A study: Stereotypes in the LFD

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Over the last 6 months I have been running LFD groups on a regular basis as either a Tank, damage dealer or a healer just to maybe get a better understanding of the tank shortage and the *pedestal* tanks often place themselves on, the way healers are treated and how damage dealers are treated as insignificant members of the group

In order to get a somewhat accurate idea of the situation we have now where tanks are considered the leader or the carrier of the group, I personified the stereotypical characteristics we have heard of tanks exemplifying here on the forums within the groups I was placed in by the LFD.

I ran a total of 181 heroics each as a tank, healer and damage dealer. Why 181? Well, one run was my *control* run so to speak, wherein I acted as myself in the group. The 180 other runs I ran I tried to act as one of the stereotypes usually associated with the role.

As a tank:
a) For 60 runs I rushed through the instance non-stop, regardless of my health. If the healer fell behind I would abuse him and rouse the group to kick him.
b) For another 60 runs I wore gear of a very low item level and took my time in between pulls, sometimes asking the group which way to go or how the fights went.
c) For the other 60 runs I was abusive to all, didn't keep much agro and acted as if I was doing everyone a favour in being there.

As a healer:
a) For 60 runs I refused to heal anyone but the tank.
b) For another 60 runs I constantly oom'd myself and stopped for drink breaks.
c) For another 60 runs I let the tank die on many occasions during the run. (or at least try to, and I would blame the tank)

As a damage dealer:
a) For 60 runs I pulled before the tank.
b) For another 60 runs I placed myself in situations where I was taking damage when it could be avoided. (think cleave damage or void zones)
c) For another 60 runs I basically just auto attacked and did nothing else (minimal dps)

The results?
Well before we read the results we must first understand that I ONLY have the data collected from 181 runs. There are hundreds of thousands of dungeon runs each day, so while this studies results may agree with what you believe to be the exact behaviours of the entire wow player base, it is not.
Another factor to take into account is the time of day that I often played. I played after work, and even if 25% of the population was like me (although i believe alot more) then they were grumpy and tired and just wanted their points/emblems and begotten out of there.
The server I am on wouldn't make that big of a deal in my opinion, mainly because battlegroups now consist of many servers and I don't believe certain battlegroups have certain personalities.

The numbers...
It was difficult for me to effectively display the results here on the forums. The best way would just be to show them as fraction.

As a tank:
- 28 times out of 60 the group asked me to slow down. I then proceeded to abuse the slow healer and suggested we kick him. Out of those 38 times an astonishingly 35 times the healer was kicked.
- 15 times out of 60 someone else raised the issue of the healer being slow, and the damage dealers themselves kicked the healer.
- 10 times out of 60 I was told that I was doing a great job and comments such as "I wish all tanks were like you" were thrown around.
- 4 times out of 60 the healer asked me to slow down for his mana. Out of those 4 times he was abused twice by the other members of the group to get better gear or learn to play.
- 3 times out of the 60 the healer left group without a word.

- 33 times I was told to hurry up and abused for my gear level, comments were made on my gearscore and "get better gear" were quite common. Out of those 43 times I was never kicked.
- 10 times nothing was said and everyone waited around patiently for me.
- 10 times I was encouraged by the group and was helped out quite a bit by everyone.
- 4 times I was kicked out of the group without warning.
- 2 times one of the damage dealers would start pulling without me.
- 1 time another damage dealer took over the role of tanking.

- 31 times out of the 60 I was told to get on with the job and shutup.
- 17 times the group ended up getting into an argument amongst themselves over things I said.
- 7 times a damage dealer died as a result of my lack of tanking, and all 7 of those times I blamed the damage dealer and the group would agree with me, we would then proceed to remove them from group.
- 3 times my actions were ignored and the group just worked around with what they had.
- 2 times I was kicked out of the group, once with warning.

As a healer:

- 58 times out of the 60 runs, no one seemed to notice - and even if a damage dealer died, nothing was said of it and the group moved on. Only 7 times out of that, the damage dealer would apologise.
- 2 times out of 60 I was told to heal better.

- 49 times out of 60 the tank did not realise and would go ahead and pull without me, out of those 49 times the tank died 33 times. And out of those 33 times I was blamed for it 27 times. And out of those 27 times I was kicked 19 times.
- 6 times the group including the tank waited patiently for me, often resulting in small friendly talk.
- 4 times I was removed from the group.
- 1 time I was told I needed better gear, although the tank defended me stating that I was doing the heroic FOR better gear.

- 41times out of 60 I was kicked out of the group. Out of those 41, 4 were on the first death, 17 on the second, 12 on the third and 8 on anything beyond the third.
- 12 times the group went on all the while arguing over whose fault the deaths have been.
- 6 times the tank said he would pull less to make things easier.
- 1 time the tank was kicked because the group thought it was his fault.

As a damage dealer:

- 51 times I was kicked out of the group. And out of those 51 times, 14 times I was told to stop doing so and only 3 times the healer said he wouldn't heal me the next time I did it.
- 6 times the tank let me run in to die.
- 3 times the tank tried his best at taking the agro off me without complaining.

b) (this was a little bit difficult seeing as how quick mobs died and how few and far between these sort of situations do exist)
- 55 times out of 60 I was healed through it without a word or mainly just a one line comment about avoiding it next time. 3 times out of the 55 I was not healed through the next time I exposed myself to the same situation.
- 4 times out of the 60 I was abused for doing it.
- 1 time I was removed from the group.

- 49 out of 60 runs nothing was said of my damage.
- 6 runs out of 60 I was removed from the group after some abuse.
- 4 runs out of 60 I was asked to perform better.
- 1 time I was offered some advice on doing better damage.

What do I make of these results?
- Tanks are given a lot of leeway when it comes to their behaviour and their play style. I was hardly ever kicked from a group as a tank, and I often found that the groups were ready to agree with whatever the tank says, maybe because they were so afraid of losing their tank (even if he was an abusive asshat). Tanks also have no patience for others mistakes and seem to just forgive themselves easily for their own.

- Healers are subject to being kicked from a group a lot more than tanks, but a lot less than damage dealers. This obviously stems from the fact that there are a lot more healers than there are tanks. If a damage dealer died often times no one seems to care. The group moves on. But as soon as a tank dies, the group sort of goes into this anxious wait wondering if the tank is leaving the group or not. Many times they would try to make some small talk or crack a joke to lighten the mood while the tank is being resurrected.

- Damage dealers are treated like dirt. They are disposable and they are a dime a dozen. One small mistake could spell the end of the dungeon run for you. A bit of afk? you're out. Gear sucks? What are you even doing in here.

Final thoughts
I could go on and on about the results, delving into a much deeper reasoning as to why I think things are the way they are. But I'm really tired and kind of glad I am done with this silly project. At the end of the day, 90% of the players encountered are not very nice people. Including me (during the study). Tanks continue to be the way they are because they are treated like royalty and their poop doesn't stink. Damage dealers are everywhere and the hardest part of their job is just not being stupid. Also I am sorry to those whom I grouped with during this, sorry to all the dps that were removed from the group and sorry to all the tanks for their repair bills.

Haha, the tank and healer bit doesn't surprise me. I'm a little surprised people got booted as dps though, most of the groups I see these days only ever boot healers or (very, VERY rarely) tanks. DPS are almost seen as no-name extras.
Interesting. I try not to be an abusive asshat in runs, but apparently I could get away with it.
Wow, great post
Interesting when it come to the results.

But I can only think of the poor persons who were the subjects of your experimentation, the ethic of your research is deplorable.
I like this. You're quite win for doing this.

And I agree with this, someone yelled at me for pulling when I was asked to pull. Go figure.
To be honest, i never really noticed the stereotypes.

Maybe because everyone's in serious business mode or that people hardly talk in LFD groups lol.

You're hardcore.
first long post i read in a long time, good stuff
The results were predictable. Interesting, but predictable. Sadly.
This is true but yeah I agree with Schmoopsy. Tanks and healers are the star of the show DPS are just there. It's kinda odd when a tank and healer get into a fight it's like mommy and daddy are fighting.

Funny thing as I'm leveling I ran slave pens and for no reason what so ever the tank pulls one group of crab people then runs to a group of naga pulls them and leaves the group. I was following the tank so they turned on me (Arms warrior). I die and then so does the rest of the group.

The mage asks me why I did that.

I was tempted to ask when Warriors get Avenger's Shield that they can use while using a 2H weapon cause not only is that pro but better then the real Avenger's shield but then again it's kinda silly how many people don't notice I'm a warrior. Even when the group make up is 1 Warrior, 2 casters, 1 healer and a bear tank and the blood elf is casting Battle Shout while charging around everywhere...in plate. I mean !*#*, I know that some Paladin tweaks came with 4.0.3a but I don't think they merged paladins and warriors into one class. SO I just left the group.

Another thing was my friend was leveling a priest with me till I got too far ahead. While in instance he would constantly pull if the tank was going too slow for him or tell me to go and pull...no one said anything. Yet different friend and I were in the nexus and the tank was going an odd way skipping the rock boss. so my friend the healer and I went to 2 man him with very very bad results. No one noticed at first till the tank died. Then after a few words were exchanged no one cared, till we died then they kicked him not me. Kinda funny imo.

I have been noticing that 1-60 people don't really cae as long as the instance is finished. Outland people become a bit more....touchy. Northrend normals a bit touchier, NR heroics...full on PMS.
Very interesting.

I've done some very elementary-level testing on my own, where I try being an "asshat tank" one run, and then queue again as a "friendly tank".

More often than not, just as you see, when I played "asshat tank", people agreed with me on my bashing of other players, they agreed with my /votekicks, and they very rarely said anything negative about me. I'd link dmg meters the whole run, making fun of the low dps guys. Never a peep about ME being the problem, believe it or not.

When I tried to be "friendly tank", more often than not people would say "Just tank, stop talking" or "pull faster plz, I g2g soon".

On the flip side, when I queue as DPS, I pull aggro occasionally, and pull additional mobs...and hardly ever hear anything about it. Tanks usually just taunt off me, or pick up the adds without a word. Pretty odd, I know.
The results were predictable. Interesting, but predictable. Sadly.

Trust me I was not surprised by the results I saw. I just wanted to put a number to it. For myself. I have a dirty habit of doing things like this. I just decided to put this one up here because I thought other people may find it interesting.
Once as a tank, in a run where no one said anything and nothing went wrong, I initiated a Vote Kick on my friend because it would be funny. The excuse given was "I'm just screwing around."

It went through. No questions asked.
What classes were you using? Did that have any influence on your results?

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