Maleri Kyle Dannon (Father-Deceased), Nemesio Nethaniel Galford (Uncle), Betraylyn Kaldumar (Birth Mother-Deceased), Xarisien Alexzander (cousin).

Religion/Philosophy: Everyone has the ability to make choices. Just be prepared for the consequences, because it may not be in ones favor.

Occupation: I am a Proffesional Jewler. Skylord of Skybalde Command, a militia in service of the Alliance.

Group/Guild affiliation: Unknown at this time.

Guild Rank: Skylord ( GM )

Enemies: Any who challenge the Alliance and those foolish enough to mock the light.

Likes: Traveling.

Favorite Foods: Berries, Venison, and cheese.

Favorite Drinks: Fresh water or a light nectar.

Favorite Colors: White, Cobalt, Gold and Black.

Weapons of Choice: 2 Handed blade / Mace.

Dislikes: Those who are quick to judge. "Death Knight's" I don‘t know if I could trust most of them. They have an evil running through their veins even I can not ignore. Although there are few Knights I'd give my life for, those are few and far inbetween.

Hobbies: Hunting, and crafting simple jewelry.

Physical Features: I stand about 6' and my physique about average but toned from mining daily. I have a tattoo of angels wings that cover my back for the most part, in remembrance of my mother. I have no distinctive scars from battle just yet. My hair is long, just past my shoulders and usually loose. *note* Her ears are shorter in length then a night elf or sin'dorie.

Special Abilities: The light. Evasive Flight. A bit of Orcish.

Positive Personality Traits: A good listener, patient, and protective.

Negative Personality Traits: Curious, over protective. Jump to conclusions too quickly.

Misc. Quirks: I stare at Death Knights, not cause they keep me on my toes, but I’m also over curious about them.

Theme Song(s):
I See Right Through to You

History at a glance:

My mother was a mystery to me, as I was left on the steps of a small cottage just outside the town of Lorderan, where I was raised until the attack. Scurried off to the safety of Stormwind, my family was offered work and shelter there.

Many people, Dwarven and Nightelf, watched me, like I was some creature. To me this was all new and scary. I didn't understand why I was being soloed out for comments and unwarranted babbling. Soon after, our introduction with the King, I felt uneasy for his son and hit people stared at me with almost scorn in their eyes. My parents had to explain, that I was not of their blood, but it meant nothing. I was still their child and not some demon. At that comment I cried behind my mothers back hiding from the odd looks and blocking out the harsh words.

Many years passed since then. Only to lay my mother down to rest, from an illness unknown to man. My studies to help people and heal them lead me down a very strange path. Finding out I had the gift of the light. If only I had known this upon my mother death bed. For many years after, I trained and studied, getting stronger.

But it wasn't until the disappearance of my father, that led me to find out the name of my birth mother...and her loyalty to the alliance, although she was indeed Sin'Dorie. The stories of her warband attacking villages, how she was unkillable. But what people forgot to mention was her deception to the Horde, and working for the Alliance...now I understood why she left me where she did. But...who was my birth father? Maybe I'll find out in time.

If u want to learn more visit http://www.skybladecommand.us/forum/m/3683606/viewthread/5143465-beittra-skylar-dannon
Full name:Skullripper

age: around 50(looks younger because of being a death knight)



skin: dark green

eyes: green with a blue glow

Place of residence: Unknown

Birth place: draenor

Known relatives: Varuk the skullripper(father, Deceased) Glob Uruk aka Fetid(father figure, Deceased-death knight) Mother-unknown

Group/Guild affiliation: the group of Vengeance

Enemies: anyone who dare harm skullrippers friends

likes: his friends, and his old home of nagrand

Dislikes: anyone who would harm innocents

Theme Song(s): i will not bow-breaking benjamin and Within Temptation - The Howling

history at a glance:

Skullripper was named after his father Varuk's title The Skullripper for being able to kill many ogers and ripping out there skulls for proff. Skullrippers mother sadly was killed during his birth so Varuk was the only one taking care of the young orc.

bad again sadly 6 years later Varuk and a handful of other orcs where killed during a Gronn attack. so he was orphaned. most orcs looked down on the boy thinking that he wouldn't make it to adult hood. but the young orc did as he must to survive and for 4 long years he manged to get by.

a great warrior and hunter by the name of Fetid took interest in the young orc(and also knowing of skullrippers tragic past) and decided to take him under his wing

4 more years went by and skullripper seemed to become a fit hunter in Fetid's eyes, but before Skullripper could do the trials to adult hood, but the event with the slaughter of the Draeni took place.

the warlocks during these events, altered skullrippers age by 6 years so that he can fight in the war, Fetid was furious when he heard what they had done to skullripper, Fetid was fed up with the meaningless act of violence and decided to form a group called Vengeance.

so when the dark portal was opened, Skullripper and vengence took there separate ways and set sail for kalimdor, in witch they meet a friendly tribe of Tauren called the Burning Hoofs who let vengence stay in there village

many many years went by, Skullripper was living peacefully for these years with his friends from Vengence and the Burning Hoof Tribe, but this ended on one fateful afternoon.

Skullripper and Fetid where out hunting in tell they where attacked by a dreadlord named sintichondrius, who manged to kill Skullripper during the attack.

Skullripper was then rezed as a Death Knight and was ordered to kill Fetid.

During the Battle for mount Hyjal, Fetid and Skullripper fought each other, skullripper had won the fight and Fetid laid on the ground disarmed and injured

skullripper somehow regained his mind before it was too late and Fetid was spared...by him, but the Dreadlord who had killed Skullripper came back to kill Fetid, in witch they succeeded, but the force of Skullripper and Vengence was to great for the dreadlord to handle and group was successful in killing him. Fetids body sadly was taken by roaming ghouls.
Updated 7/16/2013
Name: Aglacia Moriston

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Professions: Skilled Tailor and Enchanter

Current Home? : Brill

Age: 28 before death, unknown how long she has been deceased

Brief Physical Description: Well preserved face, patchy hair, still wears her priest like robes that she died in, although they are very well maintained as if she misses the priesthood.

Brief Personality Description: very dry, tends to not care for those around her, and ignores most people (pvp wise, will attack when attacked usually not unless provoked, excluding guild wpvp events)

Goals and motivations: Death to all living.

A typical quote from your character: Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! --auron ffx

Aglaica Moriston once an Acolyte of the light in Stratholme, fell victim to the undeath, most likely due to some grain she purchased one day before her trip to Hillsbrad. So much time in the grasp of the Lich King, she has no recollection of that era, until the day The Dark Lady, Sylvanas freed her.

In Undeath, she has forsaken the light as it has forsaken her, and found new ways to exact her revenge on those that have rallied to her extermination, the living. Her once brilliant healing and deep love of helping others, corrupted into twisted blood hungry magic bent only on destruction and chaos.

During her time under the Dark Lady Sylvanas, she became quite an accomplished Apothecary, and Enchanter, frequently working on expieriments with plague and disease.

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