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I'm about to buy my first heirloom item and I'm wondering whether I should get the shoulders or the chestpiece first. Any suggestions?
I Would Go with the chest, cause you can still buy the pvp Shoulder if you're borring of pve (running heroic) but there is not any pvp chest...

You can choose in a other way, not necesseraly the best item,
Example: if you want to make a druid healer, you can buy the leather set for healer, but you can buy the cloth set too, who fit with druid, and that you can re-use it after, or during the leveling of your druid, to make a priest (still an example)

Hope that will help

(Sorry About my english, little frenchies here )
I'm getting the cloth gear for the priest I haven't rolled yet, if that helps at all.
I would go with the chest, it's the one heirloom that you can enchant w/ vanilla wow enchants, for example on my priest alt i have the chest w/ +100 mana
I would recommend the shoulders. You don't buy heirlooms for there stats your getting heirlooms for the xp bonus. If you roll a new character then you wont have any shoulder armor till about level 18 or so unless you get the heirloom shoulders.
I'm with Highway on this. You won't be getting any variety of shoulder armour for a while as a new character, so filling that slot with an heirloom right off the bat seems like a good idea. To me, it would boil down to what I thinks look better, because the differences between the two pieces are trivial (to me, once again) when they both have the same +10% to kill/quest experience.
Why would you need extra exp, leveling is so easy now i would save for the weapon.
Why would you need extra exp, leveling is so easy now i would save for the weapon.

Because they want to level faster? And it's their choice?

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