So yea, prot paladin mastery.

Should I reforge some of my parry/dodge for mastery? Haven't played my paladin much since June.
you're getting new gear very soon. No one has really fine tuned the stat priorities.

make sure you're hit and expertise capped right, balance parry and dodge (to limit DR) but I wouldn't worry about stacking mastery
It's only 10g per slot... not a big deal but if you want to wait, wait. If you've got the dough and you want to play with tanking for 2 weeks, here's what I've found.

If you're looking to get the best tanking stats, the advice I've followed from the elitistjerks forums worked really well for me and it sounds like the way to go in the future. That goes like this:

Reforge for max mastery til you get to 40% block, sacrificing parry/dodge in balance. For instance, I have 40% block, 20% parry and 20% dodge.

I hold up well and certainly a lot better than pre-reforging at the base level 20% block. Getting the 40% block required my reforging every piece to the max amount and I only hit it yesterday with the addition of the 264 belt. Looking at your gear, you should be able to manage hitting it with less reforging than myself.
You need 102.4% combined combat avoidance to block everything you do not dodge or parry...i have everything reforged to mastery atm and am slightly under the cap..but w/ 155 str/agi buffs from a warr, dk, or shaman i am over. I am not hit capped either, but managed to tank icc for the first time up to sind(mostly pug)..w/ minimal use of Hand spells.
I find the conversion from dodge/parry rating -> mastery rating quite favorable. While you will avoid less attacks, your mitigation goes through the roof making it much easier for you to survive and rely a lot less on luck. Mastery is the mouth :-)

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