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Emerald Dream
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Full name: Finnigan Lancaster
Nick-name: Fin
Prefix*: N/A
Title**: N/A
Race: Human
Age***: 42
Position in society†: Rogue Survivalist/ ex-SI:7 operative
Face/Heel†*: Likeable though reserved
Physical Description (abridged): Red hair stocky but muscular with a low but soft spoken voice. The years of work within the SI:7 faction have left their ware.

Personality: reserved, stern yet kindhearted and helpful (still willing to freelance from time to time)
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: !@#$%^-*!@
Blood line: Unknown (as of yet) to Finnigan

Role-playing weight class: Med-Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in character and willing to aid other allies/groups

City of choice: Goldshire
IC-Strengths: Planning/Tact/cunning
IC-Weaknesses: soloist, self reliant to a flaw at times. Slow to trust.
OOC-Strengths: Great pvper (since vanilla)
OOC-Weaknesses: somewhat work Dependant schedule
Leveling speed: Very Fast
PvP preference (do it a lot?): A lot
Weekly on-line schedule: mostly nights some days
Name: Race:Blood Elf


Professions:Skinning and Leatherworking

Current Home?Tranquillien


Brief Physical Description:Blonde hair, light red skin, average elven build, 7ft 2in with light green eyes. (small scar on left knee, tripped over chicken wire as a small child)

Brief Personality Description:Empath towards animals and loyal family oriented Elf.

Goals and motivations: Avenger in the name and honor of her father Lorant. Happy to spill the blood of the Alliance with her guild and will until her end in the SUN!

A typical quote from your character: "It's all part of it".

History: Sunstormy and her older brother Firedealer grew up as common folk in a family of leatherworkers on the northern outskirts of Silvermoon Ruines. Father Lorant and mother Auralee being loyal supporters of the Horde's views. As an empath and animal lover Sunstormy spent her childhood mending the forrest creatures surrounding her modest family home while helping her parents raise money by providing the Hordes guilds with their wares of armor. Her rambunctious brother Firedealer joined all local forces and made his way to warrior status at the age of 19. Father Lorant often went on some of the raids to further raise his reputation with the Horde and show his support. While on a raid when Sunstormy was 16 he had fallen violently at the hands of the Alliance by a warrior called "Skinner". Sunstormy is now questing her way through the lands in the name of her father and in his honor while secretly lusting to spill Alliance blood along the way. She has known the love of no man other than her fathers but holds a secret in her heart.
Name: Maldreth Firesworn

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Magister

Professions: Alchemist and herbalist

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Silvermoon City

Age: 169

Brief Physical Description:
Maldreth is a Sin'dorei with average height and weight. He is well-groomed and has relatively handsome features. His hair (originally brown) is dyed black. He has two large puncture-wound scars. One on each of his shoulder blade areas. Two large scars and many smaller cover his back, making it slightly coarse to the touch. His eyes burn a light green hue, due to his past fel addictions(used to be dark blue). Like most Sin'dorei, his ears are long and pointed. They are pierced and sometimes have a small black stud piercing the both of them. He keeps all body hair removed except for a small patch of groomed hair he keeps on the bottom of his chin. Maldreth has a black Phoenix tattood on his right shoulder.

Brief Personality Description:

Maldreth has lightened up in his personality as time has passed since the scourge incident. He has learned to have fun again and his happiness is slowly returning. He is usually calm and collected, but if pushed too far over the edge, can be very angry and merciless. His decisions are made with the well-being of his people in mind
He likes to party and do risky things. He will complain jokingly, but in reality, he is quite strong and does not bend to petty discomfort

Goals and motivations:
Maldreth wishes to bring his people back to their former glory and keep the protected from Amy more suffering. He also wishes to expand his knowledge and power as a mage.

A typical quote from your character:
"Nothing will get in the way of restoring my people to what they once were"
" I believe we must take the risk if we wish to have any chance of success".


Maldreth was born into a family astute is the arcane. From a young age, he was trained in traditional arcane arts. As time went on, his close friends went down a different path to become farstriders. Due to this, he was forced to step outside of his comfort zone and make new friends within the ranks of the magi. As a result, he began to learn new non-traditional arts and techniques that expanded his power as a young Magi. It was during this time that he met a young Magistix-in-training, Synille Sunfire, who he would later fall in love with.
After years of training and increasing his power, aswell as strengthening his relationship with Synille, he officially became a Magister and was assigned tasks to many places across Azeroth.
After alot of nervousness and thinking, Maldreth asked Synille to join him in the bond of marriage and become a Firesworn. She happily said yes and he gave her the Firesworn family pendant. They were very happy together in engagement.
3 weeks before the wedding between the two, a nightmare struck the Elven people. The scourge attacked in search of the Sunwell's powers. After much fighting, Maldreth and his now pregnant lover, Synille, were overran and Maldreth was impaled onto two arcane-binding meat hooks and forced to watch as his wife was gutted and watched as a barely-aliv fetus dropped from her body. Maldreth was frozen, he could not make himself move. But at the sight of her agony, he broke free of the binds by destroying the ceiling in rage. He ran to the side of his dying wife and Pre-natal child, meat hooks still in back, but was too late. There was nothing he could do. After an exchange of loving words., Maldreth was forced to put his family down with fire, to avoid scourge reanimation. He then shambled his way to join his rallied people and be healed.
Maldreth later, with nothing left, agreed to travel with Kael'thas and many other strong Sin'dorei through the Dark portal in search of new means to deal with magic withdrawal. He became extremely addicted to fel energy as many of his people did. However, after he and his comrades experienced the true motives if Kael'thas, he joined the group who broke off from his command and became scryers.
It was during this time Maldreth dyed his hair and obtained his Phoenix tattoo to honor his people. He had began to devote his life to spare his people of any more suffering and to bring them to their former glory.
After the sunwell was returned to the Sin'dorei people, Maldreth joined with Aethas Sunreaver, a fellow Magister who he had once trained alongside and was loosely aquatinted with, in joining the Kirin Tor to represent the Blood Elven magistrative body. After their admission, Maldreth proceeded to go on many missions in Northrend for the Kirin Tor. As a sunreaver, he met and learned from many powerful magi who broke off from traditional practices. Such new knowledge made him grow as a Magister and as a person.
Much time later, after the discovery of Pandria, the Sunreavers aided in the theft of the Divine Bell by orders of Garrosh Hellscream. Jaina Proudmoore was infuriated by this and threw all of the Sunreavers in Dalaran into the violet hold, including Maldreth. Maldreth and other Sunreavers were treated very harshly until he was able to escape with Aethas Sunreaver and join the Sunreaver Onslaught in Pandaria.
Name: Rameil OzNova

Race: Gnome

Class: Mage

Professions: Herbalism, Inscription

Current Home: Adventurer, but takes long breaks in Goldshire.

Age: 17

Brief Physical Description:
Rameil is a reasonably short 2'10" and light 39lb considering his young age.
He has a youthful face with slightly groomed jet black hair and deep amethyst eyes.
His skin is dainty with a lightly-tanned hue.

Brief Personality Description:
Though he possesses incredible intelligence, his inexperience with the world will often cause a puzzled demeanour to fall upon his face. Besides exploring and discovering, he enjoys intellectual discussion and debate which unintentionally causes him to come off as a know-it-all.

In a tight spot, he's quick to improvise and make swift decision on the best possible course of action.
When threatened or in danger, he never let's the panic get to him. Always having a calm mind in order to prevent cloudy judgement is important to him.

His lust for knowledge mixed with his young age and lack of experience with the outside world will sometimes cause him to come off as a bit juvenile. Still, many are surprised when they discover just how much knowledge this childish yet prodigal Gnome Mage has amounted.

Goals and motivations:
Rameil has dedication to one thing like no other: Knowledge.
His thirst for understanding everything magical or arcane is unrivalled,
however he does have a passion for knowing about pretty much everything else, though to a lesser extent.
With an appetite for knowing and understanding so large that a library spanning the entire Tower of Azora could no longer satisfy him after seventeen years, he ran off in search of more things to discover that could not be found in tomes or textbooks.

A typical quote from your character:
"I've read about that."

The original Kingdom of Gnomeregan before its downfall was host to Gnomes who, like many today, aspire to become inventors or engineers. Not the Azora following. They tapped into the Gnome's natural ability for harnessing archaic magics while worshipping the arcane entity Azora. Mage, Warlock, Wizard and Sorcerer gnomes alike all came together to create this following. Over time they accumulated a dense population of Gnomes including the occasional dwarf or human.

Then the Trogg invasion struck.
Gnomeregan was destroyed and its inhabitants were left without a kingdom.
The Dwarves were kind enough to offer Ironforge as a temporary refuge for the Gnomes.
The few surviving members of the Azora following declined this offer, as they did not see room for magical practitioners in a giant forge.

Alternatively, they travelled to the Elwynn Forest, a peaceful, quiet wood. There they could continue their following while indulging in their magical studies. It was far away enough from civilization to avoid interruption while close enough to Stormwind in case sudden disaster struck again. And so, the Tower of Azora was pioneered by none other than the revered illusionist, Rameil's Mother.

She met Rameil's father one day in Stormwind while shopping for supplies, a Gnome Warrior guard. They connected under the fact that they shared the trait of black sheep. When one thinks Gnome, they imagine technological scholars, not warriors or illusionists.
They married and she eventually moved into his apartment in Stormwind.

Rameil was born, and the third war was upon Azeroth. Rameil's father, a Stormwind guard, was automatically conscripted. Though he tried, he could not stop his wife signing up to fight by his side in order to ensure his safety. Still just a baby, Rameil was sent to the Tower of Azora under the care of the servants of Azora until they were to return. They did not.

The servants of Azora spent hours lecturing Rameil's arcane magic to utter perfection in order to preserve his mother's revered name, as she was a grand contributor to Azora's cause and an unmatched illusionist. They discovered Rameil was a prodigy, almost mastering spells the second time he'd cast them. In his spare time, he'd read the books in the vast library hosted by the tower. This lifestyle caused his passion for knowledge. By the age of ten, he had read every single book the library had to offer. Twice.

At the tender age of seventeen, he no longer saw fit to remain in the Tower. He wanted to experience the world for himself and understand things that could not be found in tomes. Not to mention applying his magic in real life situations.
Name: Berhas Learon

Race: Worgen

Class: Warlock

Professions: Tailoring/Skinning

Current Home: Stormwind

Age: 34

Brief Physical Description: Average for a Worgen, blue eyes, and a beard.

Brief Personality Description: Aggressive, Hot-headed, can be Arrogant and Stubborn sometimes.

Goals and motivations: 1 word: REVENGE

A typical quote from your character: "Why make peace when i can just destroy it much easier?"

History: He was in a secret group called "the Fel" that embraced Fel magic, and he then became a Warlock, he later was Exiled from the Fel because he killed one of the leaders. about 4 years passed before the Forsaken were attacking Gilneas, he almost got assassinated by a Forsaken assassin that was hired by the last surviving member from when he left the Fel, Berhas survived the attempted assassination. the Forsaken assassin escaped and now Berhas hunts down the assassin when he has the chance. that is why he wants to attack the Horde cities so much, to kill as many Forsaken as possible, and he plans to eventually kill Sylvanis. after the attempt on his life he left Gilneas and went to Stormwind
Name: Almarath

Race: Forsaken

Class: Affliction Warlock

Profeesions: Enchanting & Tailoring

Current Home: None/Wanderer

Age: 97

Brief Physical Description: Blue Chilled Hair, Eyes as Black as Night, Slim

Brief Personality Description: Shady, Quiet, Sometimes Cruel, Creepy-Like, Dreadful

Goals and Motivations: To bring back the True King and have his vengeance! (See History)

A Typical Quote from You Character: "You cannot cheat Death..."

History: Almarath grew up in Northshire as a young boy. Almarath has the same name from death as he did in life. He started studying to become a mage at a young age, unlike his father who was a strong and mighty warrior. His mother was very kind and didn't mind his chosen path of a mage. Ahhh yes... he can still very faintly remember the days as an arcane mage... he hated his time as a human! He very rarely brings it up if you are ever so lucky for him to have an actual conversation with you. Although, as he grew he became one of the most powerful arcane mages of his time. Unfortunatly, no-one paid any attention aside from caring at all (which they didn't). As he progressed through life he wanted to put his power to good use. When the time came and Bolvar Fordragon was calling for troops to bring down the Lich King, Almarath stepped up. Everyone laughed and snickered. "Oh he is only a petty mage" they said, "He will never survive the Lich King's wrath!" Bolvar thought and he knew he would be of use. Bolvar told Almarath he could supply feasts for the troops with his magical powers. Almarath hated the idea to be used as a cook for "over-rated" warriors. Alas, Almarath couldn't just deny the request. As they began the trek to the frozen wastes of Northrend, Almarath couldn't help but think they were being followed... As they arrived at Angrathar the Wrathgate. Bolvar yelled for Arthas to come and face his doom! Soon the Lich King accepted the request and came out and raised a Scourge army beneath their feet. The Horde reinforcements soon arrived. During the battle, Almarath could smell the rotting blight of the Forsaken. The ones who were following them here... It was Grand Apothecary Putress! With the swiftness of a viper, Putress gave his speech and launched the death of Almarath and everyone else to the battlefield. Concluding the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, and Arthas you ask? He survived. Soon after the battle Arthas then resurrects the fallen heroes of the battle to serve him as troopers of the Scourge Army. Almarath was taught the only way of the Scourge: to serve the only ruler, Arthas the Lich King. Although he never saw Bolvar as a Scourge trooper... Quite some time after the great battle. A group called the Argent Crusaders were planning to strike yet again at the Lich King, the leader was Tirion Fordring. Almarath was not scared, for he knew they could not bring down the ruler Arthas! But when the Crusaders came to the great Icecrown Citadel, Almarath could see this was the end. He snuck out of the Citadel and fled for where ever he could, not trying to look back... Not remembering how to use his mage-like powers to make a portal, he snuck on the Crusaders boat and hid in hull of the ship. The ship was full of cheering (and drunk) sailors and warriors... they had won. The ship was off to the Eastern Kingdoms. Almarath knew that the Forsaken were located there. He then snuck off of the ship and treked to Tirisfal Glades where he then noticed his demonic-like powers. He was a fallen mage, a mage in life and a warlock in death. He studied to become a great and powerful warlock like he was as a mage. Luckily he made it to Deathknell where he could start from the very beginning. He then said to himself, "With all of this demonic power, if I tried very hard... I could bring back the true ruler! Not Sylvanas, nor Garrosh, but I could bring back Arthas...then Deathwing, maybe Kel'thuzad and Ragnaros! Maybe even Illidan!" Instead of "For the Horde!" he went by "For the Scourge!" He thought of the perfect plan. And he began to put it into action. He must start by destroying the Alliance and Horde. You will often see him muttering under his breath. Plots? Plans? Curses? Who knows...only he does...
Name: Johais Finnley
Race: Human
Class: Warlock
Professions: Mining/Jewel Crafting

When Johais was a young boy he became possessed by a demon. The paladins and the priests of the light could not exorcise it, but a warlock who was happening by offered his aid and successfully exorcised the demon. After this Johais became slightly obsessed with demon, and later learned that he still had part of the demon in him, (Demonology spec), and studied to become a warlock. He was able to successfully summon his first imp at the age of sixteen and left his farm in the far away Arathi Basin for Elwynn, where he had heard that a covenant of Warlocks were hiding. On his way to Elwynn he came across a similar situation as he was and he exorcised the demon in him. The boys mother was a noble and a stout follower of the light and became convinced that Johais had summoned the demon in her son put a bounty on his head. Johais is a bit paranoid, but, despite the stigma of being a warlock, he is friendly as well.
Name: Vinavi (Vee-nuh-vee) Fateburn

Race: Human

Class: Warlock

Professions: Jewelcrafting, dabbles in Engineering currently.

Current Home: Stormwind City, Mage Quarter

Age: 22

Brief Physical Description: Vinavi is best recognized by the small pair of horns protruding from her forehead, a result of constant exposure to Fel magic. Tall with a masculine frame, her chest flat as a board, and arms scarred by demonic corruption, she is not always recognized as a woman. Vinavi further contributes to her intimidating appearance with piercings in her left eyebrow and nostril.

Brief Personality Description: Cruel, sadistic, and overly trigger happy, Vinavi is prone to sudden outbursts of violence, bouts of which she usually channels on whatever unfortunate member of the Horde happens to cross her path. She is not above civilized behavior, but only her allies have any hope of shelter from her wanton wrath. It is rumored that she can be tempted by a pretty face.

Goals and motivations: Mostly unknown, even to her. She seeks power primarily for power's sake, and finds a convenient challenge using it in service of the Alliance as they combat mighty foes.

A typical quote from your character: "The Alliance is more fun than the Legion."

History: Unknown at this time.
Name: Clocksworth Coppersprock

Nickname: Clocky. He would rather you call him Clocky.

Race: Gnome

Class: Warrior

Professions: Engy/Mine

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Ironforge/Stormwind (I guess)

Age: 45

Brief Physical Description: Short (to your eyes), Big bushy beard, Spiky green hair, Rather muscular for a Gnome.

Brief Personality Description: He’s rather funny and very friendly. He’s got a bit of a taste for Bourbon, which due to his size; he has a hard time holding and gets drunk easily. But all that does is turn him into a more talkative, almost annoying but entertaining Gnome.

Goals and motivations: To keep busy

A typical quote from your character: I'm not as thinking as you're drunk I am!

History: A Veteran of the war against the Lich King and Fought bravely along side his friends against Deathwing’s forces, he has now grown bored and is seeking something new. He has always had a curiosity towards the sea, so he joined up with a band of other adventures that sail, known as the <Kul Tiras>. He knows, or really, cares little about the history of his race. He mainly focuses on the future of the Gnomes and the Alliance. However, he does wish to reclaim Gnomeragan, not for pride, but so he can have a place of his own where he may invent or create whatever he wants in privacy.

Thoughts and Opinions on the Horde:
Although it’s against his nature to hate anyone, and be forgiving, he cannot stand Goblins. He feels that they are too destructive when it comes to their engineering capabilities and that they care little to advance society, and more so to make money. He also feels that their work is shoddy at best.

He is not fond of and rather dislikes the Forsaken. They scare him a bit and feels that they cheated death.

He is very curious when it comes to the Tauren, though he is rather intimidated by their size.

He has a very low opinion of the blood elves.

He is very fond of the Trolls, he feels that they have a lot in common when it comes to losing their home.

He is also very fond of the Orcs and will defend them in an argument.

That being said, he, regardless of how he feels about the Horde, his skills, sword, flesh and blood belongs to the Alliance. He thinks this war is silly, but will fight it to help retain his freedom and his homeland.
Name: Seithir

Race: Night Elf

Class: Druid

Professions: Mining and Jewelcrafting

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently):

Age: 77

Brief Personality Description: Uses cat form almost always. Dark, usually serious.

A typical quote from your character:

Long ago, Seithir had a soul mate. Unfortunately something transformed him beyond recognition and she was forced to end him. She wallows in her misery now.
Name: Remmeaux Laveau

Race: Human

Class: Monk

Professions: Miner/Blacksmith

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Remmeaux currently resides in Pandaria, although he was born and raised in the Swamp of Sorrows

Age: 55

Brief Physical Description: Remmeaux is a tan, physical specimen who keeps his body and mind strong and sharp, allowing him to excel at hand to hand and close quarters combat.

Brief Personality Description: Remmeaux is very easy going often times comes off as silly or a joker; however, he is very protective of his friends and younger sister, Acadiana. He loves fighting, adventuring, and will often throw himself into fights where the odds are stacked against him, just for fun and challenge. Due to his upbringing in the swamp and no formal schooling, Remmeaux has a dialect consisting of a lot of slang and can be hard to understand sometimes. He also frequently refers to himself in 3rd person. Don’t mistake his backwoods accent for ignorance though, as Remmeaux is very cunning and sharp, and will surprise you if you take him lightly.

Goals and motivations: Remmeaux has no large scale ambitions or dreams other than fighting and adventuring. He’s not much concerned with what’s happening in the world around him, only what’s happening in front of him in that moment. Although he is very friendly and gets along well with anyone he meets, he mostly keeps to himself and considers himself a loner.

A typical quote from your character: “Ole Remmeaux fixin to knock dem dare orcs ova dare inta next week.”

History: Remmeaux grew up with his younger sister, Acadiana, and father in the Swamp of Sorrows. Although his mother passed away in his childhood, his father raised both siblings and taught them how to live off of the land around them. Remmeaux learned to fight at an early age, mainly as a necessity to ward off the wild life in the swamp from attacking his family. He realized early on that he had a natural talent for fighting, and so he started practicing in order to further develop his skills. He’d start with stationary things like tree trunks to train his hand and foot strikes. Later he would gain the confidence to test his meddle against the numerous gators often lurking around, and even the murlocs on the coast.

Nowadays Remmeaux finds himself adventuring and exploring the continent of Pandaria, constantly looking for fights with the horde and other creatures, and assisting the Alliance in their war effort. He’s learned a few more tricks during his stay at the Tian Monastery, and continues his training daily.

From: Blademaster Ronakada
To: Dresgak Shieldbreaker, Father of Dresgar

Aka'Magosh, honorable Dresgak. I hope this letter finds you well, but it does not carry good news. It concerns your son, Dresgar, whose care and training as a Warrior you have trusted to me. It pains me deeply to admit this but I am at my wits end. Your son will not a great Warrior make. I know this is difficult to understand, given your legacy as a champion of The Horde, but I have no option other than to cease his training.

Don't get me wrong, he exhibits great skill with weapons and for that, you should be proud. He has a grace and speed on the battlefield that none of his fellow students can approach and his ambidexterity is unsurpassed. But he lacks the focus, commitment, dedication, loyalty, and honor it takes to be a Warrior. I will give several examples to prove my point.

In sparring matches, Dresgar refuses to follow the drills. Instead of practicing charges, parries, and disarms, he -- there is no other way to say it -- he cheats. He kicks sand in his fellow students faces. He gouges their eyes. He distracts them and attacks from behind. Dresgar has even been known to leave his drill and attack a student in a different drill. HE DOESN'T FOLLOW THE RULES!

The last straw was during our evening singing of the Lok'tra when I caught him fishing around in the other students purses and stealing coins. He is a scoundrel and a thief!

Trust me, Dresgak, I have tried reasoning with the boy. But he thinks this is all one big game. He laughs at his fellow students' demise and continues to torment them and harass them from the shadows. He thinks this is fun and we both know that war is not fun!

I have no other options but to expel him from my class. I have referred him to Master Gordul, the Trainer of Rogues. Perhaps there he will find his way.


Blademaster Ronakada
Baslt Grudgebearer



Engineer, Miner, Hunter

Current Home:
Originally Dun Morogh Valley, but now wandering

46 (young for a dwarf)

Brief Physical Description:
Short brown beard (indicating his young age and inexperience), blue eyes, a stern face riddled with determination.

Brief Personality Description:
Though not the most eloquent or inherently kind of fellows, a trait usual for dwarves, what is unusual is his capability to do the right thing when the need arises. Grudgingly charitable, he strongly stands up for the weak.
Extremely crude, and always quick with a joke his fellow comrades mockingly called him the "Company's Bard" due to his tendency towards song even on the battlefield.
A heavy drinker, he is renowned for his drinking skill. Winning many a prize at every Brewfest. This has lead to him earning the title of Brewmaster, though he has never brewed a day in his life.

Goals and motivations:
Finding his lost father who went missing on an expedition into Tanaris Desert, defending his homeland of Dun Morogh, and a strong drive to explore the unknown.

A typical quote from your character:
"Another drink! Now where be my damn purse?"

Raised in Dun Morogh valley by his father, Grungni Grudgebearer, Baslt was taught the skills of hunting from a very young age. For as long as he can remember a rifle was always by his side. His father, a former Mountaineer and explorer, was well adept in both hunting and warfare. Having served in the Second and Third War he taught Baslt everything he knew.
At the age of 43, two years before eligibility, he was enlisted into the Ironforge Mountaineers due to the great Sundering which spread the forces of Khaz Modan thin. For the next three years Baslt would serve fighting skirmishes with the Twilight's Hammer Clan and the Horde in the broken ruins of Azeroth.
Recently Baslt received an urgent letter from his father, whom he had not heard from since his return from Northrend while serving with the Valliance Expedition. The letter seemed urgent and put great trouble in young Baslt's heart, since he never knew his mother or any of his relatives his father was the only true family he had. The letter outlined his father's adventure in a strange place beyond the desert of Tanaris. Young Baslt donned his father's old armor and made haste to Kalimdor to find him.
For what new adventures await in the strange realms beyond Khaz Modan?
Name: Ackvan Sagus

Race: Night Elf

Class: Warrior

Professions: Mining and Jewelcrafting

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Ackvan spends a lot of his time roaming Azeroth, but finds peace and solitude from battle in Darnassus.

Age: 1242

Brief Physical Description: Ackvan has spent many years at war in Northrend. The battles he has been through has left him with many scars. The most prominent scar runs from his left check down across his neck to his right shoulder. A nasty battle with an Troll rogue left him with this. He stands at a tall 7'8" and weighs nearly four-hundred pounds. Carrying all his armor and backs have helped him build muscle over the cold years, but they are not as huge as most other warriors.

Brief Personality Description: Ackvan has an odd personality for a warrior. Instead of spending his free time shining his armor and sharpening his blades, he instead spends his time in nature. He likes to take part in intellectual conversations, and though he follows the religion of all Night Elves, he has a huge fascination with the other religions of Azeroth.

Goals and motivations: Ackvan's goals are to learn as much as possible about Azeroth's theology, philosophy, and history. Aside from that he fights against the Horde for what they did to his family.

A typical quote from your character: "The truth, what is, but a mystery?"

History: Growing up outside of Darnassus Ackvan and his little brother, Thiamos, had so much fun running through the forests of Teldrassil. They often found themselves playing around a lake hidden in the safety of Darnassus. Ackvan grew a love for nature, and his brother grew a love for weapons. Thiamos wanted to be a warrior, and Ackvan wanted to learn the ways of the Druids. Many years later the Dark Portal opened and Ackvan's father got sent off to war. While at war he was slaughtered by the new members of the Horde, The Orcs. After months of grieving, his mother eventually died from a broken heart. Ackvan and his brother grew a strong hate for the Horde after this.

Years later Thiamos got called to arms to fight against the Horde in Alterac Valley, and he never came back. Ackvan got the news by a Dwarf warrior during a stay at Stormwind. The Dwarf returned Thiamos' sword and axe to Ackvan. These are all he as left of his family. It was this moment that he decided he would become a warrior, not because he wanted war, but because he had to honor his brother and fight against the monsters who took his family away from him. After training for months Ackvan got called to fight the Scourge in Northrend where he has spent the past few years. Even after the war he spent a little over a year in Dalaran to stay away from any form of battle, and then the Cataclysm happened, and Ackvan knew he must return home to fight the Horde.
...deleted, change in plans!
Name: Saiken Daybreaker

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Blood Knight

Professions: Mining

Current Home? (Can be where your hearthstone is set or the town you gravitate to currently): Silvermoon City

Age: Adult

Brief Physical Description:

Brief Personality Description: Saiken is doubtful and not sure of himself. He tends to be respectful to those who hold themselves properly as a proud Blood Elf should. However he becomes irritated with those who are foolish or can not maintain politeness or proper manners.

Goals and motivations: When Saiken took the light from the captive Naru he did it visciously and with no remorse. Several years later using the light has taught him compassion. Though it is impossible, he now wishes to earn the light he has stole

A typical quote from your character: Taking power does not mean you earned it. Having power does not make it yours.


Saiken was a man of no magical or physical prowess. for this he was constantly trampled underfoot by those better than himself. He had no place in society. He spent his entire existence envious of the gifts the light handed so many others, but yet no matter how hard he worked or studied he never improved. His only real talent was being able to take a beating.
When the Naru was brought to Silvermoon the bloodknights were created. They gained the light by draining it from the Naru and wielded it as they saw fit.

When the Blood Elves joined the Horde the need for more soldiers was great. Since Saiken was tougher than he was gifted, the magisters placed a sword in his hands and took him to the Naru. Since he had no abilities of his own he was told to take the light, and maybe it would make him useful.
Saiken looked upon the representative of the light in disgust. It was the embodiment of the very thing that denied him what it had handed others. Saiken spat upon the Naru "I shall rip from you, what should have been mine to begin with." He placed his hand upon the creature and pulled the light from it violently. He put in as much effort as possible hoping to somehow, someway, hurt it. Finally he passed out, and it was done.

A Paladin, born of hate.

Over the years as Saiken used the light he came to an epiphany. The light powers were at their best not when helping himself, but when helping others. His powers enhanced his allies more than his own. He learned power is gained from being selfless. He deeply regrets what he did and that he never got to apologize to the Naru.

He now strives to earn the light he has stolen.
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