Problems with ret PvP

Yep, and A lot of rets probably don't want to hear it, cause they don't like the supportive playstyle, but using Hands and WoG as much as possible while at the same time finding those windows of opportunity for Avenging Wrath burst damage is really the best way to play. It works especially well protecting fc's and healers at nodes.

Yeah, usually everyone gets caught up on killing blows, damage done, and healing done. No one really pays attention to the support spells that can save lives.
mana im reading on your posts you must of really got butt hurt by pallys in your day
If only you could insta talent change to holy when a mage starts to attack you, then you would never die! but sadly dieing is a part of any video game.... except madden.. and Assasins creed, and NHL, and Zelda, and Mortal combat. those are just a few examples.
I got to tell you guys, I'm liking the ret pvp more. Yeah we dont hand of freedom ourselves and then mash the first 4 buttons on our action bar on the next squishy caster we see anymore. But now you start getting 9k burst with the AoW proc and with wings and a good trinket a possible 10-13k crit. Yeah we are more supportive so just roll around with a buddy, i go running around with a fire mage in bg's and we blow %!@% up together. You just have to make sure you partner up because as a more supportive class we now give them a lot more mobility and while your target(s) are worried about him you can just open up, stack some holy power and wait for the procs while popping wings every once in a while. The only problem now is that you just have to get close to your target to stack enough holy power so just use seal of justice for the extra slow. Also, you always have to worry more about staying alive than doing that extra damage and if you've noticed, flash of light is a really fast cast with a possible 11k heal crit. The biggest problem is just waiting for the procs for the huge damage, as ret we usually have never seen these big of numbers before on exorcism or even HoW, so just make sure you get the prime glyph for Templar's Verdict (if not, you might as well just use holy power for word of glory), get close, utilize rebuke, cleanse the impairs, flash at low health and if you still are'nt getting them down enough, pop wings and get a stun off. I don't know why you're all complaining about the nerf anyways, everything will be shaken up in cata so just be patient for 5 more days.
Lets just face it. Its becoming lolret once again. Blizzards favorite "make it feeble" target. Just like the olden days, the so called "support" class that gets killed by everything else.

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